Newman & Co.

Some info on the branch of the family in Oporto. The Chapter on Hunt, Roope, Teague & Co. discusses the Newmans. Church records in chapter on English Factory records or go to Portugal category.

“Oporto Old and New” work of Charles Sellers:

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Le Geyt


Seale 0125 Boyle Burton to John Seale13 April 1760 (wrongly inscribed July)

Previous letter BB to JS delivered by Capt. Messervy about Little Horse? BB assumes JS saw Mr. J. Legeyt,an idle, lazy indolent Coxcomb, not to be lent one farthing.

Jean LeGeyt possibly married into the Clement family of St Brelade and Newfoundland.

06 FEB 1752 Jean Le Geyt Anne Clement
    St Brelade

DHRG No.100278

Seale 0041 Philip le Gayt to John Seale 3 Nov. 1729

Gratitude to John Seale’s & to Rev. Mr. Falle’s offer of financing the building of a Library & for donation of books respectively.

Philippe Charles Le Geyt and  sign – looks like principal merchants of Jersey


We the underwritten Subscribers, being the Principal Merchants in Harbour Grace & the Supporters of the Trade in Conception Bay, having seen the annex’d Petition, declare that we verily believe there are nothing but facts represented in it & that we all are

Sufferers in many respects through the said Lawce Coghlan & that he is a very unfitt Person for a Justice of the Peace as well as a Missionary, being Ignorant of the Laws of his Country & a Person of no Education, & pray that he may be Silenc’d or remov’d.

Given under our Hands at Harbour Grace this 26th day of August 1771.

Elias Vibert,  Nichs Fiott,  Robert Gray,  Jno.Clements,  Pet. Du Heaume,  George Davis,  Willm Lilly,Jno.  Le Geyt,  Jno. Alcock,  Jno. Cox,  Thos. Danson,  Willm LeMaistre

Participating in Privateers:

George Le Geyt is mentioned in the following: March 1827 the death of his daughter Martha. 1829 named on legislative list of Honduras. Parliamentary Papers on a report on the Portuguese schooner “Carlota” also known as the “Mosquito” a slaver, Miguel Paulo master was signed George Le Geyt master builder in December, 1836. The Slave Register has Le Geyt owning several slaves in Honduras. The 1851 Jersey census has his wife Elizabeth living in Great Union Road with son Philip 6 born Jersey and daughter Ann 11 born Honduras, Elizabeth is recorded as Captain’s wife. The property is now known as Belize house. Philip the son later owned a property in Beach Road called Belize alongside Honduras.



1717 These Channel Islanders, in this year, were involved with the Newfoundland trade and fish business, Seale, Patriarche, Chevallier (alias Knight), Chastray, Denton, Orengette, Janvrin, Carteret, Dean, Pipon, Lempriere, Auley (or Anley?), Le Bailly, Nicolle, Messervy, Marett, Maugier, Brown, Touzell, Martell, Seward and others.” (A. C. Saunders, co. Jersey Bulletin)

Seale 0023 Will of John Seale 3rd Oct. 1713 Dartmouth  document online

Will Beneficiaries – Mother, Elizabeth Seale (née Benest) – sisters Elizabeth Marett – Susannah Poindextre – Nephew John Seale, son of Thomas – Uncle & Aunt Seale & children – Brothers-in-law Edward Marett jnr., John Poindextre & children – sister-in-law Elizabeth Seale (née Pipon) & children

Seale 0045 Anne Seale to brother John Seale ( french) 7 Nov. 1732

Hopeful of receiving a letter from J.S. Her aunt of La Moye (in Jersey), her mother and aunt Marett sent their compliments. Cousin Peter Marett had just arrived from the Canaries. She sent compliments to her aunt & uncle Pipon and also her cousins.

Le Feuvre

0 Oct. 1789 Gov. Mark Milbanke John Brown, James Rennells Gov. Milbanke notifies Brown   and Rennells that Mr. Le Feuvre of Burin did not have a chance to defend himself in court, but Milbanke suspects that Le Feuvre “took it upon himself to act against the Dealers, in a manner not altogether consistent either with Law or Equity. Milbanke instructs Brown and Rennells that in case Le Feuvre should make another application to them for “the seizure of any Boats, Fishing Rooms, or other Effects of Boatkeepers (his Debtors) in your district, that you will only attach (and take such security as may be necessary for preventing the Boatkeeprs making away with)…”

Participating in Privateers:


West Devon connections:

