Greely/Greeley/Le Gresley

Seary, in “Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland” asserts Greeley is a possible variant of Le Gresley. He reports a family tradition of Joseph Le Grizzly from the Channel Islands, who settled at Ladle Cove. He also notes early instances Elias Graley at Portugal Cove in the 1794-5 census, and a John Grealy, of Hibb’s Hole, 1783 (possibly Jean and Elie Le Gresley baptised 1757?) (JM)


Sep 27 1774 St. John’s Phillip LeGRAISY Mary PECOE (?PICCO), Pouch Cove

Le Gresley and Picot

328 26 Sept 1765 Gov. Hugh Palliser, Jonathan Horsnaill (St. John’s) Edward Johns (Broad Cove) must pay out of the wages due to his servant Nicholas Grealy the stated sum to John Gale for damages.

The first settler at Lance Cove is believed to have been an Englishman named Greeley, a name no longer found among present-day residents although there are a number of Greeley families at Portugal Cove.

The grandfather, Jean Le Gresley, in these baptisms would have been in NF where his son Jean Jr was born about 1732.

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Le Gresley

Le Gresley