Le Gros/Le Grow

The Le Gros name appears at either end of Conception Bay. We see it in Bauline and in the Adam’s Cove/ Broad Cove/Small Point area as well.

Bauline’s recorded history begins in the 17th century as a summer fishing
station for English West Country fishermen. Colonial Office records (CO
1/35, 150) show that in 1675 two planters-Richard White and Richard
Coome-with 4 male servants were occupying Baline Cove.

Local oral history (Bruce 5-8) has it that a family of Gatheralls originating from the island of Jersey were the first permanent settlers, arriving in the late 18th century. In Jersey there is an early Gabourel – Balleine marriage in 1718.

The original permanent settlers came to Bauline for the summer fishing season from the communities of Broad Cove, Blackhead and Lead Cove, located on the western shore of Conception Bay. The first permanent settlement began in Bauline around 1800. Family names which are common in Bauline today include those of the original settlers such as Whalen, King, LeGrow and Butler. It looks like this migration would have included Butt and Nicholle ancestry as well.

It is a scribble but I think this may be William LeGros written on this 1708 Carbonear document provided by David Pike:


William is not a common first name in the Le Gros family.

Baptism 07 Sep 1679 Guillaume Le Gros Son Guillaume Catherine Le Couteur
  St Lawrence
Baptism 24 Jul 1681 Guillaume Le Gros Son Guillaume
  St Lawrence

The Le Gros family seems to be closely connected to the Clement family of St Brelade and NF.

Check the Clement page.



A Post from Wayne Perkins:

Here is the same type of information on Legrow, my eariest Legrow ancestor is John Legrow who died at Broad Cove ca 1773. In Al Beagan’s notes was found the following observation: “Bauline is from Baleine, a village in the Jersey island, which it strongly resembles.” The marriage of Thomas LeGros and Catherine Balleine 9 September 1658 was recorded in St Lawrence/St Peter, Jersey. The Legrow’s of Bauline were among its earliest settlers and perhaps knowledge of this marriage may have influenced the naming of Bauline on Conception Bay


List of the Officers in Newfoundland, commissioned October, 1709.

*St. Johns:

John Collin, Governor. Edward Sheppard Lieutenant Governor. John Jenkins, Major. William Roberts, Gilbert Jeane, John Marshall, John Cock, John Eleat, William Bowles, Richard Tapley, Captains. Thomas Squarry, Jonathan Martin, Henry Parker, James Prosser, Thomas Roberts, Samuel Nicks/Neck, Giles Goss, John Julian, Robert Bowles, Stephen Dann, Lieutenants. Daniel Ranes, Robert Willicot, Charles Coaker, Joseph Newham, Thomas Hawkins, John Martin, Rowland Martin, Richard Boden, John Richardson, Abraham Barrott, Ensigns. Isaac Legros, Surgeon. William Squarry, Master Gunner.

Baptism 31 Jan 1674
Le Gro Daughter Isaac
 St Lawrence



Elizabeth—Sloop—–ELIAS LE GROS

Jane——–Do.———–JOHN LE GROS.

The story of a Jersey collier in 1745


Thomas Ruck fonds

Most of his trade was concentrated at the ports between Torbay and Bay Bulls.

July 28, 1720 & September 30, 1720

George Grofs or Cross (maybe Le Croix)

Sept. 11, 1720

John De Grace ???????

Baptism 09 Jun 1667 George Le Gros Son Thomas
  St Lawrence

There is a documented early connection to the Noels as well:

08 JAN 1676 Josue Le Gros Jeanne Noel
 St Lawrence



Commander: Thomas Soberall.

Ship: Lumley Galley.

Burden: 40 tons.

Crew: 50.

Owners: Thomas Pipon, Edward Browne and James Lampriere of Jersey, merchants, and Thomas Soberall.

Lieutenant: Edward le Gros.

Gunner: Richard le Sobirell.

Boatswain: Gabriel Boinett.

Carpenter: John Seuret.

Cook: John le Gross.

Armament: 8 guns.

