(Extract from a letter of A. T. Squarey, dated May 9th, 1893, to Mr. Bartlett, of Liverpool.)

” The Squarey family lived several generations at Teignmouth and nearby Shaldon, Devon,

and were Mariners or Merchants trading to Newfoundland (chiefly) and to other parts of

the world. It is said they are descended from a French family named ‘ Carre,’ who were

driven from Portou by the religious persecution, and, in England, changed their French

name, as so many of the Huguenots did, into an English equivalent. A branch of the

family are settled in Newfoundland, an off-shoot of the Devonshire stock.”*

* The Squarey family were settled at Teignmouth in the latter part of the 17th century.— L.M.S.


1709 Bay of Bulls: – William Squarry


1709 Military and Administrative Personnel

October 1709, 1-12

756. (a) Account of Stores left in the Fort of St. Johns,Newfoundland, by Capt. Taylor, H.M.S. Litchfield, also at Carbonear, Harbour Grace, and Little Bell Islands, and the Isle ofBoys. Signed, Jos. Taylor. 2½ pp.

(b) List of the Officers in Newfoundland, commissioned Oct.1709.

St. Johns:—John Collin, Governor; Edward Sheppard,Lt. Governor; John Jenkins, Major; William Roberts, GilbertJeane, John Marshall, John Cock, John Eleat, Wm. Bowles, Rd.Tapley, Captains; Tho. Squarry, Jono. Martin, Henry Parker,James Prosser, Tho. Roberts, Samuel Nicks, Giles Goss, JohnJulian, Rt. Bowles, Step. Dann, Lieutenants; Daniel Ranes, Rt.Willicot, Char. Coaker, Jos. Newham, Tho. Hawkins, John Martin, Rowland Martin, Rd. Boden, John Richardson, Abr. Barrott,Ensigns; Isaac Legoss, Surgeon; Wm. Squarry, Master Gunner.

This record too late?

Name: Thomas Squary
Spouse’s Name: Esther Ford
Event Date: 19 Oct 1720
Event Place: West Teignmouth,Devon,England


Ruck Fonds:

Aug. 5th, 1719

John Squarrey & Co. Dr freighter Sloop Ann 1 barrell tarr


15 Oct 1763

Richard Middleton’s plantation has been equally divided into three parts for the benefit of Honour Willicott. Divided by: John Stripling, William Squarry, John Norcott, and George Bickforde (his mark). Details of the division of the plantation are sketched.


16 March 1781

Stating that the room situated in St. John’s at Hudsons Cove belongs to John Squarey. 32 men signed attesting to this.



Names of families participating consistently in the Newfoundland Fishing Trade were, from Teignmouth, Bartlett, Bibberns. Brine, Butler, Hayman. Clapp, Goss, Penson and Warren. From Shaldon the families were Bulley, Boden, Fox, Harvey, Mortimer, Row, Squarey and Stigings. The two most important families from Combeinteignhead were the Bulleys and the Jobs.


The winter census of St John’s Newfoundland in 1794/5 listed John Job as owner occupier of a waterfront property on the south side of the harbour among ten other Teign estuary merchants – Abraham Hingston, Stephen Harvey, William Whiteway, George Squarey, William Codner, and Jos. Baker of Shaldon as well as Thomas Gotham, John Duniam and George Bulley of Teignmouth.

also James Squarry 9 years in NF

John Job, William Underhay, Abraham Hingstone, Stephen Harvey, Robert Boden, John Codner and Elias Rowe were all appointed to a Grand Jury in St John’s Newfoundland in 1794.

Different George I think in Handcock’s book:
From 1800, William Fox Sr., as his accounts and letters indicate, resided in Shaldon 
. In 1803 he records, /To 60£ to Insur(ance) on George Squar/s Effects at and from Teignmouth to St John’ s, Newfld, an apparent reference to either a byeboatkeeper or possibly the household migration of a family. Certainly with the entry / By freight of Goods and six men passages to Newfld, rec’ d of John Squary/  Fox documents in 1804 one of the last migrations of a  byeboatkeeper crew, for this system seems to have ended about this time


There was an early connection between the Squareys and the Tuckers who also traded in Newfoundand.

Stephen Tucker wed Johannah Squeery, 1734.
1739 West Teignmouth. William, the son of Stephen and Joanne Tucker.

The Pitts and Bickford families were also connected by marriage and were involved in the Newfoundland trade.

ROBERT SQUAREY (1.), married Mary BiCKFORD ca 1690, and had one son.

William could have been the brother of Robert (1) below???

ROBERT SQUAREY (1.), married Mary 
BiCKFORD, and had one son. 

ROBERT SQUAREY (II.), married Agnes 
Braddox, and had seven children. 

1. Joanna, born 1714, married Stephen 
f Tucker. 

2. Agnes, born 1716, married Nicholas 
Watts. Had one son, Nicholas. 

3. William. 

4. Robert (III.), born 1719, married Amy 

5. Timothy, born 1722, died at Lima, 

6. John, born 1728. 

7. Mary, born . Married William 
Pitts, 1st, Mariner, 1776 ; one son, 
William, married — Mutton. 2nd, 
Thomas Mathews, one daughter, Jane 
Pitts, married C. Warren, 

ROBERT SQUAREY (III.), married Amy 
Tozer, and had four children. 

The branch NF branch referred to in that account does not seem to include William and George.

Newfoundland Branch.* 

WILLIAM, second son of Robert (III.) and 

Amy Tozer, married Elizabeth , and 

had six children. 

1. John, Lieut. R.N., drowned. 

2. Robert, born 1778, married in New- 
foundland 17th August, 1810, to Sarah 
Parsons. Had six children. He died 
December 25th, 1828. She died in 

3. William, married Mary Ann Coster, 
and had four children. Sailing Master, 

4. Elizabeth. 

5. Charles, married Harriott Lott. 
Lieut. R.N. 

6. Henry, married in Newfoundland.