Brown Family of Harbour Grace

This Brown Family was from Jersey and originally Le Brun.

From DA
Trinity, 1681.  Visiting vessels.
            Martin, Jersey, British, John Le Brown – Fishing Admiral.
another early Le Brun a Guernsey privateer:
31-05-1711 Charles le Brun. La Chasse . 200 tons. 130 Edward Salmon, Godfrey Minshull and Dennis Godier of Guernsey, merchants.
245  4 July 1705? Shepheard, Dolliffe, Browne, Eyre, Brooke, Cock, Renew, Brooking, Torriano, Hodges, Campbell [enclosed with above] “Copy of the proposal of Newfoundland Merchants.” The preservation of the colony in Newfoundland. In winter, the inhabitants are without military and civil regulations and are exposed to French attacks. They propose to choose among them one chief magistrate and one or more constables. Other instructions and procedures are laid out in relation to the founding of a judicial system in St. John’s, Consumption, Trinity, and Bonavista. More store houses should be prepared in St. John’s.
A Captain Maurice Browne sailed with Gilbert on one of the later voyages in the 1580’s.


Seary – John Browne, of Petty
Harbour, 1677, 1682 (CO 1); John Brown,
inhabitant of Newfoundland, 1704 (CO 194.3);
Madam, of St. John’s, 1720-45 (B.M. Carew);
Edward, of Placentia, 1725 (CO 194.8); 1725
(CO 194.8); William, ? of
Harbour Main, 1750 (CO 194.12);

1717 These Channel Islanders, in this year, were involved with the Newfoundland trade and fish business, Seale, Patriarche, Chevallier (alias Knight), Chastray, Denton, Orengette, Janvrin, Carteret, Dean, Pipon, Lempriere, Auley (or Anley?), Le Bailly, Nicolle, Messervy, Marett, Maugier, Brown, Touzell, Martell, Seward and others.” (A. C. Saunders, co. Jersey Bulletin)

NR:426, CTP:179, 243, LCP:220/221, LM CT galley, 2 guns, 35 men, Capt George House, 2 Jul 1781 (Record 800).The next day there was another Letter of Marque for the same galley, Capt Peter Brown/Brunn, Jr, 3 Jul 1781 (Record 830), who took one prize; then later for Capt Aaron Meech, Nov 1781 (Record 839), who took three coasters, but lost them to recapture, and he had to abandon and scuttle his own vessel.

Letter sent from Paspébiac by Charles Robin & Co. to Captain John LeBrun September 7, 1784

In 1711 there was a Captain Edouard Le Brun married to Magdelene Bouton. He may be the one referred to above. He does not appear to be related to the HG Browns.

11 MAY 1687 Edouard Le Brun Magdelaine Bouton
2    St Lawrence

Guernsey Privateers

1692   Browne, Edward – privateer captain, Two Brothers

17-03-1709 Richard Pipon Prince Eugene Galley 75 tons 80 Edward Browne of Jersey, merchant and John Saumeries and Matthew Saunders of Guernsey, merchants 14 guns
13-12-1711 Samuel Peraud. Union Galley. 35 tons. 50 John Villeneufe and Nicholas Allos of Guernsey, Edward Browne of Jersey, John Pye of ‘Yalmouth’ and Captain Samuel Peraud. 16 guns.
Captain Jacques Lempriere, Captain Edouard Le Brun, Captain Jean Mauger, and Captain Noé Le Cras, have been, at the request of Jean de Carteret, Seigneur of Vinchellez de Haut, to Greve de Lecq to view the area for the most convenient place to make a harbour for the use of local people and other navigators.  March 28th 1713       L/C/47/A/363 Archives

Testament of Edouard Le Brun. Dated 28/06/1721    D/Y/A/5/80

Philip Brown, “native of Jersey”, buried in Harbour Grace 20 December 1775, per Harbour Grace Anglican burial records.

This Indenture points to the possibility that a property in St. Owen, Jersey was passed down through the family. The property was sold in 1800 by William Brown of Harbour Grace.

Brown Grouchy Indenture

The land was occupied by Philipe Parry at the time. A Philipe Perrer of St Owen did marry an Ann LeBrun daughter of Jean of St Mary on the 10th Feb 1785.  Jean was likely married to Ann Robert in 1752 and possibly had a brother Philipe born ca 1715. This Philipe and Catherine (also LeBrun (of Hanna/Henry? & married St Peter 1736)  had a son Philipe Jr was baptised in 1738.

