15 Sept 1759

Gov. Edwards (St. John’s)  Nicholas Fiott (Harbour Grace)

Ordered to pay the rent owed to Nicholas Journeaux for the plantation.

27 Sept 1760

Gov. James Webb (St. John’s)

Charles Garland, Esq. and Justice of the Peace (Harbour Grace)

Nicholas Fiot shall act on all the articles in the agreement between himself, Nicholas Journy, and Peter le Cronia (in favour of Fiot). Fiot must pay all the rent due to Journy or have his effects restrained as payment.

The Journeaux’s seems to have owned land next to the Thistles in Harbour Grace.

Plantation Record ca 1805:

988 North side of Harbour Grace

Amy Thistle (possibly nee Pynn, widow Thomas) 81 yds. from E. to W. bounded on the E. by the Pynn’s Plantation on the W. by Journeaux’s Room 275 yds. from the N. bounded on the N. by her own woods


James Juir, 35 yds. from E. to W. bounded on the E. by Amy Thistle on the W. by Henry Pynn 134 yds. from H.W.M. to the N. bounded on the N. by John Stritton 8 Houses 8 Gardens.

Some discussion here:

miscellaneous documents – 1 of the Juers was his son-in-law

Clements John from Juer Nicholas & John

Clements John from Juer James

Journeaux, whose extensive properties came under the control of his son-in-law, Dr. John Mayne;

Jewer (alt. Jure, Gore, Juer), whose property was subdivided and sold by James Bailey, who had married one of the Jewer daughters.

“Among the tombstones in the old churchyard behind the Anglo-Telegraph Office, is one very large one to James JUER, who died in 1754.”

Baptism 05 Aug 1722   Jeanne Journeaux/Journeaulx

Daughter James & Marie Whitel (Whittle?)

St Martin, Jersey

Baptism 07 Feb 1725   Marie Journeaux/Journeaulx Daughter James & Marie Whitel

St Martin, Jersey

Baptism 31 Aug 1729   Philippe Journeaux/Journeaulx

Son James & Marie Whitel

St Martin, Jersey

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