Curnew/Le Cornu/Le Cronier/Cornish

Contrary to or in concert with the Jersey discussions below there seems to be a DNA link to southern England.
from a paper by Gordon Hancock at MUN
Jerseymen were found fishing mainly in Conception Bay, and some of them settled in communities such as Harbour Grace, Bay Roberts, Brigus, Cupids, Port de Grave, and Portugal Cove. Their descendants today can be recognized from such distinctive surnames as Anthony, Besson, Curnew, Fillier, Gushue, Greeley, LeDrew, LeMessurier, Nicole, Picco, Perchard, Renouf, Tippett, Vey, and Vokey. Most of these patrilines were established in Conception Bay before 1775.
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LeMassurier had Curnew from Quenault

The Curnew name is possibly from Le Cornu

Le Cornu was a Jersey trader known in Harbour Grace in the 1700’s.
This is a minor mentions.
Article 3
A Le Cornu was also definitely trading later,
Captain Le Cornu of ship Young Peggy running from Jersey to the Gaspe 1831.

The following is an account of the public meeting held, with the amount of money raised for the erection of the Court House and Gaol in 1807:—

“At a meeting of the magistrates and merchants in the District of Harbour Grace, in Conception Bay, in order for raising a subscription, &c., for the purpose of building a Court house and Jail in Harbour Grace, it was fully resolved that the sum of twenty shillings be levied on every thousand quintals of fish catched and shipped off in Conception Bay; and each merchant holds himself responsible for the amount of the collections as annexed to his name, which sums the said merchants are to be reimbursed by levying the sum of two shillings on every hundred quintals on each person or planter of whom they receive the said quantity of fish, which the magistrates hereby give the authority to do.

“And it is further resolved, that every servant employed in the fishery is to pay one shilling for every ten pounds wages, the same as the last season ; and that all publicans, shop-keepers, coopers, and persons not carrying on the fishery, shall pay respectively as follows :—Every shop-keeper, the sum of one guinea and-a-half; every cooper carrying on his trade on his own account, the sum of one guinea; every publican not carrying on the fishery, the sum of one guinea  and such other persons that are employed in the fishery, the sum of half a guinea. And it is also further resolved, that all chartered vessels that shall load in Conception Bay, and not belonging to the merchants as their own property, that each vessel so chartered shall pay the sum of ten shillings and sixpence for one season only.

“(Approved of)
“Chas. Garland, J. P.,
“Wm. Lilly, J. P.,
*Ls. Amad, Anspach, J. P.,

“Oliver St. John, Secretary.
“Harbour Grame, 22nd June, I807.’’



The first article 1806 Cornish
Cornhill Elizabeth Richard & Elizabeth   19 Dec 1819 6 May 1818 Carbonear   HG st Paul’s   207
Slade Ledgers FOGO 1783-1792
Capt George Cornish 

May 18, 1744 edition Lloyd’s

A French ship 250 Tons, bound for Newfoundland, is taken by the “King William”, Captain Cornish, bound from Bristol; on a privateering Cruise, and for Newfoundland.


Nov 15, 1791, edition. Lloyd’s

Arrived at Poole, from Newfoundland, the vessel “Stag”, Captain Cornish.

I think this muddies the waters.  Cornish was a common name in Devon.
I think the Martin article on the other hand would definitely be Le Cornu.

27 Sept 1760

Gov. James Webb (St. John’s)

Charles Garland, Esq. and Justice of the Peace (Harbour Grace)

Nicholas Fiot shall act on all the articles in the agreement between himself, Nicholas Journy (Journeaux), and Peter le Cronia (Le Cronier or Le Cornu??) (in favour of Fiot). Fiot must pay all the rent due to Journy or have his effects restrained as payment.

A Pierre Le Cronier married a Le Geyt which was another HG trading name.

Ships leaving Harbour Grace 1792

Oct ? 1792
P. Le Cronier ?
Stocton 1787
Peter Le Cronier

October ? 1792
P. Dubbol ?
Gaspe ( no year given KB )
Peter Le Cronier & Co
Personal name Ship name Date Action
Cornish King William 18/05/1744 View…
Cornish King William 15/06/1744 View…
Cornish Tyger 10/02/1748 View…
Cornish Titsworth 13/09/1748 View…
Cornish 01/07/1757 View…
Cornish John and Elizabeth 02/09/1763 View…
Cornish Maria 08/01/1768 View…
Cornish, John (late master) Elizabeth 11/06/1782 View…
Cornish Trelandvean 15/06/1790 View…
Cornish Trelandrean 18/03/1791 View…
Cornish Trelandvean 29/01/1793 View…
Cornish Crown 19/12/1794 View…
Cornish Sarah 10/11/1801 View…
Cornish Peggy 26/10/1802 View…