Nicholas Fiott & Remon Family

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Born in St Saviour in 1704, he was the youngest son of Jean and Catherine Ahier. He went to sea, but settled on dry land as a merchant after marrying Anne Dumaresq, daughter of Edouard and Anne de Carteret, in 1740.Nicolas Fiott, as a merchant, was one of Jersey’s largest employers in the 18th century, but it is for his long-running dispute with the island’s heirarchy that he is better known.

He traded with Newfoundland and opened a large trading station on Ile Percée Bay. By 1764 he was described by the Principals of St Helier as “one of the principal merchants of this island, who employs as many, or more, people in his services by land and sea as any other person in the island”.



DeQuetteville HG

We the underwritten Subscribers, being the Principal Merchants in Harbour Grace & the Supporters of the Trade in Conception Bay, having seen the annex’d Petition, declare that we verily believe there are nothing but facts represented in it & that we all are sufferers in many respects through the said Lawce Coghlan & that he is a very unfitt Person for a Justice of the Peace as well as a Missionary, being Ignorant of the Laws of his Country & a Person of no Education, & pray that he may be Silenc’d or remov’d.

Given under our Hands at Harbour Grace this 26th day of August 1771.

Elias Vibert

Nichs Fiott  
Robert Gray  
Pet. Du Heaume  
George Davis  
Willm Lilly
Jno.  Le Geyt  
Jno. Alcock  
Jno. Cox  
Thos. Danson  
Willm LeMaistre

Baptised 21 Jul 1706 Nicolas Son of Jean (St Saviour)

15 Sept 1759

Gov. Edwards (St. John’s)

Nicholas Fiott (Harbour Grace)

Ordered to pay the rent owed to Nicholas Journeaux for the plantation.

27 Sept 1760

Gov. James Webb (St. John’s)

Charles Garland, Esq. and Justice of the Peace (Harbour Grace)

Nicholas Fiot shall act on all the articles in the agreement between himself, Nicholas Journy (Journeaux), and Peter le Cronia (Le Cronier or Le Cornu??) (in favour of Fiot). Fiot must pay all the rent due to Journy or have his effects restrained as payment.

7-18 Sept 1754

John Lloyd (Carbonear)

Petition of Catherine Thistle regarding the encroachment on a plantation by Capt. Foitt.

The sons of Jean de Caen and Rachel Neel, Jean (born 1738) and Edouard (born 1740) are listed as Captains on ships owned by Nicholas Fiott, ranging from privateers to trading vessels in the cod fishery between Jersey, Newfoundland, the Gaspe and ports in the Caribbean, South America and Europe. By the middle 1750s John Fiott became a partner with Charles Robin, another St Ouen man, and Jean de Caen found himself working for Charles Robin & Co.

By 1804 Fiott had exited Harbour Grace. It is possible he flipped his properties there to John Clements. Clements also had a Northside HG property.

Nicholas Fiott:
these are probably ships he captained and some descendants I guess:
Index to Lloyd’s List Marine News 1740 – 1837
Personal name Ship name Date Action
Fiot Willingmind 01-04-1754 View
Fiot Mary-Ann 19-02-1760 View
Fiott Sarah 15-09-1761 View
Fiott Tartar 12-01-1762 View
Fiot Tarter 30-03-1762 View
Fiot Hartwell 14-08-1787 View
Fiott Ariadne 24-08-1804 View
Fiott Lady Francis 24-10-1806 View
Fiot Lady Francis 19-12-1806 View
Fiott Queen 09-10-1818 View
Fiott Retrench 18-07-1820 View
Fiott Retrench 23-07-1822 View
Fiott Retrench 15-10-1822 View
Personal name Ship name Date Action
Fiatt Molly 06-05-1757 View
Fiatt Sarah 16-12-1760 View
Fiatt Willingmind 09-06-1761 View


  • Fiott, Edward – (1749, son of Nicolas, Master of his father’s vessel Willing Mind 1766-74, Tartar 1774-1778. Tartar (600 tons) 1779-1780
  • Fiott, John – Adventure 1737
  • Fiott, John – Elizabeth 1778, Alarm 1780, Adventure 1803, also Tartar 1764
  • Fiott, Nicolas – Alligator’ 1812
  • Fiott, Nicolas – (1704, died 1786 unmar, Charming Nancy 1734, ‘Charming Betty 1759-63

1793 Fiett & Co owner of Success                                   Lloyds Reg (Extract)


Elia—Sloop——–PETER FIOT.