Baptism 20 Jan 1740   Pierre Le Brun Son Philippe Catherine Le Brun Parish of St Mary, Jersey

Peter LeBrown shipping from Harbour Grace in 1790.

April 27, 1960 clipping:

Around 1800 the British M.P. for Poole, George {~2~}according to Regular (p. 10), Harbour Grace sent 1,860 men to the annual seal hunt in sixty-five vessels. Ridley’s sent 629 men in twenty-two vessels; Punton and Munn were a close second with 613 men in twenty-one vessels; Thorne, Hooper and Company, with nine sealing vessels, employed 265 men, and Peter Brown’s four vessels carried 129 men. Daniel Green, William Parsons, William Gordon, Patrick Devereaux, Thomas Godden, Moore and Murphy’s, Thomas Cooper, Arthur Thomey, {B}and G. and H. Gordon each sent one vessel; their crews ranged in size from sixteen to thirty-five men.

The Browns were likely in Harbour Grace in the late 1600’s per Deck’s Awash.


1800 B/S Brown William to Grouchey Francis 14 66
Agreement Brown William and Ayles Estate 21 4 Trinity
B/S Browm William to Brown S & ors. 21 26 Trinity


B/S Guswell Matthew, Jnr to Brown Wm. 12 136
1800 B/S Grouchey F. from Brown Wm. 14 66 Lower Owens, Jersey

1751Lionel Chancey c. 1751-1822 was a school teacher who served for a time as Clerk of the Peace at Harbour Grace. The first Lionel and his wife Elizabeth had 4 sons and 4 daughters: Elizabeth Parsons bapt. 1782 married wealthy merchant Joseph Gill. Mary Dinah maried Robert Brown. Sarah Ann married Cornelius Winton, bookkeeper at Job’s; (daughter Elizabeth Maria Winton married Richard Neyle) William Stafford went to the U.S.A. George (1793-1816) was a soldier in the Napoleonic Wars. John Lloyd Lilly (1788-1831). Thomas Lilly bapt. 1789, remained at St. John’s. Lionel (1782-1856) married in 1826 Elizabeth Knight (1809-1894) and they resided on Cochrane Street. {Footnote says: “Information comes from ‘The Dissenting Church at St. John’s 1775-1975.) Barbara Pederson

The follwing references to Brown are probably not related o the HG clan.

April 20, 1789 Revd & Dear Sir I have to thank you for your kind favours of 7th & 24th. May one via Trinity & the other via Scotland both came to hand 4 days ago; I was realy glad to hear of your Health & that you were got into the N. School Room; but sorry you were so mush distressd on acct of the Debts wch. you had Incurd for the Building the Winter & what I advised you were unpaid in England Some time since my former Letter. I told you that I had the Pleasure to meet Mr. Greatheed in London, that He had paid off the outstanding Bill of £50 and some how or other Providence has made up the £40 due Welsh & Co. except 4.14.0 wch Mr. Brown paid & wch. together with the order you gave him for £36 odd is still to him & your order to pay me the amount of Stationary last year remains unpaid.

This is how the accs. stands at present – Mr Browns Vessel carried 11 Hhd. Lime & some hair wch. will be paid for, out of the Money to be reced. for ams. of Bricks we sent you last year but wch. went to Carolina – so that the whole Debt here will be about £41 – due to Capt. Brown – the Committee here have desired Mr. Welsh to give you leave to Draw for £100 at full on Mesrs. Welsh Rogers Olding & Co. bankers, London wch. will meet due honor – & at fall you must send Mr. Greatheed, Mr Geo Kemp, & Mr. Brown, a statement of all your Debts & a particular acct. of wch. is still left unfinishd. of the Building and what it will cost to compleat it (249) – and then say if there is any prospect of raising anything more at St Johns toward discharging the same; and also that there is any possibility of getting any Person at St. Johns to advance the Money on Credt of the Premises &c -For further particulars I must bg leave to refer you to Mr. Brown who has more time & leisure than me to write you a long Letter.

Please to accept of a Cheese wch. I have sent by Capt. Knight (250) as a token of my regard and Esteem in which Mrs. C – desires to unite who with our little one are very well & belive me Dr Sir

Your affectionate Friend

Thos. Crew Junr (Extract of a letter from Mr Cr. Mends) Plymouth 20th April 1789 Notes concerning the Dissenting Church of Christ at St. John’s Newfoundland

Testament of George Le Brun, merchant of St Brelade. Dated 06/01/1720   Jersey

Testament of Jean Le Brun. Dated 10/02/1720 JERSEY

Testament of Edouard Le Brun. Dated 28/06/1721

Testament of Sara Le Brun. Dated 28/01/1742

It is possible the merchant family Brown was from St Aubin in St Brelade:

St. Aubin, at the west end of the bay, is principally inhabited by merchants and masters of ships, whom the neighbourhood of the port has invited hither; it is not more than half the size of St Hellier, though greatly increased within the last century; and has a good stone pier carried far into the sea, where ships of considerable burden lie safe under the guns of the adjoining fort.

