King & Le Gros Family

17 Aug. 1779

Richard Edwards

Charles Garland, J.P. Harbour Grace

A property dispute between David King and Mathew Rain. Mr. Garland is to determine the outcome



June-Sept. 1721 (taken)

12 April 1722 (received and read)

William Carley, William Dymond, John Fulken, J.Diamond, John Moor, Abraham Fifield,Kidder, Roger Dench, John Borden, Samuel King, and more


17 Bonds for £500 not to take away any men away to New England. “The condition of this obligation is such that if the bonden [name here] shall and do well and truly depart this land with only such men as really and bonafide belongs to the said [name of ship here] and were the complement he brought from [place of origin here] to this place or unless it be such as shall be permitted by Capt. James Stewart Commander of His Majesties Ship Winchester then this obligation to be void or else to remain and abide in full force and virtue.”


4 Sept 1749

Gov. Rodney (St. John=s)

Justices of the Peace George Garland and William Pynn (Conception Bay)

Rodney response to petition of John Trimlet of Bergus regarding violent abuses committed by James Poor, Edmund Redmund, and Thomas King (Servants of John Pike). They are ordered to appear in court on Sept 15th, 1749. The Justices of the Peace are required to apprehend the accused and bring them to court. A copy was also sent to those required to testify

14 Sept 1750

-Gov. Drake (St. John=s)

John King (Conception Bay)

Summoned to appear in Court at St. John= s (wages due)

The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1776

24 February 1677. The following apprenticed in Bristol: Robert Cripps
to Abraham King, 5 years Newfoundland by Jacob; George Capp to John
Snow, 4 years Barbados by Batchelor. (BR).


Settling an early dispute in Ferryland – A fishing Admiral??????

15 September, 1708
… Hartland
Thomas King, admiral

Amiss King Bideford? 1707

William King Bideford 1708

John Kinge 1650

See some matching with the King surname. Al Beagan had some early notes on this family from a contrtibutor:

It is also my guess that the Butts, Kings and Knights have some early close associations. I have many King/Butt marriages but not many Knight/King or Butt/Knight marragies for the Black Head, Broad Cove families.

The first Butt and King to arrive in this area were William Butt and Willam King. Both were recorded by the Fishing Admiral as being in Broad Cove in 1750 (K Matthews Files). I believe they came “down the shore” from Carbonear. Willam Butt may have had at least 3 children: William, Thomas (my ancester) and George. This is based on scant evidence.

William King and wife Elizabeth had at least 4 children: John, William, Edward and Frances. From Williams will I know that not only did he have these children but 3 of his brothers had moved to Broad Cove and were living at the time he died (abt 1828): Thomas, James, and Edward.

Now I am speculating on the last name of William King’s wife. As I have noted William had four children that I can document. John, William, Edward and Frances.

When I saw the information on the Gibbb’s home page that cited a card (cited by you below) about uncle John and aunt Fanny (King), I was convinced this was a possible clue to a Knight connection as they shared a Grandfather Knight. One important way that this could be is if “grandfather Knight’s” daughter had married William King. Obviously we would need much more documentation to be substantiated.

” I have no lineage for any Knights other than that reputedly on a card written last century from the Isle of Jersey to Alfred Erling King (my NF relative as noted below), signed “your cousin C. Knight”, in which card it is stated about my NF Kings: “The Kings were Jersey men”. The same card refers to “Uncle John”, “Aunt Fanny”, and “Grandfather Knight”.

May be a very different family but I have the same named children however for William King of Broad Cove not Edward as Gibbs states.

If Gibbs is correct it is very possible that William’s brother Edward may have given his children the same names as did William (not so uncommon a thing in NFLD as you must know.) Ah so much is a mystery. sue

Mauger, Joshua (1725-1788) Letterbook 2 (Nova Scotia)

Mauger to James Le Ray, Guernsey. p. 8: 3 August 1763


Some Notes from Guernsey Parish records

St. Andrew marriages 

4 Oct 1663* Daniel Le Roy and Marie Mauger

5 Oct 1664* Sr Jean Martin and Caterine Renouf

29 Dec 1658* Pierre Le Re’ and Marguerite Dennis, of the Town

25 Oct 1677* Mons Jean Martin, Rector of St. Andrews Church, and Catherine

24 Apr 1684* Josue Le Roy, Castel, and Rachel Vocourt

22 June 1682 Thomas Moullin and Susanne Le Roy Peter Le Roy Journel

Church records of Vale, Guernsey

15 Mar 1617 Pierre Le Roy and Ann Brett,Pierre Le Roy Journal

20 Oct 1659 Anthony Breton and Ann LeRoy Pierre LeRoy Journal

8 Jan 1684 Pierre Martin and Marie Hamelin

19 Jan 1710/11 Etiene Martin and Judith Falla

1 May 1712 Helier Bisson and Perotin Martin

St. Saviour, Guernsey

16 Jan 1694 Pierre Le Ray, St. Pierre and Judy Blondel

20 Aug 1695 Etienne Le Ray and Marie Vidamour, of St. Pierre
7 Nov 1695 Jean Nouell and Colete Lorens
7 Nov 1695 Charles Torode and Marie Le Ray


24 Apr 1737/8 Nicolas Le Roy and Jeanne Moulin

Novembre 8  1724

Daniel Le Ray, et Thomasse Rabay de la ville epouserent par mes mains, ladite ayant été présentee par son oncle Nic[?rest missing] [?start missing]abay de St Martin

Decembre 6 1724

Jean Rollignol[?] de la Ville et Collette Le Roy[?]epouserent par mes mains, ladite ayant été présentee par Phillippe Tourgis

83 Guillaume Le Geyt[?blurred], fs Nicolas de cette paroise & Rachel Mollet de l’Isle de Serk, ont été mariés ensemble avec licence dans cette eglise le 28 Mai 1789

Daniel Brouard married Marie le Tocq at the Castel (ducatel being of the
CAstel) 25 Oct 1788. Daniel was the son of Thomas brouard s/o JAmes & Marie Martin d/o Nicolas who were married 24 Apr 1758 at the Castel also.