Bill of Exchange, dated Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, June 2, 1767, forty days sight draft, given by John Fiott for Nicholas Fiott & Co. on De Gruchy & Le Breton, merchants, London, to William Lilly of Salem, Massachusetts for 13 Pounds, 13 Shillings.

Essex Institute Historical Collections, Volume 48.  Essex Institute Press, 1912 – Essex County (Mass.)  Page 74.

Letter sent from Paspébiac by the Robin, Pipon & Co. to Mr. DeGruchy & Fiott of London

August 11, 1777 and November 11, 1777  and over 150 business documents:
The Gentleman’s Magazine, London; Vol 16.  December, 1746.  Page 696.
The “Terra Nova”, Captain Fiot, from Newfoundland for Guernsey, carried into St. Maloes.

Ship: General Conway    Capt: Contauche Charles  From: Jersey

Owners:     Fiott John, Remon Edward, Villenson John, Fiott Nicholas, Conteur Phillip Le, Gruchy Phillip de


Surprize    Capt: Le Couteur Edward From: Jersey

Owners: Fiott Nicholas, Remon Edward, Villeneufue John, Gruchy Philip de, Fiott John

Ship: York      Capt: Remon James     From: Jersey
Owners: Trott Nicholas, Remon Edward, Gruchy Philip De, Trott John

Ship: Bennet    Capt: Remon Laurence From: Jersey
Owners: Ripon Thomas, Ripon James
The Fiotts had a vast interest in shared privateer ownership which can be seen on this page:

14-04-1744 Thomas Snow. Willing Mind . 40 tons. 70 James Romon and Company of Guernsey, merchants. 6 guns.

Mrs Jeanne Fiott (1732-1784)
Little is known of Mrs Fiott other than she received a musket ball in the shoulder while looking out of her window on the first floor of her house in King Street. She was the youngest daughter of Edoaurd Remon and Judith Jean of St Lawrence and was born on23 December 1732. In June 1772, Jeanne married her brother Jacques’ business partner, Nicholas Fiott of St Saviour following the death of his first wife, Anne Dumaresq.

30 JAN 1726 Pierre Remon Elizabeth Fiot
53    St Peter
11 MAY 1729 Abraham Remon Elizabeth Fiot
(St J) (St P)
57    St John
17 JUN 1772 Nicolas Fiott Jeanne Remon
(St H) (St L)
72    St Lawrence



The Merchant Triangle in Transition: Managing the Cod Fishery…….

The entire Robin operation in Cape Breton,
outside of Arichat, thus appears to have directly employed about 20 men. This
staff represents a very small fraction of the estimated 8,200 people working in the
Cape Breton fishing industry at the time,43 but it is important to remember that the
number of individuals supplying fish to the Company would be much greater. The
ledgers indicate that about 550 individuals in Eastern Harbor and Chéticamp had
accounts with the Company in 1891.
Irrespective of its make-up, the most critical aspect of managing the workforce
was ensuring that the firm had adequate access to fish. In a letter to Jersey at the
start of the 1891 season,44 Le Montais related the following:
All the crews for our barges both here and at Chéticamp have agreed to comply
with our arrangements for the coming season. They deliver us the fish at $1.00
per hundred pounds off the knife. Last week have called a meeting of our dealers
outside of those who are in our barges. This hard crowd formed a combination and