Folio: 101

Date: 1708 September 1



Commander: Thomas Sebirall.

Ship: Lumley Galley.

Burden: 40 tons.

Crew: 50.

Owners: Edward Browne, Francis Drake and James le Balley of Jersey, merchants.

Lieutenant: Edward le Gros.

Gunner: Richard le Sebirall.

Boatswain: Gabriel Bennett.

Carpenter: John Sevret.

Cook: John le Gros.

Armament: 8 guns.

Folio: 139

Date: 1708 December 9



Commander: Clement le Montais

Ship: Carteret Galley

Burden: 10 tons

Crew: 20

Owners: Joshua Lempriere, Abraham Carteret and Edward Brown of Jersey,

Lieutenant: John Gibean

Boatswain: John le Gros

Carpenter: John Mason

Cook: John Perchard

Armament: small arms

Folio: 10

Date: 1709 March 17

Commander: John Legros.

Ship: Success.

Burden: 90 tons.

Crew: 100.

Owners: John Stevens and Noah Tilner of London, merchants.

Lieutenant: John Smith.

Gunner: John Hurt.

Boatswain: Edward Fuller.

Carpenter: Samuel Jones.

Surgeon: Philip Evans.

Cook: William Stanfield.

Armament: 12 carriage and 12 swivel guns.

Folio: 92

Date: 1744 May 8
Reference: HCA 26/4/101

Commander: Elias le Gros.

Ship: Princess Augusta.

Burden: 120 tons.

Crew: 100.

Owners: John Simpson, John Cookson, John Towers and Jonathan Clerke of London, merchants.

Lieutenant: Francis Balmsby.

Gunner: Thomas Cook.

Boatswain: John Butler.

Carpenter: Abraham Boyd.

Surgeon: John Hall.

Cook: Andrew Newen.

Armament: 12 carriage and 14 swivel guns.

Folio: 125

Date: 1744 May 30
Reference: HCA 32/106/11

Captured ship: La Dorade: master Charles Vimont or Vincent.

History: a French ship (160 tons, 15 men, formerly the English merchant ship Alexander, captured and condemned at Guadeloupe), bound from Guadeloupe to Nantes, laden with sugar, coffee and cotton; taken on 10 April 1745 by the privateer Princess Augusta (Elias Le Gros commanding), and brought into Fowey.

Documents: allegation, 3 examinations, 26 ship’s papers.

Date: 1745

Commander: John le Gros.

Ship: Industry.

Burden: 40 tons.

Crew: 50.

Owners: Thomas Dentory, John Mauger, Edward Luce and John Dean of Jersey.

Lieutenant: Abraham Chevallier.

Gunner: John Putron.

Boatswain: Philip Falle.

Carpenter: James Martell.

Surgeon: Samuel Feazer.

Cook: Mathew Hall.

Armament: 8 carriage and 8 swivel guns.

Folio: 131

Date: 1744 June 2



Commander: Robert Barbier.

Ship: Phoenix.

Burden: 120 tons.

Crew: 120.

Owners: ?Lucy Weston and John Auley of Jersey and Messrs. John le [?] and Noah le ?Cres of London, merchants.

Lieutenant: Daniel le Preven.

Gunner: Thomas Nicoll.

Boatswain: Annice Lempriere.

Carpenter: John le Gros.

Surgeon: Nathaniel Nelson.

Cook: Hugh Butcher.

Armament: 16 carriage guns.

Folio: 34

Date: 1756 June 10



Commander: George Messeray.

Ship: Delawar.

Burden: 12 tons.

Crew: 20.

Owners: Charles d’Auvergne of Jersey and James d’Auvergne of London.

Lieutenant: John le Selleur.

Gunner: Daniel Paque.

Boatswain: John ?Grueby.

Carpenter: George le Gros.

Surgeon: John Thomas.

Cook: Matthew le Geyt.

Armament: 2 swivel guns.

Folio: 33

Date: 1756 June 10



Commander: John le Gros.

Ship: Sarah Galley.

Burden: 200 tons.

