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Ref no 12145/121
Title Lease for 99 years or 2 lives from Sir John Wintour to George Meredith : roofless messuage & land at Breachyate, occup. Thomas Davies, following surrender (at manor court) by Meredith. With suit of court, manor of Wick and Abson.
Date 1630 October 20
Level Item
Access status Open


Ref no 206/3a
Title Counterpart feoffment, William Filer and John Wickham to John Hix, Thomas Edwards and Richard Davis
Date 1651 Feb 3
Description Messuage, land etc in Abston
Level Item
Extent 1 item

1677  Fishing Ships –  Captain Sir Robert Robinson, of HMS Assistance


The Jacob, Bristol, British, Thomas Edwards

Ref no 12145/126
Title Conveyance (Bargain and Sale) by Thomas Stevens to Richard Davis and Parnell his wife : messuage built by John Ponter & land at Holbrook, and at Holbrook Hill.
Date 1656 September 16
Level Item
Access status Open
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(See BRO 12145/66-7)
Ref no HA/D/295
Title Covenant to levy a fine between John Carpenter and wife Elizabeth, Thomas Iles and wife Dorothy and Sarah Kitchen, spinster (daughters of Robert Kitchen descd and co-heirs of Mary, dau. of Abel Kitchen descd) to Samuel Franckome, Richard Davis al. Taylor and Thomas Tucker
Date 1654 January 2
Description messuage called the Splotts, situated under Toghill at Doynton, with lands
Level Item
Extent 1 item
Access status Open
England Deaths and Burials, 1538-1991
Name: William
Gender: Male
Burial Date: 23 Jun 1666
Burial Place: Bedminster, Bristol, England
Father’s Name: Richard Davis

lost 4 children that summer


the will above was of Thomas Davyes. Thanks SR.


……..the church stood over the Westgate, one of the original entrances to the medieval city, which became known as St Leonard’s Gate. This medieval church was one of many in the congested streets of the old city. It stood at the foot of Corn Street, where it is crossed by St Stephen’s Street,
Thomas Davies and Walter Stevins are listed as a Bristol Merchant Adventurers in 1618.

Martin Pring explored New England 1602/3. Also was master of Sea Bright of Bristol to Guyana 1612-3.  Merchant Adventurer in 1623.

Thomas Davie was a Bristol member of the Spanish Company of English merchants set up in 1605. So was John Guy.

George Davis, a cooper, seems to have died at Cooper’s Cove in 1613. Prior to that it looks like he made the trip to Bristol’s Hope:

the following link broken…..

From Seary:

William Davis (Davies in 1677), of Musketto Cove (now Bristol’s Hope),

The George Davis name seems to have persisted in the Mosquito area.

George Davis signed this 1708 Carbonear document provided by David Pike:

A 1756 bill of exchange to Pike & Green written in Carbonear:

Davis Pike Green

This researcher indicates Davis was an agent for Pike and Green (very bottom of page):


Was this a Newfoundland George Davis who was patron of a church in Forest, Guernsey?



Is this indicating an early Noel- Davis family connection?

Harbour Grace record:

Davis, Jane Noel 30. Oct. 1781 William & Anne Davis

It looks like the Harbour Grace Noels have a later link to the Davis family via the Taylor family.



Shortis Mosquito

Although the diary seems to indicate George himself did not fare well……

“George Davis died of the Scurvie, and after him Edward Garten, Edward Hartland” John Tucker, and one and twenty were sicke (most of the Scurvie) the whole Colonie was sixtie two. February wasd in March, the rest recovered.”


By 1675 there were six planters living at Carbonear. The Berry Census compiled in that year lists Henry Pynne, his wife and six children; William Bradley, his wife and four children; Jonathan Edwards, his wife and one child; Jonathan Guy Sr., his wife and five children; Jonathan Guy Jr. and his wife; and Richard Windsor (age 80 years) all living there. By 1677 the population had expanded to include Joseph Parsons, his wife and 6 children; Roger Burt (Butt???), his wife and five children; Charles Davies and his wife; and Abraham King. Between them these planters employed 107 servants and owned 14 dwelling houses, 12 gardens, 24 boats, 70 cattle, 48 hogs and 22 sheep.

Name: Charles Davis
Spouse’s Name: Katherine Jones
Event Date: 02 Jul 1668
Event Place: St Michael’S, Bristol, Gloucester, England
258 Daviee Jo Davie had a dau Eliz;1608 Dartmouth SS.
265 Davies Owyn Davis m1648 Dartmouth SS.
398 Davis Nath, elr Had a son Math 1642 Dartmouth SS.


363 24 Jan. 1706 (rec’d & read) Davis, Strange, Buck, Darracott and 10 others Lords of Trade Bideford merchants want a fort built at Ferryland


566 20 Sept. 1706 John Davis (St. John’s) Sworn in the presence of Underdown. Jackson was drunk and cursed against Capt. Richards.

