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From the book “Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland” by E. R. Seary. PARSONS, a surname of England and Ireland – the parson’s servant, or one who lived or worked at the parson’s (house); in Ireland also for Mac an Phearsain (MacPherson in Scotland). Family traditions: —– Williams, from England, deserted from the Royal Navy, settled at Diamond Cove where he changed his surname to Parsons. (MUN Folklore). Meshach Parsons (1828 – ), born at Rose Blanche, son of —– from Guernsey, settled at Rocky Harbour (Bonne Bay) in 1878 (MUN Geog.). Samuel, from Devon, settled at Running Brook, Bay Roberts about 1825 (MUN Folklore). Edward (about 1725 – ), from Devon, settled at Parsons Cove (Bryants Cove), between 1750 and 1775 (MUN Geog.). Thomas (1799 – ), from Bristol, settled at Freshwater (Carbonear), about 1821 (MUN Geog.).

7 December, 1676; [Captain] John Wyborn
“An Account of the Sack Ships Trading to Newfoundland between Trepassey and Bay Bulls, 1676”

Joseph Parsons,

Master of the sack ship Henry (40 Tons, 7 men) of Topsham trading at Ferryland ;

Ships’ Names Fish Bought
Price Reals Whither Bound
HENRY 560 25 Nantes

09 Aug 1677 Joseph Parsons of Joseph and Mary bap Topsham (FamilySearch)

03 Sep 1679 Nicholas Parsons of Joseph and Mary bap Topsham



275 Parson Charles B1614 s/o Thos Dartmouth SS.



By 1675 there were six planters living at Carbonear. The Berry Census compiled in that year lists Henry Pynne, his wife and six children; William Bradley, his wife and four children; Jonathan Edwards, his wife and one child; Jonathan Guy Sr., his wife and five children; Jonathan Guy Jr. and his wife; and Richard Windsor (age 80 years) all living there. By 1677 the population had expanded to include Joseph Parsons, his wife and 6 children; Roger Burt (Butt???), his wife and five children; Charles Davies and his wife; and Abraham King. Between them these planters employed 107 servants and owned 14 dwelling houses, 12 gardens, 24 boats, 70 cattle, 48 hogs and 22 sheep.

455 15 Nov. 1705 Henry Hayman The Commander of the ship, Newhouse, declares that he bought 200 quintals of fish of Lt. Moody the late commander in Chief of Fort William. The fish was shipped aboard the Expedition commanded by Joseph Parsons. Capt. Parsons gave him bills of exchange. Sworn in the presence of Samuel Hayman 9Vice Admiral) and Peter Crapp (Rear Admiral).


298b 15 Oct. 1705 Grigge, Parsons, Pyne, Studley, Smirke, Holdsworth, Hodder and 30 others Lords of Trade Petition from traders and commanders of fishing ships. Relates to the state of the fishery which is now decaying but was once flourishing . The French own 6/7 of the fishing ground and get fish sooner. Claims that the Scots are becoming numerous in Newfoundland; they hurt the fishery because they work for low wages and buy their material cheaper. Note: the petition is very similar in issues and statements to that made in 1704 (see above, p.121)



The Inhabitants of Conception Bay

Lords of Trade         Feb 1707??

[Enclosed with above] they vouch for Major Lloyd who defended them against the Enemy. Every tenth name is picked: William Pynn, William Thornhill, William Parsons, Nicholis Garry?, J Garlent?.


14 May 1727

Bowler, Argyle in the Downes


[Enclosed with above] Bonds taken for Roger Dench, J.W. Miller?, Ben. Parsons, Ben. Norton, Hezekiah Egglestone, Richard Mumford, J. Pickman, John Clarke, Jon Ela, John Moore, Nath. Freeman, Jos. Linton


Joseph Buckley extract from “Ledger year 1693”

Buckley’s ledger for the voyage of four ships to Newfoundland contains the account for many planters

October the 16
To fish paid Joseph Parson on your account
22 quintals
16 10




Feb. 2, 1697

J. Parsons

List of supplies for 1,000 men for 224 days



24 Oct 1767 Gov. Hugh Palliser, Jonathan Horsnaill (St. John’s) Justices, Sheriffs, Marshals, Constables, and Officers, especially Charles Garland and Jonathan Parsons, Marshal at Harbour Grace Arrest Jonathan Pike, William Lilley, and George Davis, now likely in Harbour Grace or Carbonear. They are to appear before the court on the stated date to answer for sundry complaints made by many poor fishermen who have served on fishing voyages in Conception Bay, been refused their wages, and are now unable to return home. A note to also proceed in the like manner against Captain Hugh Roberts.


Parsons Summary


Bryant's Cove Parsons


2 Oct. 1780

Richard Edwards

Charles Garland

Stating that Henry Webber and William Parsons, whale fishermen from Harbour Grace, must report the quantity of oil they made as per the act of parliament.


Anthony Parsons 1710 Ferryland




Joseph Parscer? 1622


Vernalyne’ s Parsons Family Bibles