Crew: 60.

Owners: James Pipon, Peter Meyer and Company of London, merchants.

Lieutenant: Philip le Gros.

Gunner: John Tompson.

Boatswain: Thomas Martin.

Carpenter: Robert Jennings.

Surgeon: Richard Andrews.

Cook: John Ling.

Armament: 20 carriage guns.

Folio: 59

Date: 1756 June 11



Commander: William Solby.

Ship: Blakeney.

Burden: 150 tons.

Crew: 100.

Owners: Charles de Carteret and Thomas Priaulx the younger of Guernsey.

Lieutenant: David le Gros.

Gunner: Peter Ogier.

Boatswain: Charles Maitland.

Carpenter: Jeremiah Johnson

Surgeon: Andrew McIntosh.

Cook: Peter le Roy.

Armament: 14 carriage and 20 swivel guns.

Folio: 138

Date: 1756 August 24

Commander: Thomas Howard.

Ship: Barnevelt.

Burden: 150 tons.

Crew: 15.

Owners: Robert Barnevelt and Theyer Townsend on London, merchants.

Lieutenant: James Morris.

Gunner: Peter Stevens.

Boatswain: James Lavie.

Carpenter: John Jennings.

Surgeon: James Smith.

Cook: Thomas le Gros.

Armament: 8 carriage and 12 swivel guns.

Folio: 134

Date: 1756 August 19

Commander: Philip le Vescoute.

Ship: Onslow.

Burden: 120 tons.

Crew: 90.

Owners: Nicholas le Fevret and Company of Guernsey, merchants.

Lieutenant: William le Mesurier.

Gunner: John Loyd.

Boatswain: Edward Bacon.

Carpenter: John Harris.

Surgeon: Nicholas le Mesurier.

Cook: John le Gros.

Armament: 10 carriage and 16 swivel guns.

Folio: 33

Date: 1757 February 17



Commander: Richard Draper.

Ship: Northumberland.

Burden: 240 tons.

Crew: 150.

Owners: William Hamond of London, merchant.

Lieutenant: Edmund Catlin.

Gunner: John Birch.

Boatswain: Thomas Jones.

Carpenter: James Johnson.

Surgeon: James Mitchell.

Cook: Philip le Gros.

Armament: 18 carriage guns.

Folio: 130

Stricken through and subscribed”Void”.

Date: 1757 November 26



Commander: John Johnstoun.

Ship: Lee.

Burden: 300 tons.

Crew: 25.

Owners: James Russell and John Johnstoun of London, merchants.

Lieutenant: William Smith.

Gunner: John Thomas.

Boatswain: Thomas Bristow.

Carpenter: James Fuller.

Surgeon: Philip le Gros.

Cook: Andrew Phillips.

Armament: 8 carriage and 6 swivel guns.

Folio: 159

Date: 1757 January 8



Commander: Richard le Quesne.

Ship: Phoenix.

Burden: 160 tons.

Crew: 140.

Owners: John Auley of Jersey and Lucy Westow of Guernsey, merchants.

Lieutenant: Danial Speire.

Gunner: Thomas Nicolle.

Boatswain: Amos Lempriere.

Carpenter: John le Gros.

Surgeon: Nathaniel Nelson.

Cook: Charles Flurry.

Armament: 20 carriage guns.

Folio: 172

Date: 1757 January 18

Commander: Thomas Watson.

Ship: Union.

Burden: 40 tons.

Crew: 25.

Owners: Alexander Read and Thomas Leathwait and Company of London, merchants.

Lieutenant: Jonathan Jones.

Gunner: Tobias Wall.

Boatswain: Thomas Blunder.

Carpenter: James Mathews.

Surgeon: William Smith.

Cook: Philip le Gros.

Armament: 6 carriage and 12 swivel guns.

Folio: 58

Date: 1757 September 17

Commander: William Cowan.

Ship: Fox.

Burden: 100 tons.

Crew: 100.

Owners: Peter Taylor, James Johnson, John Calcraft and James Plunkett of London, merchants.