Topography of Great Britain By George Alexander Cooke  1802


Some Brown Shipping records

Records of the Instance and Prize Courts of the High Court of Admiralty concerning the Admiralty’s jurisdiction in instance cases and prize cases. Instance cases related to commercial disputes, wages, collision, salvage and droits. Prize cases arose from prizes (ships captured from an enemy in time of war).

Registers of Declarations for Letters of Marque



Reference: HCA 26/13/50
Description: Commander: John Langhorne.Ship: Expedition of Jersey. .Burden: 15 tons.Crew: 30.Owners: Francis Drake and James Lempriere of Jersey, merchants, and John Langhorne.Lieutenant: Robert Fitzharding.

Master: Joseph Parkins.

Gunner: Francis Bartlet.

Boatswain: Elias Browne.

Carpenter: John Sure.

Cook: Abraham Bennet.

Armament: 2 guns.

Folio: 54

Date: 1708 March 1
Reference: HCA 26/3/80
Description: Commander: Noah le Cras.Ship: Three Eagles….of: Jersey.Burden: 50 tons.Crew: 50.Owners: Edward Browne, John Browne, John le Cras, Philip Patriarch, John Poulett, John de ?Suele and James Lempriere.

Lieutenant: Henry le Cras.

Master: Thomas le Roule.

Boatswain: John Gandin.

Gunner: John Sloe.

Carpenter: John Vandrin.

Cook: Brelade Martell.

Armament: Small arms only.

Folio: 81

Date: 1696 April 25
Reference: HCA 26/14/136
Description: Commander: John Shoosmith.Ship: Newport Galley of Jersey.Burden: 20 tons.Crew: 30.Owners: Captain Edward Browne, John Browne and John Villeneuf of Jersey, merchants.Lieutenant: William Chepmell.

Gunner: Joseph Button.

Boatswain: Thomas Haman.

Carpenter: James Chepmell.

Cook: Joseph Derslam.

Armament: 4 guns.

Folio: 138

Date: 1710 February 28
Reference: HCA 26/15/37
Description: Commander: Edward Demerisque.Ship: Jersey Galley.Burden: 90 tons.Crew: 28.Owners: William Browne, James Lempriere and [-] Villeneuf of Jersey, merchants, and Edward Demerisque.Lieutenant: Richard Drake.

Gunner: Richard Johnson.

Boatswain: William Fallet.

Carpenter: Thomas Richardson.

Cook: Joseph Stringer.

Armament: 14 guns.

Folio: 38

Date: 1710 September 23
Reference: HCA 26/11/169
Description: Commander: Philip Mauger.Ship: Prince Ferdinand.Burden: 110 tons.Crew: 70.Owners: Alexander Gosset, Matthew Gosset and John le Gros of Jersey, merchants.Home port: Jersey.

Lieutenant: Aaron Gally.

Gunner: John Luce.

Boatswain: Peter Labey.

Carpenter: Thomas Brown.

Cook: John Smith.

Surgeon: Charles Forbes.

Armament: 10 carriage and 10 swivel guns.

Folio: 171.

Note that the Unicorn and Swan received similar commissions.

Date: 1760 May 23
Description: Commander: Richard PiponShip: Prince Eugene GalleyBurden: 75 tonsCrew: 80Owners: Edward Browne of Jersey, merchant and John Saumeries and Matthew Saunders of Guernsey, merchantsLieutenant: John Pipon

Gunner: John Luce

Boatswain: Elias Browne

Carpenter: John Baket

Cook: Elias Brooke

Armament: 14 guns

Folio: 11

Date: 1709 March 17
Reference: HCA 26/13/134
Description: Commander: Thomas Sebirall.Ship: Lumley Galley.Burden: 40 tons.Crew: 50.Owners: Edward Browne, Francis Drake and James le Balley of Jersey, merchants.Lieutenant: Edward le Gros.

Gunner: Richard le Sebirall.

Boatswain: Gabriel Bennett.

Carpenter: John Sevret.

Cook: John le Gros.

