1717 These Channel Islanders, in this year, were involved with the Newfoundland trade and fish business, Seale, Patriarche, Chevallier (alias Knight), Chastray, Denton, Orengette, Janvrin, Carteret, Dean, Pipon, Lempriere, Auley (or Anley?), Le Bailly, Nicolle, Messervy, Marett, Maugier, Brown, Touzell, Martell, Seward and others.” (A. C. Saunders, co. Jersey Bulletin)


Have a Jeanne AMY (Catillon de Haut) md to Noe NICOLLE eldest son of
Nicolas and Jeanne LE BASTARD and he is described as of des Mares and:
Diacre de St Martin – 1685? [Messervy Book]

Philip Nicolle (of Les Mares)?

S.R. contributed this early will of Noah (Noe) Nicolle:

In that it sounds like his wife was Ann de Ste Croix – also in Newfoundland.

Some Nicolle immigrants from Jersey are discussed here:

Harbour Grace burial

9 Oct 1778 Clement Nicole of the Island of Jersey

John Nicole property in Harbour Grace 1800

From S.R.

Ed Nicole Jr’s parents were Edward Nicholle of Blackhead, who was buried in Blackhead at the age of 84, in 1856, so he’d have been born about 1772.  Ed Sr’s wife’s name was Mary. I believe the family was closely connected to the Carbonear branch, as they seemed to go back and forth for each other’s weddings.

Reference: SP 78/92/72

Folio 194: Earl of Danby – certificate on case of Thos. Nicolle, master of the Judith of Jersey.

Date: 1632 Nov 14
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
NICHOLL Richard Edward & Prudence DEAN not given bap Nov 10 1823 Crockers Cove planter Carb Vital Married 1823 Carb METH; his surname transcribed as NEEHOLE but should be NICHOLE. 1274
NICHOLL Ann Maria Edward & Prudence DEAN not given bap June 8 1828 Crockers Cove planter Carb Vital 1464
NICHOLL John Edward & Prudence DEAN not given bap Nov 17 1830 Crockers Cove planter Carb Vital 1610
NICHOLL Nicholas Kennedy Edward & Prudence DEAN not given bap July 21 1831 Crockers Cove planter Carb Vital Married 1823 Carb METH. 1661
NICHOLL Edward Edward & Prudence DEAN b July 3 1836 bap Nov 7 1837 Crockers Cove planter Carb Vital 2047
NICHOLL Delphine Knight Edward & Prudence DEAN b Feb 13 1834 bap Nov 7 1837 Crockers Cove planter Carb Vital 2048
NICHOLL Joseph Sampson Edward & Prudence DEAN b Feb 13 1840 bap Jan 15 1841 Crockers Cove planter Carb Vital 2337
NICHOLL Mary Jane Edward & Prudence DEAN b Feb 13 1840 bap Jan 15 1841 Crockers Cove planter Carb Vital 2338
NICHOLL Albert Moses Edward & Prudence DEAN b Aug 19 1844 bap Mar 6 1845 Crockers Cove planter Carb Vital 2653
NICHOLL Mary Jane John & Diana WAGG not given bap Dec 12 1833 age 5 mo. Carb South planter Carb Vital 1808
NICHOLL Louisa Sophia John & Diana WAGG b Feb 13 1836 bap June 14 1836 Carbonear planter Carb Vital 1939
NICHOLL Hannah John & Dianah WAGG b Jan 28 1847 bap June 8 1847 Carb South planter Carb Vital 2857
NICHOLL Moses Clark John & Dianna WAGG b June 12 1838 bap Oct 9 1838 Carbonear planter Carb Vital 2129
NICHOLL John John & Dianna WAGG b Nov 21 1840 bap Dec 15 1840 Carbonear planter Carb Vital 2322
NICHOLL James Faulkner John & Dianna WAGG b Mar 25 1843 bap June 25 1843 Carbonear planter Carb Vital 2527
NICHOLL Amelia John & Dinah WAGG not given bap June 10 1827 Carbonear planter Carb Vital Married 1825 HG ANG. 1416
NICHOLL Nicholas Penny John & Mary widow Kennedy not given bap Feb 25 1810 not given Carb Vital Married 1797 Carb METH, both of Crockers Cove. 820
NICHOLL Jane Shepherd Nicholas & Susan HOWELL b June 2 1837 bap Nov 17 1837 Carbonear planter Carb Vital 2059
NICHOLL Naomi Ann Nicholas & Susanna HOWELL not given bap Jan 20 1834 age 3 mo. Carb South planter Carb Vital Married 1833 HG ANG. 1809
NICHOLL Sarah Maria Nicholas & Susanna HOWELL b May 10 1835 bap Dec 22 1835 Carbonear planter Carb Vital 1883
NICHOLL George Apsey Nicholas & Triphena STABB (may be widow Stabb and nee PARSONS) b Feb 13 1845 bap June 22 1845 Carbonear merchant Carb Vital 2686
NICHOLL John Elson Nicholas & Tryphena STABB (may be widow Stabb, nee PARSONS) not given bap Oct 4 1841 Carbonear merchant Carb Vital 2394
NICHOLL Triphena Nicholas & Tryphena (STABB: ? widow Stabb and nee PARSONS) b Mar 5 1843 bap June 4 1843 Carbonear merchant Carb Vital Married 1840 Carb METH, marital status not given. 2534
Nichols Susanna William & Julia Ann 3 Nov 1884 25 Oct 1884 Caplin Cove Fisherman HG st Paul’s 184