Lieutenant: Richard Everdell.

Gunner: Michael James.

Boatswain: Thomas Smith.

Carpenter: William Johnson.

Surgeon: Robert Viney.

Cook: Philip le Gros.

Armament: 18 carriage and 16 swivel guns.

Folio: 175.

Note that the Oliver Cromwell received a similar commission

Date: 1757 July 11

Commander: John Geffrard.

Ship: Minerva.

Burden: 160 tons.

Crew: 120.

Owners: William Patriarche, Thomas Lempriere and John Hue of Jersey, merchants.

Lieutenant: Richard Seward.

Gunner: John Gibeand.

Boatswain: Philip le Gros.

Carpenter: William Chizlewell.

Surgeon: Thomas Mackintosh.

Cook: Thomas Littleton.

Armament: 14 carriage and 16 swivel guns.

Folio: 50.

Note that the Judith and Charles received similar commissions.

Date: 1757 September 7

Commander: Philip Winter.

Ship: Prince William.

Burden: 160 tons.

Crew: 140.

Owners: Gideon Villeneufe, Philip Robin and Elias Le Gros of Jersey, merchants.

Lieutenant: Thomas Robin.

Gunner: Richard Le Cras.

Boatswain: James Luce.

Carpenter: William Mayne.

Surgeon: William Ellis.

Cook: Alexander Hudson.

Armament: 14 carriage and 12 swivel guns.

Folio: 22

Date: 1758 February 9

Commander: John Brunet.

Ship: Revenge.

Burden: 50 tons.

Crew: 40.

Owners: Messrs John Anley and Company of Jersey, merchants.

Lieutenant: Daniel Nicoll.

Gunner: Thomas Comen.

Boatswain: John Croegner.

Carpenter: Thomas Le Gros.

Surgeon: Thomas ?Fanvel.

Cook: Francis Briard.

Armament: 8 carriage guns.

Folio: 36

Date: 1758 February 21

Commander: Thomas Darby.

Ship: Levant.

Burden: 300 tons.

Crew: 120.

Owners: John Noble of Bristol.

Lieutenant: James Lambert.

Gunner: William Hartley.

Boatswain: Thomas Austin.

Carpenter: William James.

Surgeon: Thomas Slater.

Cook: Philip le Gros.

Armament: 28 carriage and 12 swivel guns.

Folio: 101.

Note that the Fancy received a similar commission.

Date: 1758 April 18



Commander: Philip le Blancq.

Ship: Saint Anthony.

Burden: 31 tons.

Crew: 28.

Owners: John le Gros and Mathew Gosset of Jersey, merchants.

Lieutenant: John Vinedut.

Gunner: John le Blanc.

Boatswain: Elias Manger.

Carpenter: Thomas le Gros.

Surgeon: John Vomerell.

Cook: Edward Vellett.

Armament: 2 carriage and 4 swivel guns.

Folio: 76

Date: 1759 July 14



Commander: Robert Cook.

Ship: Roast Beef.

Burden: 130 tons.

Crew: 60. .

Owners: Nicholas Dobree of Guernsey, merchant.

Home port: Guernsey.

Lieutenant: Thomas Harrison.

Gunner: James Thunder.

Boatswain: John Wall.

Carpenter: Thomas Noble.

Surgeon: Nicholas Slater.

Cook: Peter le Gros.

Armament: 12 carriage guns.

Folio: 82

Date: 1759 July 22



Commander: Laurence Alier.

Ship: Hawke.

Burden: 27 tons.

Crew: 21.

Owners: John Ansley, Daniel ?Mesadry and Abraham Gosset of Jersey.

Home port: Jersey.

Lieutenant: Edward Snow.

Gunner: John Blampied.

Boatswain: Philip le Couteur.

Carpenter: George le Gros.

Cook: John Enoff.

Surgeon: John Forbes.

Armament: 1 carriage and 4 swivel guns.

Folio: 96

Date: 1759 August 27



Commander: Noah Gautier.