Armament: 8 guns.

Folio: 139

Date: 1708 December 9
Reference: HCA 26/13/70
Description: Commander: Matthew de Gruchy.Ship: James Galley.Burden: 8 tons.Crew: 16.Owners: Edward Browne and Philip de Carteret of Jersey.Lieutenant: Thomas Siberell.

Gunner: John Gibs.

Boatswain: John ?Sloon.

Carpenter: Francis le Mesurier.

Cook: Joseph Major.

Armament: 1 gun.

Folio: 73

Date: 1708 May 11
Reference: HCA 26/13/130
Description: Commander: Abraham Griffon.Ship: Conqueror.Burden: 30 tons.Crew: 30.Owners: Edward Browne, Francis Drake and John Coombe of Jersey, merchants.Lieutenant: Richard le Febvre.

Gunner: Thomas Hammond.

Boatswain: James Jenne.

Carpenter: Richard Jenne.

Cook: Francis la Pierre.

Armament: 4 guns.

Folio: 135

Date: 1708 December 10
Description: Commander: Edward Trevet.Ship: Neptune Dogger.Burden: 25 tons.Crew: 25.Owners: Francis Drake, Edward Browne, John Combes of Jersey, merchants, and Edward Trevet.Lieutenant: Richard le Blaur.

Gunner: John le Mesurier.

Boatswain: Andrew Brock.

Carpenter: Francis Trivet.

Cook: William Merry.

Armament: 4 guns.

Folio: 61.

Note that the Caesar Frigate received a similar commission

Date: 1709 September 1
Reference: HCA 26/14/24
Description: Commander: Edward HorneShip: ConcordBurden:Crew: 20Owners: John Villeneuf and Edward Browne of Jersey, merchantsLieutenant: John Robinson

Gunner: William Dumaresque

Boatswain: Richard Wolers

Carpenter: Francis Johnson

Cook: Robert Wilkinson

Armament: 2 guns

Folio: 25

Date: 1709 April 30
Reference: HCA 26/13/135
Description: Commander: William Bushell.Ship: Three Eagles.Burden: 40 tons.Crew: 50.Owners: Philip and John Pepon, James Lempriere, Edward Browne and Francis Drake of Jersey, merchants.Lieutenant: Thomas ?Chepmell.

Gunner: Charles Fleury.

Boatswain: Richard le Blanc.

Carpenter: John Mangier.

Cook: John Bignell.

Armament: 8 guns.

Folio: 140.

Date: 1708 December 9
Reference: HCA 26/13/133
Description: Commander: John Shoosmith.Ship: Revenge Galley.Burden: 25 tons.Crew: 30.Owners: Francis Drake, Edward Browne, John Browne and John Villeneuve of Jersey, merchants.Lieutenant: Thomas Homes.

Gunner: Thomas Balami.

Boatswain: Esmund Renouf.

Carpenter: Edward ?Jamerni.

Cook: Elias Browne.

Armament: 4 guns.

Folio: 138

Date: 1708 December 9
Reference: HCA 26/13/131
Description: Commander: Abraham Durand.Ship: Wharton Galley.Burden: 55 tons.Crew: 60.Owners: James la Bulley, Edward Browne, James Lempriere and Francis Drake of Jersey, merchants.Lieutenant: Thomas Guillaume.

Gunner: John Colas.

Boatswain: Thomas Hiaume.

Carpenter: John Combs.

Cook: Henry Chambers.

Armament: 8 guns.

Folio: 136.

Date: 1708 December 9
Reference: HCA 26/13/172
Description: Commander: John Mangier.Ship: Expedition.Burden: 200 tons.Crew: 30.Owners: Edward le Brun, John le Brun and Philip Patriarche of Jersey, merchants.Lieutenant: Matthew de Samaresque.

Gunner: John Villeneuf.

Boatswain: Edward Breton.

Carpenter: Francis Drake.

Cook: Peter Seale.

Armament:12 guns.

Folio: 177.

Date: 1709 February 5
Description: Commander: Peter Labey.Ship: Fox.Burden: 9 tons.Crew: 20.Owners: Peter Labey.Home port: Jersey.

Lieutenant: Charles Fleury.

Gunner: Philip Major.

Boatswain: Charles Anty.

Carpenter: James ?Machon.

Cook: Philip Anty.

Surgeon: Benjamin Brown.

Armament: 2 swivel guns.

Folio: 101.