17 Dec. 1720

Mr Gledhill (Placentia)


The seal fishery produced 170 tons of oil. The fishery is much hindered by pirates. The late storms have done much damage to the small fishing boats as well as the entire loss of the Hercules, Capt. Portal of 250 tons drove on rocks of St Mary’s and lost. Capt. Davis’ ship lost off Renouse in a fog, Capt. Reneul of the Tereza of St. Malo 120 tons lost off St Mary’s, the Captain and 2 men drown. The Betty gally with Capt. Lydston laden with provisions and clothes for this garrison lost 19 Oct. off Trepassey. The Sea Flower which was sent to bring in provisions lost; the Betty galley lost her anchor and ran ashore but was saved in St. Mary’s Bay. Two open boats full of Indians seen from the island of Saint Peter’s.

Aug.-Sept. 1737

Lee, Hopkins, Prole


[Enclosed with above] Series of 9 bonds. Solomon Lombard, Solomon Davis, Daniel Goreham, Elisha Mayo, Obed Hussey, Bethuel Gardiner, Ruben Kiley, Sylvanus Allen, Thomas Howes.

2 Aug. 1744 Traders and inhabitants of little and great Placentia and the boatkeepers in adjacent harbours Gledhill [enclosed with above] “To the governor and commander in chief of His Majesties Island of Newfoundland.” They are asking for better protection and in a P.S. write: “The privateers cruising on the Western Coast off Cape St. Mary’s we take to be at present the only security to our fishery.” Signed by approx. 40 names ( Roach, Travers, Mercer, Rowland, Clark, Barnes, Green, Browning, Davis, Williams, Pardey, etc.)

June 20-25, 1765 Alex Sabot, Maherine (or “Maturin”) Josette, Francois le Moin, Gabriel Bournier, Thomas Sperin, Philip Charpentier, George Lacey, Peter Dorey, John Davis, and nine French fishermen Hugh Palliser This is a series of affidavits and declarations, all in French and enclosed with Palliser’s correspondence of 16 July below. Most of the declarations are by French fishermen operating out of St. Pierre, though some declarations (Sperin, Lacey, Dorey& Davis) are by residents of Great St. Lawrence, and Oderin. They describe in great detail the practice of the French to overwinter in Bay D’Espoir (at Rattling Brook, Great Jervis, and Conne River) primarily to repair fishing boats, build schooners, cut cargoes of wood to take back to St. Pierre, and hunt. John Davis declared that “the Bay of Despair is the best Place upon this Coast for Timber for Building, and upon which the Fishers upon this Coast mostly depend for Building Boats, &ca.”

24 Oct 1767 Gov. Hugh Palliser, Jonathan Horsnaill (St. John’s) Justices, Sheriffs, Marshals, Constables, and Officers, especially Charles Garland and Jonathan Parsons, Marshal at Harbour Grace Arrest Jonathan Pike, William Lilley, and George Davis, now likely in Harbour Grace or Carbonear. They are to appear before the court on the stated date to answer for sundry complaints made by many poor fishermen who have served on fishing voyages in Conception Bay, been refused their wages, and are now unable to return home. A note to also proceed in the like manner against Captain Hugh Roberts.A number of fishermen are left in Conception Bay without their due wages and in distress. The disputes between the boatkeepers, merchants, and receivers of the produce of the voyage, Jonathan Pike, George Davis, William Lilley, and Hugh Roberts, about the payment of the wages cannot be heard until next season. Garland and Parsons are to arrest and detain the boatkeepers, and Pike, Davis, Lilley, and Roberts until the fishermen are taken care of. On 02 Nov 1767 Michael Gill reinforced the order to Garland and Parsons. [see p 79-80]

Over the course of the Queen Ann’s War (1702-1713), the residents sent a number of letters to St. John’s asking for more help, but St. John’s, which was under attack itself did not help. In March 1705, the French came to Carbonear and they found the settlers had moved to Carbonear Island. William Pynne and George Davis bravely defended the area from Carbonear Island. By 1709, William Pynne was military governor of Carbonear, with his son, William, as one of his lieutenants.


Name: William Davies
Residence Place: Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 1636
Christening Date (Original): 04 SEP 1636
Father’s Name: William Davies

William Davis 1654

William Davis l (Sr?) of Ferryland planter in 1647; owed debt of £228 to John Partridge of Salem in 1676.

In 1648 a William Davis of Ferryland owed a debt to Charles Dobson. James Davis also there seemed to have a similar debt. Provided by DA.

Davis Seary

A blog with some Davis info

Robert Davis was a master with Sir Humphrey Gilbert in 1583. He was from Bristol.

John Davis sailed from Falmouth with 2 ships 1585 and 1586 seeking the Northwest Passage. He was a famous Dartmouth sailor.



Mar. 28, 1697

John Davie, Bideford

Rich Usticke

Letter giving permission to fishermen bound for Nfld on his (Davie) ships may fish from his ships.