Lots of Nichols and Nicholases in Harbour Grace and Nichols Hill.

Early Bisson-Nicole connection in Jersey:

Harbour Grace burial

9 Oct 1778 Clement Nicole of the Island of Jersey


Reference: HCA 26/6/167

Commander: Richard le Quesne.

Ship: Phoenix.

Burden: 160 tons.

Crew: 140.

Owners: John Auley of Jersey and Lucy Westow of Guernsey, merchants.

Lieutenant: Danial Speire.

Gunner: Thomas Nicolle.

Boatswain: Amos Lempriere.

Carpenter: John le Gros.

Surgeon: Nathaniel Nelson.

Cook: Charles Flurry.

Armament: 20 carriage guns.

Folio: 172

Date: 1757 January 18
Held by: The National Archives, Kew


Reference: HCA 26/3/125

Commander: Edward Browne.

Ship: Durrell Galley.

Burden: 70 tons.

Crew: 70.

Owners: John Durrell, James Lempriere and Edward Browne, all of Jersey, and Edward Carter of London.

Lieutenant: Thomas Button.

Master: Daniel Sauverin.

Boatswain: Philip Osborne.

Gunner: André le Croix.

Carpenter: Thomas Rendelle.

Doctor: Anthony Nicoll.

Cook: Claudius Empereur.

Armament: 12 guns.

Folio: 126

Date: 1696 August 26
Reference: HCA 26/9/35

Commander: John Brunet.

Ship: Revenge.

Burden: 50 tons.

Crew: 40.

Owners: Messrs John Anley and Company of Jersey, merchants.

Lieutenant: Daniel Nicoll.

Gunner: Thomas Comen.

Boatswain: John Croegner.

Carpenter: Thomas Le Gros.

Surgeon: Thomas ?Fanvel.

Cook: Francis Briard.

Armament: 8 carriage guns.

Folio: 36

Date: 1758 February 21
Reference: HCA 26/5/16

Commander: Charles Alexander.

Ship: Revenge.

Burden: 40 tons.

Crew: 40.

Owners: John Anley and Charles Alexander of Jersey.

Lieutenant: John Brunet.

Gunner: Noah Messeray.

Boatswain: Philip Huelin.

Carpenter: Charles Nicoll.

Surgeon: John Wilson.

Cook: Philip Vibert.

Armament: 4 carriage and 6 screw guns

Folio: 30

Date: 1756 June 10
Reference: HCA 26/3/102

Commander: Robert Slowley.

Ship: Goodfellowship.

Burden: 70 tons.

Crew: 60.

Owners: John Stephens, John Tupper, Peter Stephens, Nicholas le Pelly, Andrew Bonamy and Robert Slowley, all of Guernsey.

Lieutenant: Peter Bonamy.

Master: Michel Thomas.

Boatswain: John Parker.

Gunner: Charles Herival.

Carpenter: Aaron Guillam.

Doctor: John Browne.

Cook: Nicholas Nicolls.

Armament: 10 guns.

Folio: 103

Date: 1696 June 9
Reference: HCA 26/13/49

Commander: Edward Horne.

Ship: Martha Gally of Jersey.

Burden: 12 tons.

Crew: 25.

Owners: James Piper of Jersey, merchant.

Lieutenant: Edward Trivet.

Master: Moses le Brucque.

Gunner: John Amy.

Boatswain: Peter St Croix.

Carpenter: Henry Nicholls.

Cook: Thomas Smith.

Armament: 2 guns.

Folio: 53

Date: 1708 March 1