I get a lot of DNA connections linked to Mint Cove and Northern Cove in Spaniard’s Bay. One of the families in that area is Chipman. The Plantation record:

William Chipman 200 yds. from E. to W. bounded on the E. by the woods on the W. by Robt Brown 80 yds. from H.W.M. to the N. bounded on the N. by the woods. 1 Stage 1 Flake 2 Houses 3 Gardens …1798…

I was intrigued to see that there seem to be Chipmans in Jersey. A lot of Jersey roots in this particular area. William Chipman is an early planter. I am curious what the oral history of this family might say……

Some Jersey records:

There is a connection between The Snow family and the Chepmels in Jersey:



Thomas Snow Sr is likely associated with the Port de Grave area. I could find no marriage record in Jersey. Possibly they were married in NF.

Large view:



Seary –  Chipman 1706 (CO 194.24)???????

Owen Chipman:

A Genealogical Study of the Chipman Family of Spaniard’s Bay. 1 January 2007. (Second Revision). By. Howard Warren

Reference: HCA 26/17/46

Commander: John Gruchy.

Ship: Pembroke Galley.

Burden: 90 tons.

Crew: 60.

Owners: John de Grave, Peter Stevens, Nicholas Pelley, Peter Prinx, William Dobrey, James Carey, John Someris, Nicholas Tooms and John Gruchy.

Lieutenant: Peter Harris.

Gunner: John Burton senior.

Boatswain: Peter Oliver.

Carpenter: John Chipman.

Cook: Elias Pollet.

Surgeon: Elias Joyfull.

Armament: 12 guns.

Folio: 47

Date: 1702 July 1
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Reference: HCA 26/16/9

Commander: John Shoesmith.

Ship: Good Society.

Burden: 25 tons.

Crew: 35.

Owners:Edward Browne and James Lempriere of Jersey, merchants.

Lieutenant: Philip Shoesmith.

Gunner: Edward Javerni.

Boatswain: Thomas Chipmell.

Carpenter: Philip Shea.

Cook: Joseph Delam.

Armament: 10 guns.

Folio: 10

Date: 1711 August 31
Held by: The National Archives, Kew

An early Poole, Dorset reference:


1645    James & Constance,      Studland, Dorset         Chip’s Capt        CI.5      (Ship’s?????)


Name Judeth Chipman

Event Type Christening
Event Date 25 Aug 1644
Event Place Studland, Studland, Dorset, England
Father’s Name James

Name Judith Chipman, daughter of James Chipman, {from OPC records}
Event Type Burial
Event Date Jun 1647
Event Place  Studland, Dorset, England

Name James Chipman, Sr  {from OPC records}
Event Type Burial
Event Date 31 Jul 1653
Event Place  Studland, Dorset, England