Possibly Wheedle in 1704 Moody defense document:


“Among the tombstones in the old churchyard behind the Anglo-Telegraph Office, is one very large one to James JUER, who died in 1754.”

Baptism 05 Aug 1722   Jeanne Journeaux/Journeaulx

Daughter James & Marie Whitel (Whittle?)

St Martin, Jersey

Baptism 07 Feb 1725   Marie Journeaux/Journeaulx Daughter James & Marie Whitel

St Martin, Jersey

Baptism 31 Aug 1729   Philippe Journeaux/Journeaulx

Son James & Marie Whitel

St Martin, Jersey

Elizabeth Noel, likely a distant relative Clement Noel of Freshwater married

14 JAN 1713 Jacques Whitel Elizabeth
(Daughter Of Richard Noel)
18   St Martin


Baptism 16 Nov 1718 Jacques Whitel Son Jacques Elizabeth Noel
St Martin


Juer is likely Journeaux above.



There are family names from Lympstone associated with the fishing trade.  Withell, Bassey, Stafford, Taylor and Kingman  are Lympstone names of men known to have been involved in the trade, and with some actually settling in Newfoundland.

Withell was known to have made much money in Newfoundland in the 1720’s.  There are many Whittles in the phone directory of St Johns and there is a bay called ‘Witless’ Bay in the English coast of Newfoundland, south of St Johns.

]The ‘Fisheries’ of Newfoundland and its link with East Devon

in 1766 Thomas Whidler sold land to Thomas Pottle in Freshwater per Plantation records.