From Old Ashburton, Devon

Old Stephen Tucker (husband of Joanna Squarry) of Teignmouth, great grandfather to Robert Tucker, of Ashburton. William Tucker, his son, was a Newfoundland merchant. Andrew Griffin Coard, bap. Sep. 1778, and William were William’s two sons, who lived with their grandfather, Stephen, whilst their father was on his voyages. William became a sailor, was taken prisoner by the French…He afterwards sailed from Newfoundland, and the ship was never heard of.”
Family records compiled by Lavinia M Squarey, 1909, via

Stephen Tucker wed Johannah Squeery, 1734.
1739 West Teignmouth. William, the son of Stephen and Joanne Tucker.

Lloyd’s Register 1791. Vessel: Two Brothers, Captains Townsend and Prowse. Voyage Dartmouth to Newfoundland, 67 tons/8 men. Built at New England 1770, for W. Tucker.

Vessels, Voyages (Lloyd’s List & Register) and early Port de Grave surnames, via

William Tucker Jr. of West Teignmouth, with Andrew Griffin Coard Tucker of Ashburton, Gent owned the Brig  ‘Jane & Mary’, 86 Ton. Built in France in 1788, it was ‘a Prize’. 
1801 -1845 Voyages, to and from Newfoundland, via
Andrew Griffin Coardy Tucker was baptised 4th September 1778 at West Teignmouth, the son of William and Elizabeth.
In 1794 Andrew G C Tucker was registered as an apprentice attorney to Thomas Turner, in Exeter.
Country Apprentices 1710 -1808 transcription, via
He married Maria Pitts Squarey in August 1799 at West Teignmouth.
His second marriage was to Harriet Luke in November 1823 in Plymouth.

Gerald Andrews book on Port de Grave refers to Stephen Tucker from Teignmouth and a Tucker connection with the area dating back to early 1700s.

Johannah Squeery

England Marriages, 1538–1973

Name: Stephen Tucker
Spouse’s Name: Johannah Squeery
Event Date: 28 Nov 1734
Event Place: Wolborough And Newton Abbot,Devon,England

Joan Squary

England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975

Name: Joan Squary
Gender: Female
Christening Date: 31 Oct 1714
Christening Date (Original): 31 OCT 1714
Father’s Name: Robert Squary
Mother’s Name: Agnes

Stephen Tucker

mentioned in the record of Robert Tucker

Name: Stephen Tucker
sex: Male
Wife: Jone
Son: Robert Tucker
Other information in the record of Robert Tucker

from England Births and Christenings

Name: Robert Tucker
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 15 Apr 1742
Christening Date (Original): 15 APR 1742
Father’s Name: Stephen Tucker
Mother’s Name: Jone

Stephen Tucker

mentioned in the record of John Squire Tucker

Name: Stephen Tucker
sex: Male
Wife: Grace
Son: John Squire Tucker
Other information in the record of John Squire Tucker

from England Births and Christenings

Name: John Squire Tucker
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 08 Feb 1809
Christening Date (Original): 08 FEB 1809
Father’s Name: Stephen Tucker
Mother’s Name: Grace

Jane Tucker

England, Dorset, Parish Registers, 1538-1936

Name: John King
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 09 Nov 1742
Event Place: Wimborne-Minster, Wimborne-Minster, Dorset, England
Spouse’s Name: Jane (or Anne) Tucker

The second wave: Family arrivals in Port de Grave as recorded by Gerald Andrews 1725 -1770 are: 1725 Taylor, 1727 Tucker, 1731 Hussey, 1735 Kennedy, 1745 Warford, 1755 Efford, 1758 Petten, 1759 Lear, 1760 Coveduct, 1764 Kelligrew, 1768 Batten, 1771 Sheppard.”

Dartmouth records:

40) 1163 F/L 39 1785 Indenture of Lease between a. Feoffees and b. Mr. Joseph Tucker, Mariner

Term: 99 years. Considn. £20 Rent 10/-

Descrn: Joseph Tucker is lawfully possessed of the premises, between

– Lower St. on E

– lands formerly Churchwill, now B. Kemp on S

– lands formerly Weekes, then Nat. Terry, now Jn Browne on W

– John Seale now leased to Jn. Browne, in poss. of M. Yeoman on N.

48) 1163 F/L 44 1766 Indenture of Lease between a. Feoffees and b. Benjamin Kemp

Considn. £8 Rent 14/- Term: 99 years on lives of B. Kemp & son Ben. Kemp jun.