Table 2: Company Personnel – Permanent and Seasonal
Eastern Harbor
Philip Le Montais  Agent
Philip John Fiott     Book Keeper
John Camiot     Clerk
George Le Brun Agent
Percy Huelin     Book Keeper
Alfred Briard     Clerk
Edward Le Brocq     Foreman
Walter de La Cour     Carpenter
Philip Le Gros     Blacksmith
Adolphus Henry     Cook
John Tanquier     Invalid
Big Pond
Thomas Le Brun     Agent

1786 James Poingdestre writes from Honduras to John Fiott regarding the shipping of wood to Great Britain and the purchasing of a boat. Captain Poingdestre in command of the “Harriot” of 150 tons arrived back in Jersey from the Colony in 1789 with another fine cargo of mahogany destined for London.

Privateering could prove a lucrative venture. The accounts record the proceeds accumulated by the prizes captured by the vessels of John Thoreau. In one particularly successful spell with the capture of ten prizes, Thoreau’s share amounted to 231,870 livres, of which 1,159 livres was paid to the Jersey Chamber of Commerce. Members such as James Pipon, Francis Janvrin, John Villeneuve and Edward Remon are recorded as having accrued similar fortunes in the early account book.

(Jersey Heritage senior archivist Stuart Nicolle)

 Jacques/James Remon, god-parent to William Snow, baptized Nov 4, 1663.
Lloyd’s List, July 7, 1752, edition.
Arrived in Newfoundland, from Jersey, the vessels:
“Sally”            Captain Remon
.Early in August 1744, the Industry, Captain John Le Gros, a 40-ton Jersey privateer carrying eight guns, as many swivels and a crew of 50 when she had set out on her first cruise six weeks earlier, returned home. She brought with her one prize, L’Aimable Catherine (Guillaume Tallie), a small brigantine of about her own size which she had taken two leagues south-west of Belle Isle.
When the Industry had been commissioned as a privateer her stated owners were Thomas Denton, her armateur or ship’s husband, Jean Mauger, Edward Luce and Jean Dean; ownership was divided into eight shares, the other four in the partnership were Philip Le Tocque, Jean Poingdestre, Thomas Remon and another Jean Le Gros, not the captain.
ND7:846, ND8:1055, British ship, Capt James Renown, captured by Americans, recaptured by British Phoenix, 1777.(ND3:404, this may be vessel of Capt James Remon.)
James Remon, Agent and part Owner of the Brig, “Duke of Argyle”, 1803.  In the Newfoundland Fishery.
Lloyd’s List, Jan 17, 1777, edition.
Arrived at Jersey, from Newfoundland, the vessel “Industry”, Captain Remon.
Arrived at Jersey, from Cadiz, the vessel “Resolution”, Captain Le Maitre.
Seale 0261 J. Seale to Mr. Remon? Jnr. Probably April 1773 or rather later

Captain Horton brought favour for which thanks. He is now returning Sale of rents & the rest of J.S.’s estate in Jersey. J.S. leaves decision to Mr. Reman? J.S. concerned about rents.


  • Remon, Edward – Industry 1785
  • Remon, James – Triton 1778
  • Remon, Jean – York 1782
  • Remon, Laurens – Le Solide 1790-92
  • Remon, Thomas – Dandy 1826
Remon Charming Nancy 23-10-1753 View
Remont Lerf Valont 23-05-1758 View

Good info on the Remon Family here:

James M Remon, 1825-1904, is buried at St Paul, Percé.

Moses Remon. From Jersey to Paspébiac about 1801, as employee of Robin, to Percé about 1805.

James Remon. From Jersey to Newport about 1814, as owner of “Betty Jane” and “Nancy”.

James M Remon. From Jersey to Percé about 1842, as merchant and postmaster at Grande-Rivière. Married Elisabeth Tostevin.

Thomas E Remon. From Jersey to Pabos about 1846, to Grande-Rivière and Pandite-Rivière as merchant and postmaster. Married Geneviève Blais.

Thomas Remon, to Grande-Rivière in 1881, as merchant. Married. Born in Jersey in 1829.

George Remon. From Jersey to Anse-à-Beaufils about 1826. Married Jane Baker.