Church records from Forest, Guernsey

30 June 1728 Daniel Le Ray,St. Pierre,and Elizabeth Mollet, dau of Jean
Mollet of Forest

18 Aug 1728 Isaac Gallienne and Sara Martin, of Torteval

11 Oct 1729 Jean Noel, father Daniel, Marie Le Page, both of Forest

2 Feb 1731 Jean Le Ray, son of Mathieu, St. Pierre and Marguerite Langlois
father Nicolas,

10 Dec 1732 James Martin and Marie Allez, Forest

26 Aug 1733 James Le Ray, this village, and Elizabeth Naftel

22 Oct 1733 Daniel Le Ray, St. Pierre, and Marie Rabey, St. Martin

1841 census 

John Martin (b.abt 1769 Guernsey, Channel Islands) Forest, Guernsey

Town Church, St. Peter Port,

**654. Henry fils de Daniel Le Roy & de Rachel OLait sa femme. Dont Daniel
Henry & … Le Mesurier ont ete paraines. Et Jeanne Mansel Mareine. Ledit
Henry ne le Mercredy 26 fevrier: Et battise le Dimanche 14 Mars 1668/9.

  1. le R. Les Tilleuls (C) Pierre Le Roy (1600-1675) Castel Schoolmaster and Diarist.

Josuè Le Roy, 1646-1709, youngest child of Pierre Le Roy, the diarist

Le Rey/Le Ray/Le Roy/Le Roi-Guernsey

From: “Juliette Hargetion” <>
Subject: Le Roy, Le Rey or Le Ray?
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 23:22:22 -0000
Hi Larue and Peter,
A small piece of information which will be of interest to you both about the
Le Roy family, I came across a statement in the St. Saviours Church
registers a few years ago, I think it was in the marriage register for 1707.
This four page statement in brief says that the children of Jean Le Roy and
Marie Dorey, with different surnames of Le Ray, Le Rey and Le Roy were all
his children, I can not name them, as the photo copy I took at the time, has
gone faint in parts, and I do not wish to make a mistake with their names.
So you never know Larue I think their is a strong chance you may be related
to Pierre Le Roy after all.
Good hunting,

From: Larue Olsen <>
Subject: Le Roy family
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 20:14:21 -0700
Has any one done any research on the Le Roy family that I could
contact. I have a Guileome Le Ray married about 1702 to Elizabeth
Naftel. They had two children in Torteval, Guernsey.
Daniel chr 17 Dec 1704 and my ancestor Nicolas chr 20 July 1707 who married
Rachel LePage 20 July 1750 in St. Andrew, Guernsey.

From: “Paul Leroy” <>
Subject: les landes and des moullins problem
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 13:46:46 +1100
I have decided to bite the bullet and start trying to sort out my Guernsey
Le Roy family once and for all. It is difficult as there are so many Pierres
born around the same time and sorting them out is a real battle. I have
however ended up with a line of descent from Pierre Le Roy (1600-1665) that
splits into two streams. One is a Le Roy family styled des Moullins and the
other one is les Landes. Thats OK but what does it actually mean to be
Pierre Le Roy des Moullins or les Landes? Does it signify an area, house of
farm? Would a son carry on the with the same description or was it used
simply to differentiate between two Pierre le Roys? I have a Josue Le Roy
(1646-1709) who owned a house in the Landes in 1685. Later on Josue Le Roy
(1733-1791) is described as les Landes. Would it be feasible to expect that
they are related? There are a lot of possibilities and anyone who is expert
in the this area would be a great help.


Paul Le Roy

From: “Peter Guilbert” <>
Subject: Re: Le Roy family
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 20:54:05 +0000

Care needed, the Le Ray family of the SW of Guernsey may well have been
named after the area known as L’Eree and pronounced leray. The Le Roys were
from the North of the island.



From: Paul Leroy< >
Subject: Le Roy/Hamon/Guille
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 1997 12:11:09 +1000
Does anyone have any connection to the Le Roys of Guernsey? My Le Roys =
have been on the Island at least since about 1510 and the name has been =
mentioned in Guernsey Assizes from 1309. Pierre Le Roy (1600-1665) wrote =
a diary with details of his family and some of the day to day events of =
the Islands which has been very useful and from him to the modern Le =
Roys. The parish records were also used to put together a picture (far =
from complete and always getting updated) of the Le Roy family. I am =
always adding new names to my database which includes a lot of other =
families apart from my own (approx 10,000 names at the moment). I would =
like to hear from anyone that has some Le Roy names in the family from =
the Channel Islands. I am sure that we would both profit from an =
exchange of information.
Paul Le Roy
Portland, Victoria

I have a record of a Nicolas Martin, son of Pierre, who on 9th May 1568 was a godparent to Elizabeth Le Maistre. I think the same Nicolas was also a godparent in 1578 to Abraham Le Maistre