[Now known as Descrn: (House) BetweenKemp’s Lane] – lands of feoffees in W and N

– Lower St. in E

– land leading from Higher St in E.

Garden: Between lands of Feoffees on N

– Above Town on E

– lands of John Southcote on W and S.

AND ALSO another Garden in Above Town in Northtown, bounded by lands formerly Eliz. Huckmore on S

– lands formerly Roger Tucker on N

– Kings Highway on E

– lands of Mr. _____ Hayne on W.

Large view:






From the Coveyduck Family site which seems to be down:

Anthony In Newfoundland, Seary?:                

R., Anthony of Gasters, 1801 (CO 199.18)

James Anthony, of Gasters, 1835 (Voters List)

Martha Anthony of Salmon Cove married at Hr. Main Parish, Jun 1865

Martha Anthony of Salmon Cove married at Hr. Main parish, April 1970

James Anthony, farmer of Gastus, 1871 (Lovell’s Directory)

Michael Anthony, farmer of Salmon Cove and Gasters, 1871 (Lovell’s Directory)

Agnes Anthony of Gasters married at Hr. Main Parish, May 1879

Anastasia Anthony of Gasters married at Hr. Main Parish, May 1879

James Anthony of Salmon Cove married at Hr. Main Parish, Jan 1883

Robert Anthony of Salmon Cove married at Hr. Main Parish, Jan 1884

Jas Anthony, fisherman of Salmon Cove, 1894-97 (McAlpine’s Directory)

James Anthony, laborer of Salmon Cove, 1898 (McAlpine’s Directory)

James Anthony, fisherman of Avondale, 1904 (McAlpine’s Directory)

Modern Status: small numbers in several communities in the Con. Bay and elsewhere.

 Matthews files???????

