Newell from Poole

Poole, St James Parish Registers


19 Jan 1656/57 Mary NEWELL Dau of Stephen NEWELL & Susana his wife


23 Jul 1664 Oliver NOWELL Son of Oliver & Francis NOWELL


9 Apr 1678 James *KNO*FE? Alice FAWKNER (FAWLKNER)



19 Mar 1726/27 Thomas NEWELL Newfoundland Judith GOLD Poole


17 Dec 1733 Thomas NEWELL


8 Apr 1727 George MEARS a child



20 Jan 1679/80 Edward HOORE Elizabeth NEWIN


1 Jul 1683 Phillep NEWEN Jane SPRINGE


22 Aug 1658 Phillip NEWEN Son of Tobiatha NEWEN & Joane his wife


Children of John Newell of Christchurch Hampshire:

Sarah 1635

John 1637

Susanna 1641

Thomas Newell marries Joane Stride Fawley, Hampshire in 1683 many kids


Poole Residents:

1760 Wm Noel                                                                                  TDW.120.A

1779 James Newell, Timber Merchant                                           QSI.190

1771 Thos Knowles v Rbt Taylor                                                     CR.448

1774 Thomas Newell was an apprentice clerk for John Oliver (attorney) in Poole

1738 Aug 23, Jonathan Knowles married Sarah Chapelman  in Kingston

1787 John Newell assessment Lytchett. Minster

Whole list of resident notes

From Thomas Cole:


Will of Thomas Newell born Newfoundland in Poole: (1728)

Thomas III of Bonavista? No children in will so he seems not that old.

 (Thomas Newell was a shipwright employed by  the Lesters Co. in Trinity Bay. He returned from Newfoundland to Poole and marries Judith Gold)

In the name of God Amen. The twenty eight day of July one thousand seven hundred twenty eight. I Thos Newell shipwright do make and ordain ye my Last Will and Testament in manner and Form as following. That is to say I commit my Soule into ye hands of god in and through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Item I give Devise & bequeth all my chattles Rights Creditts and Estate whatsoever both Real and Parsonall wheresoever it Lyeth to my Dearly beloved Wife Judith Newell for her only Use to do as she thinks best with it.

Item I give to my Sister Eliz’th Pinchard one shilling.

Item I give to my Sister Grace Head one shilling.

Item I give to my Brother Benj’n Newell one shilling.

Item I give to my Sister Patience Ballett? one shilling. (Bayly?)

Item I give to my Brother Jno Faben? one shilling. (Fabian?)

Item I give to my Sister Sarah Faben one shilling.

Item I give to my Brother Step’n; Faben one shilling.

(Item I give him five shillings) I make my Brother Hen; Gould Executor in witness whereof I the said Thos Newell have hereunto put my hand and seal ye day and year first above written.

Thos Newell

Signed Sealed Published

and declared to be ye last

will and testament of ye

sd Thos Newell in ye presence of

Suzana Gould

Jam; Skott

Eliz; Skott

proved 1737?

24 Apr 1701 Henry GOULD Son of Roger GOULD & Susanna his wife

Goulds from Wimborne Minster???

Poole marriage:

22 Apr 1739 Thomas ROSE Sarah FABIAN

Bonavista 1675 = Salvage Pritchard Jonathan  wife 1 child. (Pinchard – Thomas Cole)

Barrow Harbour- (Barron? Harbour) = Bayly John

1708  William Pickering Account Books – Bonavista – Wm Pinchard

The Fabians were a family of Shipwrights from Hamworthy, Did Thomas’ mother, widowed marry into the family???????

Hamworthy is a parish¹ and village situated on a peninsula in Poole Harbour. The village is divided into Higher and Lower Ham and has also over time been referred to as Ham, Hamm, Ham Worthy, Ham Port, South Ham, and Southam. Both Hamworthy and Ham side were home to extensive ship-building yards and a quay. Hamworthy was for some time part of the Parish of Sturminster Newton & Lytchett Minster.


Will of Nicholas Fabian, Shipwright of Poole , Dorset

Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers

  • Date range:04 December 1771
  • Reference:PROB 11/973/6

Christopher Fabian born 1792, the youngest son of James and Mary Fabian was a shipwright

at Portsea

Fabian, Andrew, of Gosport, & Hannah Wright, of Alverstoke, 10 Dec, 1702.

1720 Andrew Fabian, shipwright,  placed bond for sisters marriage in Gosport, Hampshire

Fabian, John, of Gosport, shipwright, & Elizabeth Purdue, sp., 14 Oct., 1708.