Ship: Duke of Richmond.

Burden: 31 tons.

Crew: 20.

Owners: Matthew Gosset and John le Gros of Jersey, merchants.

Home port: Jersey.

Lieutenant: Thomas Labbey.

Gunner: John Beison.

Boatswain: Thomas le Gros.

Carpenter: Peter Lewis.

Cook: John Sauce.

Surgeon: John Forbes.

Armament: 6 swivel guns.

Folio: 127

Date: 1759 November 21



Commander: John Kirby.

Ship: Lively.

Burden: 10 tons.

Crew: 20.

Owners: Abraham Gosset of Jersey, merchant.

Home port: Jersey.

Lieutenant: John Lewis.

Gunner: Thomas Phillips.

Boatswain: John le Gros.

Carpenter: Thomas Inhoff.

Cook: John Lawe.

Surgeon: Richard Turner.

Armament: 4 swivel guns.

Folio: 166

Date: 1760 April 26

Commander: Philip Mauger.

Ship: Prince Ferdinand.

Burden: 110 tons.

Crew: 70.

Owners: Alexander Gosset, Matthew Gosset and John le Gros of Jersey, merchants.

Home port: Jersey.

Lieutenant: Aaron Gally.

Gunner: John Luce.

Boatswain: Peter Labey.

Carpenter: Thomas Brown.

Cook: John Smith.

Surgeon: Charles Forbes.

Armament: 10 carriage and 10 swivel guns.

Folio: 171.

Note that the Unicorn and Swan received similar commissions.

Date: 1760 May 23

Commander: William Carey.

Ship: Dragon.

Burden: 250 tons.

Crew: 30.

Owners: John le Gros and Noah le Bras of London, merchants.

Home port: London.

Lieutenant: David Simon.

Gunner: John Sari.

Boatswain: James Browad.

Carpenter: James Roberts.

Cook: John Wood.

Surgeon: Patrick Watson.

Armament: 16 carriage guns.

Folio: 7.

Note that the Hero received a similar commission

Date: 1760 July 10

Commander: Richard le Quesne.

Ship: Royal George.

Burden: 40 tons.

Crew: 40.

Owners: Messrs Dobrees and others of Guernsey, merchants.

Home port: Guernsey.

Lieutenant: Joseph Bishop.

Gunner: Philip le Gros.

Boatswain: John Smith.

Carpenter: Edward Dorry.

Cook: Thomas Same.

Surgeon: John Ross.

Armament: 4 carriage and 12 swivel guns.

Folio: 156

Date: 1760 March 21



Commander: Edward Snow.

Ship: Earl of Albemarle. .

Burden: 30 tons.

Crew: 32.

Owners: Abraham Gosset of Jersey, merchant.

Home port: Jersey.

Lieutenant: Thomas Enough.

Gunner: Edward Saveret.

Boatswain: John Blampy.

Carpenter: Elias Le Gros.

Cook: John Thomas.

Surgeon: Edward Turner.

Armament: 4 carriage and 6 swivel guns.

Folio: 84

Date: 1761 March 21

Commander: James Blair.

Ship: Dragon.

Burden: 250 tons.

Crew: 25.

Owners: John Legros, Noah Legrace of London, merchants, and Samuel Wilson of Westminster.

Home port: London.

Lieutenant: James Wellyby.

Gunner: James Donn.

Boatswain: John Lewis.

Carpenter: Robert Thompson.

Cook: John Cook.

Surgeon: Collin McPherson.

Armament: 16 carriage guns.

Folio: 128

Date: 1761 October 21

Commander: Thomas Seymour.

Ship: Fame.

Burden: 220 tons.

Crew: 40.

Owners: Joseph Haines of New York and Thomas Seymour.

Lieutenant: John Anderson.

Gunner: Thomas Waterman.

Boatswain: John Aimwell.

Carpenter: James Fuller.

Surgeon: Thomas Jones.

Cook: James Legros.

Armament: 12 carriage and 30 swivel guns.

Folio: 165

Date: 1756 September 10