1647 Anthony Feb 03 pt bks Jn Kersey Dtmth-St Malo fr ship others

1665 Anthony Dec 25 pt bks perpets Exon-Dieppe ostend ship

1666 Anthony Apr 15 pt bks Jn serges Dtmth-lis on exon mcht others

1666 Anthony Jul 16 pt bks Ben Tobacco Dtmth fm va on Rebecca others

1666 Anthony Oct 05 pt bks Jn White sugar Dtmth fm lis on Exon mcht others

1674 Anthony Nov Hennock Mich son of Mich

1679 Anthony CO 1/44 Wm “Asia” 70/11 lond at HG – 1000 Qtl Alicant

1681 Anthony 350 qtr beasn fm Rotterdam on Jn of Rotterdam

1681 Anthony Apr 07 3/4 cwt Whale Bone fm Rotterdam on Francis

1681 Anthony Apr 14 bks Sam Holland duck exon fm Bilboa on Hopewell

1681 Anthony Aug 02 429 lbs on same

1681 Anthony CO I/47 Me “Anthony” London Sack at Bonavista Cadiz

1681 Anthony CO I/47 Mr Capt “Ana” Lond – Bonaviast sack 12 men – Cadiz 1500

1681 Anthony Jan 19 pt bks 120 lb perpets/bays to Rotterdam on unity

1681 Anthony Jul 19 630 lbs perpets to Rouen on Dolphin of Dieppe

1681 Anthony Jul 20 1550 lb perpets to Rotterdam on Francis

1681 Anthony Jun 18 1669 lb perpets to Rotterdam on Rotterdam mcht

1681 Anthony Mar 12 pt bks Barth 12 cwt Whale Bone fm Rotterdam on Francis

1681 Anthony May 02 pt bks 1008 lbs perpets Exon-Croisic on Jn of Dieppe

1681 Anthony Nov 02 pt bks Barth 756 lbs perpets to Rouen on post of Rouen

1681 Anthony Nov 15 463 qtr beans fm Rotterdam on King David of Rotterdam

1681 Anthony Nov 21 4 cwt Twine fm ? on Seaflower

1681 Anthony Sep 03 1770 lbs perpets/bays to Rotterdam on Unity

1682 Anthony CO 1/49 Mat Trinity Planter 8/1

1683 Anthony Apr 17 1207 lband bays on same

1683 Anthony Aug 20 378 lbs to Rouen on post of Rouen

1683 Anthony Jan 27 pt bks Barth 141 lbs perpets Exon-Rotterdam on Francis

1683 Anthony Jan 29 bays 320 lbs on same

1683 Anthony Jul 17 pt bks Barth 165 lbs perpets to Rotterdam fm Edon on Happy Return

1683 Anthony Jun 28 456 lbs perpets/bays to Rotterdam on Francis

1683 Anthony Mar 24 pt bks Barth 1008 lbs perpets Exon-Rouen on post of Rouen

1683 Anthony Mar 29 1475 lb perpets/bay to Rotterdam on Rotterdam mcht

1684 Anthony Oct 13 ptbks Phineas bays Exon-Danzing on Unity

1684 Anthony pt bks Barth Exon Importer 1684 Anthony pt bks Jos Exon Importer

1685 Anthony Feb 20 pt bks T.G Dtmth-Guernsey Flax, Broadcloth, Lyme hill ingstones serges or Geo Rooke

1686 Anthony Apr 28 pt bks Barth Oil Exon fm Aveiro on Mary Eaton

1687 Anthony Jan 13 pt bks Barth pease latin wares etc Dtmth fm Exon on Eliz/Sarah Hunt 1688 Anthony Oct Hennock Hy had son Rich

1688 Anthony Oct Hennock Rich son of Hy

1688 Anthony Sep Staverton Jn Widower buried

1691 Anthony Aug St Saviours Ralph of Chattam buried

1693 Anthony Lympstone MR Jn buried

1696 Anthony Exon Freemen Jos mcht admitted by marrying d of Alderman Chris Brodridge

1700 Anthony May Exon customs Jos duty

1701 Anthony Feb 10 pt bks Jos stuff Exon-Rotterdam on Martha Mar 29 to Rotterdam on society

1701 Anthony Jan 10 pt bks Jos stuff Exon fm Hamburg on Neptune

1702 Anthony Nov Stowe 464 Mat Silly Cove Planter 12 Summer 8 Winter Svts

1704 Anthony CO 194/3 Mat St Jns Inhab 4 Men

1706 Anthony CO 194/22 Mat illit C/B Pro Lloyd

1708 Anthony CO 194/4 Mat Silly Cove Planter no Wife 3/I

1721 Anthony Exon Freemen Barth gent son of Barth mcht admitted by succession

1732/3 Anthony Feb St Saviours Mark married Eliz Berry

1734 Anthony Exon Fremen Barth mcht Sam gent his son admitted by succession

1735/6 Anthony Jan St Saviours Mark married Mary Curtis

1755 Anthony Col Recs Wm owes Jn Tremblett 2/5/-

1760 Anthony CO 198/18 Mat left Son In Law Jn Coveduck Plant No 81 in PG House/Garden

1770 Anthony 1805 CO 199/18 Mary took void plant at Cupids 2 Houses Garden Meadow

1772 Anthony Apr St Jns Ang old forerly sexton buried

1775 Anthony 1805 CO 199/18 Jos bought plant no 166 in Cupids fm Hy for L9 Stage, Flake, 2 Houses, 2 Gardens and Meadow

1775 Anthony 1805 CO 199/18 Jos Father In Law gave him Meadow in Cupids

1775 Anthony CO 199/18 Hy sold Plant no 166 in Cupids to Jos for 9 Pounds

1780 Anthony CO 199/18 Mat left his d Ann Coveduck Plant No 82 Garden/Meadow

1781 Anthony Oct 12 CB Ang Jane had d Mabel Baptised PG

1782 Anthony (Sep 1784 Col Rec) Wm sr and Hy jr of PG sell Plant for 10 Pounds at Bareneed to Wm and Elias Pico of Jersey/PG bt kprs lately occ by Wm Batten

1783 Anthony Sep 22 Col Rec Wm Sr/Jr of Jersey Boat Keeper presently residing at Port a Grace – Indenture with Picot of Jersey

1784 Anthony HG Church Jos married Mary d of Wm Lane Cupids

1785 Anthony CO 199/18 Wm sold Plant No 22 in PG to Wm Prialx/Co for 20 Pounds, Stage, 3 Flakes, 4 Houses and 4 Gardens

1785 Anthony Sep 11 CB Ang Abra/Hy/Mary/Charlotte/Rebecca children of Hy/Eliz Baptised

1785 Anthony Sep 11 CB Ang Hy/Eliz had five children Baptised Hy/Abra/Mary Charlott/Rebecca

1786 Anthony Jun 18 CB Ang Sarah adult Baptised

1786 Anthony Sep 30 at Cupids Jos/Mary had son Wm

1786 AnthonySep 30 CB Ang Wm Son of Jos/Mary at Cupids

1790 Anthony May 10 CB Ang is son Jos/Mary at Cupids

1790 Anthony May 10 CB Ang Jos/Mary had son Isaac at Cupids

1791 Anthony CO 324/7 Hy and co sued for 208 Pounds by Jn Noble

1792 Anthony Brix Wm soj (of Helstone) married widow Eliz Bowles

1793 Anthony Apr-Oct Muster Rolls Walt age 25 Dtmth Splitter on Industry dis Nfld

1794/5 Anthony Census Hy Carpenter owned/occupied No. 12 Torbay came Nfld born Married 3 sons 3 daughters Protestants