Fabian, Robert, of Whippingham, shipwright, 21, b., & Ann Gilbert, of Portsea,

2 Nov 1611 Lease
1 Thomas Pawsonne, mayor of Christchurch, Joseph Frayle, William Colgill, Robert Waterhouse, Nicholas Gregorie, John Pittman, Christopher Fabian and Henry Hancocke, burgesses of Christchurch
2 Robert Leicester of Christchurch, butcher
1 to 2
Property: [as in DC/CC/D/1/23]
Term: 21 years
Rent: 6s 8d p.a.
Consideration: 30s

2 Feb 1665 Lease
1 Christopher Fabian, gent, mayor of Christchurch
2 William Reeks of Tuckton, Christchurch, yeoman, Simon Peeke of Pokesdown, Christchurch, yeoman, Henry Mantell of Pokesdown, Christchurch, yeoman and Richard Bugby of Avon, Christchurch, yeoman
1 to 2
Property: [as in DC/CC/D/14/1]
Term: 7 years
Rent: £14 p.a.

1595 Christopher Fabian of Christchurch, Twineham – shipwright paid 1o pounds to lease a garden from Thomas Handcocke in Poole for 99 years witnessed by John Fabian Sr.


Will of Henry Gold, Baker of Poole , Dorset

Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers.

  • Date range:26 July 1779
  • Reference:PROB 11/684/88

    Will of Mary Gould, Widow of Pool

    Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers. Will of Mary Gould, Widow of Pool. Date range:07 July 1737

24 Apr 1701 Henry GOULD Son of Roger GOULD & Susanna his wife

Goulds from Wimborne Minster???


Is William’s wife Elizabeth (nee Moores per Moores will???

By 1231 it was Kynestanton, then Kenstaneston (1326), Kinstanton (1407), Kynston (1662), Kingston How (1771) and to Kinson by 1800. 

Poole, Dorset will:

Newell William Great Canford – Yeoman 1746


The last will and Testament of me William Newell of Kinson in the parish of great Canford in the County of Dorset, yeoman, being in good health of Body, and of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding (thanks be to god for the same) as follows:


First I will that all such debts as I shall owe at the time of my death together with my funeral expenses shall be paid and discharged out of the personal estate that I shall dye possessed of.

All the real and personal estate (after my debts and funeral expenses are paid and discharged) that I shall dye _eized or possessed of, I give to my wife Elizabeth for her own use only, during the term of her natural life, provided she shall so long continue my widow.

Also I give devise and bequeath the dwelling house wherein I now live, with the garden thereto belonging, after the death of my said wife, for my daughter Betty Newell and her heirs. But I direct, that she shall permit and suffer her two sisters Mary and Ann Newell to live in and cohabit with her in the same house and have the use of the said garden thereto belonging in joint tenancy with her the said Betty until my said daughters Mary and Ann shall respectively be married.

Also I give and bequeath to my son John Newell and his heirs all my my real and Freehold Estate that I shall dye _eized of, to be by him and his heirs, held and enjoyed immediately from & after my said widow’s death or second marriage which shall first and next happen.

Also I give to my said son John his Estate in the Ketchers? which I am now in possession of by virtue of a mortgage to me thereof formerly made during all the estates and interest I now leave therein, to be by him also held and enjoyed, immediately from and after my said wife’s death or second marriage as aforesaid/

But I do hereby charge my said Freehold and mortgaged possessions with the payment of the sum of ten pounds to my said daughter Betty within one year mext after my said wife’s death or second marriage. And also with the payment of the sum of sixty pounds to be paid in like manner unto my said daughter Mary. And also with the payment of the sum of ffifty pounds to be paid in like manner unto my said daughter Ann.

And I hereby direct that after the death or second marriage of my said wife, all the personal estate that I shall dye possessed of (except the mortgaged possessions by me before given to my said son John) shall be equally divided between my three daughters Betty, Mary and Ann Newell part and share alike, And I do make and appoint my said son John Executor of this my said will. In witmess whereof the said William Newell to this my last Will and Testament, have set my hand and seal this tenth day of October, in the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred fforty six.


Signe sealed published and declared by the said William Newell as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who subscribed our names as witnesses hereto in his presence and at his request.


Wm X Newell (made his mark)

Jane Raven

Raw. Raven

Willm Leer?

Ketchers could be Ketchers Field near Alton where some Nowells are found?

Kinson info:


Children of Daniel & Ann Newell of KILMESTON,HAMPSHIRE,ENGLAND

Daniel 1698

Ann 1700

John 1702

Mary 1706

Richard 1710

Joseph 1713

1778, June 6. — Indenture, Mary Jubber of Wimborn Minster, Dorset,
widow, Thomas Jubber of Poole, merchant, and Joseph Gulston of Corfe
Mullen, Dorset, Esquire. Premises called The Grove and Orchard Close in
Corfe Mullen, Dorset. (Signed) Joseph Gulston. Seal. Wits., Eliz.
Oliver, Thos. Newell, elk. to Mr. Oliver, Poole.

