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Seale 0088 Capt. Geo. Aug. Pynn to C.Hayne 13 Nov. 1754 HP Vol 1 p.52

GAP’s letter sent by Cpt.Abraham Ball. Tolerable good fishery, a bit late in the land. Very hurtful, have four sailing days to Lisbon. If safe arrival GAP will send directions for payment of Harry’s schooling. Hope also of coming to England. Harry’s mother sent a bag of cod etc. for Harry and fish etc. for Mr. & Mrs. Hayne & cat skins for Mrs. H. GAP intended having Harry out in the spring.


From Agnes Ayre Newfoundland Names


Dec 30, 1757 edition

Arrived at Lisbon from Newfoundland, the vessels:

“Fanny” Captain Pynn

Mar 20, 1749 edition.

Sailed from Dartmouth for Newfoundland, the vessel “Sea Nymph”, Captain Pynn, on Mar 16.

Feb 3, 1740 edition

“Henry & Susanna” Captain Pynn on Jan 25

In the British Factory in Oporto, Portugal

Malachy Pyne   Page 51

“Oporto Old and New” work of Charles Sellers:

Malachy Pyne Oporto

Malachy Pyne Exeter