1794/5 Anthony St Jns Census Hy Carpenter at T/B own house born Nfld Prot

1797 Anthony St Jns Ang Wm Married Bary Hiscock (this might be Mary not bary)

1803 Anthony CO 199/18 Hy rented fm his father at 5 Pounds p. a. Plant no 171 in Cupids Stage, Flake 2 Houses, 2 Gardens and Meadow

1803 Anthony CO 199/18 Hy sold land at Cupids for a Church 10 Sq Yds for 4/6

1803 Anthony CO 199/18 Hy/Wife sold Plant No 88. in PG, a Flake to Jn Dawe for 22 Pounds in their possession (and Ancestors 80 Years)

1804 Anthony CO 199 Wm Port Grave owns Plant left by Father who cleared/had it 50 Years or more

1804 Anthony CO 199/18 Wm before sold Plant in PG to ? for 20 Pounds

1805 Anthony at Brigus UC Jos/Mary had son Jos in Cupids

1805 Anthony Brigus UC Abram son Jos/Fra Bay Roberts

1805 Anthony Brigus UC Jos/Fra had son Abram in Bay Roberts

1805 Anthony CO 199/18 Hy cleared Plant No. 184 in Salmon Cove PG Stage, Flake, House and 2 Gardens 1806 Anthony Brigus UC Jos buried at Cupids

1806 Anthony CB Plant Bk Robt Stage, Flake, 2 Houses, Garden, Meadow/Uncleared Land and another Plot in Gasters part given by Geo Butler

1801 rest bought fm Tim Tole in 1803 for 10 Pound

1806 Anthony Seary Pat of Hr Grace

1807 Anthony Brigus UC Wm Son Hy/Susanna buried

1807 Anthony Sep 14-Jan 10 08 bt 98/10 Jn age 28 Dtmth in Nfld on Phillipa Wm Soper ex d of Kent

1809 Anthony Nov 01 Sup Ct Wm sued for 18/14/3 by Mich Mulloy to pay

1810 Anthony Nov Duckwrth p sued r Hanrahan for 23/7/- in CB Surr C

1812 Anthony Aug St Jns Ang Wm/Mary had Son Jn Baptised Mar 1816

1812 Anthony Aug St Jns Jn son of Wm/Mary Born-Baptised Mar 1816

1813 Anthony JAn 05 HG Surr Ct Pat had been in jail. Nat Davis to be paid 10 Pounds as Jailer for looking after him

1813 Anthony Nov 12 CB Writs Hy sued Ledro of Cupids for 50 Pounds

1813 Anthony Nov 18 HG Surr Ct Hy sued Wm Ledro of Cupids for 50 Pounds defamination and to settle disputed Room in Cupids-Arbtration