Letter in Support of Capt. John Moody’s
Defense of St. John’s against the French

George Davies

Tobias Davis



13 Sept 1753

Gov. Bonfoy (St. John=s)

Phillip Vibert

– Vibert ordered to appear in court to answer complaint that wages were not paid to William Jones and Thomas Davis

30 Aug 1758

Gov. Edwards (St. John=s)

Debtors of George Davis (Conception Bay)

Ordered to pay the debt owed to Davis.


03 Oct 1765

Gov. Hugh Palliser, Jonathan Horsnaill (St. John’s)

George Davis is required to pay the wages due to James Hanagan’s servants. He is to appear before Daniel Burr, Esq. or Justice Garland to know the balances to be paid. If Mr. Pike refuses to be accountable for the payment of Hanagan’s servants’ wags, the sale of fish and oil to Mr. Davis is approved.

3 Aug. 1775


Granting Mr. George Davis of Carbonear possession of the premises at Chappel’s cove belonging to John Ferry, who has abandoned it, going to the American Continent, until such time as the said Ferry repays his debt of £126″6″6.


23 Oct. 1778

John Montagu

J.P. Conception Bay

William LeMartre is required to pay the debt owed to George Davis by John Burn as it appears in the contract signed in the presence of Mr. Durell surrogate of the Governor.


14 Oct. 1777

John Montagu

Charles Garland, Robert Gray, J.P.s Conception Bay

George Davis of Carbonear claimed that Charles Carrot, who while looking after Mr. Davis’ house, committed “many and great depredations.”


27 July 1779

John Rogers, St. John’s

Richard Edwards

John Davis had taken a boat from the stage head. Seventeen American prisoners were also on board. The boat was retaken the same day.


27 Sept 1779 Richard Edwards Charles Garland J.P. Harbour Grace George Davis of Carbonear has complained that Minden [?] Stolesbury has refused to pay him for provisions & necessaries advanced at the beginning of the season, and in fact has turned “the produce of His Voyage” over to John Malloney of Harbour Grace. Garland is instructed to force Stolesbury to pay Davis what is owed him.

20 Sept. 1780

Richard Edwards

Charles Garland, J.P. Harbour Grace

George Davis is ordered to pay Charles Carrol the barrel of pork which he is owed.

10 Oct. 1780

Richard Edwards

At the courthouse, William Bowden, John Meardon, and William Clancy, complained that they agreed to work for Wilt Davis but that Mr. Davis, instead of curing their fish, claimed some of it was spoiled and threw it away. Alexander McDonnell and William Oliver, shoreman to Mr. Davis, acknowledged that this was true and Mr. Davis was ordered to pay for the fish that was thrown over board.

13 Aug. 1782

George Davis

A dowry that Mr. Davis will give to Mary Bramscombe provided she becomes his wife.

Edward Davis 1695 Ferryland

an 1652 letter of Philip Davies of Ferryland

Richard Daves Ferryland 1709


Daves Richard

resident of Ferryland living on Bouys Island who wrote Governor Dudley of Massachusetts in May, 1709, thanking him for relief received from the Hope, commanded by Captain William Pickering; these people had probably taken refuge on Buoys Island as a result of the French threat;

Davis, Edward

arrived at Ferryland in 1694 and was informed of Capt. William Holman’s fortifications at Ferryland and of Holman’s repelling of French attack that same year;

Davis, John

one of a number of merchants of Bideford who petitioned the Board of Trade on January 21, 1706 to have fortifications built at Ferryland;

Davies, Philip (also Davis, Daves) (born 1605)

1628-1652 Ferryland planter; deposition taken at Ferryland, 24 August 1652; she is not aware that Calvert had any power to collect imposition from fishermen; heard second Lord Baltimore say that Calvert had not spent more than £1,200 at Ferryland [where did she hear this? when?]; Calvert had no more than 20 boats and some stages; 1673 boatkeeper and head of household at Ferryland; inhabitant of Ferryland in September 1673, when Governor Lovelace enumerated inhabitants who had lost their commodities, stores, cattle household goods, etc. to the Dutch;

Davis, William I (also Davies, Daves)

Ferryland planter in 1647; owed debt of £228 to John Partridge of Salem in 1676;

60) 1163 F/L 60 1739 Indenture of Lease (Dartmouth)  between a. Feoffees and b. Thomas Davis, mariner.

Considn: That the dwelling house has fallen down to the ground and Rent:5/- that Thomas has new built same at his own expense. Descrn: House & garden bounded by

– house of John Pillar on N

– house of Susanna Row on S

– Street there on E

– Above Town on W.

Term: 99 years on lives of Thomas Davis, Grace his wife & Thomas Davis, mason, son of Griffith Davis of Pembroke, husbandman.

20/3/1746: Endorsed on back, with mark of Thomas Davis – ‘In consideration of £6.6s he has surrendered the lease to John Batiford