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Seale 0088 Capt. Geo. Aug. Pynn to C.Hayne 13 Nov. 1754 HP Vol 1 p.52

GAP’s letter sent by Cpt.Abraham Ball. Tolerable good fishery, a bit late in the land. Very hurtful, have four sailing days to Lisbon. If safe arrival GAP will send directions for payment of Harry’s schooling. Hope also of coming to England. Harry’s mother sent a bag of cod etc. for Harry and fish etc. for Mr. & Mrs. Hayne & cat skins for Mrs. H. GAP intended having Harry out in the spring.


From Agnes Ayre Newfoundland Names


Dec 30, 1757 edition

Arrived at Lisbon from Newfoundland, the vessels:

“Fanny” Captain Pynn

Mar 20, 1749 edition.

Sailed from Dartmouth for Newfoundland, the vessel “Sea Nymph”, Captain Pynn, on Mar 16.

Feb 3, 1740 edition

“Henry & Susanna” Captain Pynn on Jan 25

In the British Factory in Oporto, Portugal

Malachy Pyne   Page 51

“Oporto Old and New” work of Charles Sellers:

Malachy Pyne Oporto

Malachy Pyne Exeter

Some researchers think the Pynn family of Mosquito may have originated in Bristol. There the name possibly has various versions: Pynn, Penn, Prynn and Pringe.


one NF transcription:

1676  Census –  Captain John Wyborne


Nicholas Guy – Planter

John Guy – Planter.

Josh. Person – Planter

Roger Buts – Planter

Bartholomew Coin – Planter

Abram King – Planter

William Bradley – Planter

John Edwards – Planter

Widow Edwards – Planter

Henry Prinn – Planter

Society from the date of its incorporation in 1552

Two years later, by a deed dated loth October, 1553, Sadleir and Winnington, in consideration of 10, granted the chapel and land, together with a house in Fisher Lane formerly belonging to Tintern Abbey, and some land on St. Michael’s Hill once possessed by the White Friars, to Edward Prynn, then acting as first Master of the Merchant Venturers’ Society. On October loth, 1561, Erasmus, heir of Edward Prynn, in consideration of 30, granted the estate, excepting the land at St. Michael’s Hill, to Thomas Aldworth and Thomas Symonds. As the deed of conveyance, after describing the chapel, recites that the almshouse


PRYNNE, WILLIAM (1600–1669), puritan pamphleteer,his great grandfather was sheriff of Bristol in 1549

Doe graunte and give Licence to the aforesaide Edward Prin, Thomas Hickes, and Robert Butler and other marchant adventurers (called marchaunts Venturers) of our saide Citty of Bristoll That hereafter they shall have One Maister of the Arte or misterie of marchaunt Venturers of the Citty aforesaide Hlt> wee doe make ordeyne and constitute him the saide Edward Prin maister of the Arte or misterie aforesaide by theis pnts And that they shall have twoe wardeins of the afore- saide Arte or misterie And we do ordeyne and constitute them the saide Thomas Hickes and Robert Butler wardeins of the aforesaide Arte or Misterie by these presents Hilt)

Martin Pring explored New England 1602/3. Also was master of Sea Bright of Bristol to Guyana 1612-3.  Merchant Adventurer in 1623.

But between 1626 and 1628, when the Government granted letters of marque authorising the capture of French and Spanish merchantmen. Martin Pring was in command of Alderman Barker’s ship, the Charles, and was notably successful in bringing in prizes, one of which was a Spanish war-ship of about 30 guns.

Pynn Penn Bristol