1814 Anthony Brigus UC Moses married Eliz Coveduck both Cupids

1815 Anthony Nov HG Surr Ct Writ agst Hy of Cupids L2 by ?

1816 Anthony Jun HG Ang Wm/ Amey of Bareneed had a Son Hy born

1816 Anthony Sep HG Surr Ct Writ agst Abra of South Shore L16 by Mat Greenslade

1817 Anthony Jun 12 HG Surr Ct Writ agst Hy of Bareneed L8 by Moses Roach

1817 Anthony Jun 17 HG Surr Ct Hy sued for L8 passage money fm Ireland last year by Moses Roach Postponed

1817 Anthony Oct 24 CB Writs Moses of Brigus sued for 7/2/-by Best/Cozens

1818 Anthony Mar 04 CB writs Hy of Mosquito sued for 8/8/- by Jn Walsh

1818 Anthony Mar 24 CB writs Hy sued Graham/McNiocl of PG for 18 Pounds

1818 AnthonyMay 06 efp Wm late Brixham Shoemkr now in Goal for debt petitions for release

1819 Anthony bt 107/477 Jos at Cupids blt “Dove” 54 ton for Jn Sheppard Planter

1819 Anthony Feb St Jns Ang Wm/Mary of Torbay had Son Jas

1820 Anthony Sep 28 HG Surr Ct Hy witness re land at Cupids in Moores v Spracklin has not always lived there

1821 Anthony bt 107/479 Jos at Brigus rebuilt (fm o/b) algimane 26 ton for Cozens

1822 AnthonyMay Col Records Wm Torbay Protestants (non Anglican Church)

1825 Anthony Oct 03 HG Surr Ct Moses of South Shore sued for L11 debt by Chas Cozens of Brigus

1829 Anthony Nov 06 North Circ Hy sued for 7/5/- by Jh Sarell to pay 6/13-

1829 Anthony Nov 07 North Circ Hy sued for 6/13/- by Jn Sarell won by default

1834 Anthony Nov CO 194/88 Wm L? pro Nfld School Socy

1834 Anthony Oct North Writ Jos jr sued for 2/12/9 by Cozens trustees 1834 Anthony Oct North Writ Moses sued for10 Pounds by Cozens trustees

1835 Anthony Apr Gaz W. L. Chambuer commerce pro boulton

1835 Anthony Apr ledger W L St Jns commercial clerks Winton Memorial

1836 Anthony Jul CO 194/107 W. L. Agent to Sam Codner pro little

1838 Anthony Jan 25 Nflder W went Carb-Poole

1838 Anthony Jan Nflder Mr Wm Passage Carbonear – Poole

1838 Anthony Oct St Jns Ang Abra married Eliz Moore both Torbay illit 1842 Anthony May Gaz Dorcas St Jns fm Lpool 2

1842 Anthony Jun 09 Nflder Mr arr St Jns fm NY

1842 Anthony Lloyds Queen Ester Schr 154 ton own/bignell/co salc. Dtmth-constant

1846 Anthony Apr 13 Nflder Mr arr St Jns fm New York (member of Stokes/Anthony of NY?)

1846 Anthony Jun 13 Nflder Mr went St Jns-Cork (Of New York)

1846 Anthony May 26 Nflder Francis provs fm NY 13 days to Hounsell

1846 Anthony May 30 Nflder Francis Ball to Sydney for Hounsell

1846 Anthony Sep 24 Nflder M arr St Jns fm Halifax

1847 Anthony arr from Hfx “Unicorn” Sepr 14, 1847 g

1847 Anthony Jun 02 Nflder Odessa Molasses fm Boston for Rennie

1847 Anthony Mar Gaz WL forms partnership with Jn Brocklebank 25th

1849 Anthony Mar Gaz Brocklebank and 1 Ship sailing

1852 Anthony Prowse “Brocklebank and” Sealing fm St Jns

1857 Anthony Dec 24 Nflder W L Esq died age 46 native of Dtmth agent in Nfld for Royal Insurance Co lived Lazy Bank

1857 Anthony Dec express W L Esq of Dtmth died age 41 agent for Royal Insurance Co on Lpool lived lazy ban

1857 Anthony Dec Gaz W L Esq died age 41 native of Dtmth for many years Nfld Agent of Royal Insurance Co lived Lazy Bank

1858 Anthony Nov 15 Gaz Wm decds-Estate insolvent.

1858 Anthony Nov 19 Gaz Wm L Decd insolent Estate


Abbreviations Used In The Above Text

abra – Abraham

CB Ang – Conception Bay Anglican (Parish Records)

CB – Conception Bay CB Plant (BK) – Conception Bay Plantation Book (199.18)

Col Recs – Colonial Records. Nfld Colonial Secretary, Outgoing Correspondence from Nfld. Co 199.18 – Great Britian, Colonial Office, Conception Bay Plantation Book.

d – daughter

fra – Francis (in ref to name)

JN – John jos – Joseph

HG – Harbour Grace

HG Surr ct – Harbour Grace Surrogate (Court Records)

HY – Henry

North Circ – Nfld Surrogates Court Northern Circuit North Writs – Nfld Surrogates Court. Northern Circuit, Writs

Nr – near

PG – Port de Grave schr – schooner (SHIP)

sup ct – Supreme Court of Nfld (Court Records) WM – William

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There appear to be 2 wills in Jersey…..

Will and Testament of John Chapman of Sherborne, England, now of Jersey Harbour, Newfoundland. Dated 10/1/1857.

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Reference: D/Y/A/31/108

Date: November 16th 1863