Thomas Cole list from Poole:

more pool lists

Peter Thompson Merchant letters from Poole 1760:

Many Names of interest for Nfld.

Lots of Poole surnames:

out of date:

Christchurch mariners:

Some Harbour History:


List of the Burgesses of Poole 1 Janry: 1761


1          George Weston Mayor v             21         John Hyde

2          Richard Weston P A                              v22       Richard Weston Jnr P

3          John Lester A v                                      23         Thomas Wise Senr P v Dead

4          Wm Wise A v died 1762                          24         Thomas Wise Junior v Dead

5          Aaron Durell A died 16:mar. 1761)           25         Christor Jolliff v

aged 50                 )         26         Wm Spurrier

6          Wm Jolliff A v died Aug 1762)                   27         Ian? Strong v

aged 64               )               28         David Durell P v

7          Geo: Tito A                                            29         Wm Wise Jnv

8          Geo: Hyde A v died 11. May 1763)          30         James Wise v

aged 58                  )      v31       Thomas Wise the Younger

9          Sir Peter Thompson v                             32         Thomas Tite v

10         Benjamin Jennings v S                           33         Peter Jolliff v)

11         Martin Wadham P v S                            34         Christor Jolliff )v

12         Richard Gleed S v                                  35         James Jolliff   ) sons W.J.

13         Richard Sutton S v                                 36         Fabian Spurrier

14         Joseph Wadham P S v                           v37       Saml Bowles died 1762

15         Isaac Lester S v                                     v38       John Bowles

16         John Henning P v S                                39         Joseph White Senior v

17         Thomas Strong S v                                 40         Saml White Senior v

18         Peter Jolliff senr S v                                41         Joseph White Junior v

19         John Green Sheriff v                               42         John Rolls v

20         Saml Weston P S v


43.        Benja Lester                               v64       Robert Young

  1. George Olive                              65         Abra: Williams P v dead
  2. Wm Newnham v                          66.        Joseph Shutt P v
  3. John Pike v                                67.        Richd Gleed Junior v
  4. Stephen Morris P v                     68.        Thomas Dean v

48.        Thomas Gleed v                         69.        Roger Parmister

  1. Edward Allen v                          70.        John Butler v
  2. John Hooper S v                         71.        Richd Kirby
  3. Moses Hooper v                         72.        Wm Launder v

52.        Saml Clark v                              73.        Wm Knapp

  1. John Clark died 30 June              74.        Tho. Durell

1761 aged 83.                            75.        James Allen

  1. Wm Milner Senior v                     76.        Francis Daman P
  2. Wm Milner Junior dead                77.        Wm Phippard ded
  3. John Skinner S v                                    78.        John Bird v

57.        Benj: Wadham v                                    NB.       those mark’d v are abroad

  1. John Jones P v died 1762                                   those mark’d S  served   Sheriff
  2. Wm Shoot died mar                                those mark’d A aldermen

1761     at London                                  those mark’d P placemen

  1. Peter Shoot v

61.        Thomas Bird Senior v

62.        Thomas Bird Junior v

  1. Christor Spurrier v



Out Burgesses


1.        Thomas Hyde v

2.        John Jennings

3.        Wm Phippard v P

4.        Wm Daman v

5.        Step. Stainsmore

6.        R.H. Geo. Dodington Esqre made Peer in Mar: 1761  Died in 1762

7.             Meach Esqre

8.        Jos. Gulston Esqre v

9.        James West Record

10      Geo: Trenchard Esqre v

  1. John Trenchard Esqre      v
  2. Thomas Trenchard Esqre v
  3. Jn: Trench: Bromfield Clk v
  4. Thos. Missing Esqre v
  5. Wm Rickman Esqre v
  6. Henry Penton Esqre Kill’d by a fall from his horse in Aug: 1762
  7. Thos. Godfrey v
  8. Thos. Erle Drax Esqre v

19                     Burrard Esqre v

  1. Bury Skutt v
  2. Thos. Wyndham Esqre
  3. Edw Seymour Esqre
  4. Sr Abra. Jansson .. dead
  5. Sr Richd Lyttleton

25.        MichlFrancklyn   abroad

  1. Jos. Guston Junior  do.   a minor
  2. Jocelyn Pickard Esqre  v
  3. Thomas Calcraft Esqre made 25 Mar: 1761 & elected M. Parl

that day