These Channel Islanders, in this year, were involved with the Newfoundland trade and fishiness, Seale, Patriarche, Chevallier (alias Knight), Chastray, Denton, Orengette, Janvrin, Carteret, Dean, Pipon, Lempriere, Auley (or Anley?), Le Bailly, Nicolle, Messervy, Marett, Maugier, Brown, Touzell, Martell, Seward and others.” (A. C. Saunders, co. Jersey Bulletin)

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Seale 0262 Wm. Seward to John Seale 9 March 1774

Received J.S.’s letter, will forward letter from J.S. to Mr. Mauger by Jersey Coaster. W.Seward came from St. Aubin (Jersey), is 55 years old, remembers J.S. 40 years ago, his second son had been in Barcelona,(has 4 other sons & 1 daughter) so knew Henry Seale who had died there.

10-06-1759 Peter Lebey. Boscawen. 25 tons. 40 Messrs. William Seward of Southampton, merchant and Edward Anley of Guernsey, merchant. 2 carriage and 2 swivel guns.

DHRG No.100423

Personal name Ship name Date Action
Seward Charming Molly 03/06/1747 View…
Seward 17/06/1747 View…
Seward Duke of Cumberland 05/07/1757 View…
Seward Pompey 08/11/1757 View…
Seward Shark 21/07/1758 View…
Seward Tortugas 05/12/1760 View…
Seward Friend 12/01/1762 View…
Seward Rodney 19/06/1781 View…
Seward Charming Nancy 14/08/1781 View…
Seward Mary Ann 28/11/1786 View…
Seward Burton 26/06/1787 View…
Seward Fonthill 24/06/1788 View…
Seward Diana 25/07/1788

In the British Factory in Oporto, Portugal

Thompson and Seward 1761 page 92

“Oporto Old and New” work of Charles Sellers:

Reference: HCA 26/6/174

Commander: Philip Seward.

Ship: Duke of Cumberland.

Burden: 90 tons.

Crew: 80.

Owners: William Patriarche, John Hue and Thomas Lempriere of Jersey, merchants.

Lieutenant: John le Geyt.

Gunner: Thomas Pott.

Boatswain: John Lee.

Carpenter: Thomas Lee.

Surgeon: William Johnson.

Cook: James Grandin.

Armament: 8 carriage and 12 swivel guns.

Folio: 179

Date: 1757 January 25



Commander: Philip Seward.

Ship: Britain.

Burden: 140 tons.

Crew: 100.

Owners: Germain Gubin and Philip Bandinell of Jersey, merchants.

Lieutenant: Richard Major.

Gunner: William le Cronier.

Boatswain: John Cabot.

Carpenter: Philip le Gross.

Surgeon: James Calgill.

Cook: Abraham Hudson.

Armament: 12 carriage and 10 swivel guns.

Folio: 70

Date: 1658 October 6
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Reference: HCA 26/8/49

Commander: John Geffrard.

Ship: Minerva.

Burden: 160 tons.

Crew: 120.

Owners: William Patriarche, Thomas Lempriere and John Hue of Jersey, merchants.

Lieutenant: Richard Seward.

Gunner: John Gibeand.

Boatswain: Philip le Gros.

Carpenter: William Chizlewell.

Surgeon: Thomas Mackintosh.

Cook: Thomas Littleton.

Armament: 14 carriage and 16 swivel guns.

Folio: 50.

Note that the Judith and Charles received similar commissions.

Date: 1757 September 7
Held by: The National Archives, Kew