Note that the Prince Tom, Virginian and King of Prussia received similar commissions

Date: 1759 September 7
Reference: HCA 26/7/100
Description: Commander: Philip Manger.Ship: Earl of Granville.Burden: 160 tons.Crew: 100.Owners: James Lempriere, Francis William le Maistre, Thomas Durell, Abraham Gossett and John Dean of Jersey, merchants.Lieutenant: Peter le Marinell.

Gunner: James Burton.

Boatswain: Thomas le Brun.

Carpenter: William Lock.

Surgeon: Charles Cargill.

Cook: Thomas Johnson.

Armament: 14 carriage and 14 swivel guns.

Folio: 103

Date: 1757 April 20
Reference: HCA 26/14/59
Description: Commander: John le CouteurShip: Peterborough Galley.Burden: 25 tons.Crew: 25.Owners: Francis Drake, Edward Browne, John Coombes and John le Couteur, all of Jersey, merchants.Lieutenant: William Drage.

Gunner: John Barboate.

Boatswain: David Guyon.

Carpenter: Francis Cabot.

Cook: Andrew Thompson.

Armament: 4 guns.

Folio: 60

Date: 1709 September 1
Reference: HCA 26/10/48
Description: Commander: Nicholas Mallet.Ship: Duke of Cumberland.Burden: 120 tons.Crew: 80.Owners: William Patriarch, John Hue and Thomas Lempriere of Jersey, merchants.Lieutenant: William Manger.

Gunner: John Guillet.

Boatswain: Thomas Rouland.

Carpenter: Benjamin le Brun.

Surgeon: James McIntosh.

Cook: Abraham Cabot.

Armament: 10 carriage and 10 swivel guns.

Folio: 49

Date: 1758 September 12


Reference: HCA 26/3/125 Description:

Commander: Edward Browne.

Ship: Durrell Galley.

Burden: 70 tons.

Crew: 70.

Owners: John Durrell, James Lempriere and Edward Browne, all of Jersey, and Edward Carter of London.

Lieutenant: Thomas Button.

Master: Daniel Sauverin.

Boatswain: Philip Osborne.

Gunner: André le Croix.

Carpenter: Thomas Rendelle.

Doctor: Anthony Nicoll.

Cook: Claudius Empereur.

Armament: 12 guns.

Folio: 126

Date: 1696 August 26 Held by: The National Archives, Kew


Reference: HCA 26/15/100 Description:

Commander: John Shoosmith.

Ship: St Helier.

Burden: 35 tons.

Crew: 40.

Owners: Elisha Brown and Thomas Merchant of Jersey, merchants.

Lieutenant: Elias Manger.

Gunner: John Brock.

Boatswain: Richard Lemprieure.

Carpenter: William Seale.

Cook: Samuel Brookes.

Armament: 6 guns.

Folio: 104

Date: 1711 February 16


Reference: HCA 26/14/10 Description:

Commander: Clement le Montais

Ship: Carteret Galley

Burden: 10 tons

Crew: 20

Owners: Joshua Lempriere, Abraham Carteret and Edward Brown of Jersey,

Lieutenant: John Gibean

Boatswain: John le Gros

Carpenter: John Mason

Cook: John Perchard

Armament: small arms

Folio: 10

Date: 1709 March 17 Held by: The National Archives, Kew


Reference: HCA 26/13/132 Description:

Commander: Philip Shoosmith.

Ship: James Galley.

Burden: 20 tons.

Crew: 40.

Owners: Edward Browne and James Lempriere, Jersey Merchants.

Lieutenant: Edward Hubert.

Gunner: Charles Pirent.

Boatswain: Charles Machen.

Carpenter: Thomas Godfrey.

Cook: Clement Clint.

Armament: 8 guns.

Folio: 137

Date: 1708 December 10


Reference: HCA 26/13/164 Description:

Commander: Andrew de St Croix.

Ship: Society.

Burden: 25 tons.

Crew: 30.

Owners: Francis Drake, Edward Browne and John Villeneuve of Jersey, merchants, and Andrew de St Croix.

Lieutenant: James Dumoresque.

Gunner: Peter St Croix.

Boatswain: John Ballard.

Carpenter: John du Heaume.

Cook: Philip Fouden.

Armament: 4 guns.

Folio: 169.

Date: 1709 January 20 Held by: The National Archives, Kew


Reference: HCA 26/16/58 Description:

Commander: Samuel Peraud.

Ship: Union Galley.

Burden: 35 tons.

Crew: 50.

Owners: John Villeneufe and Nicholas Allos of Guernsey, Edward Browne of Jersey, John Pye of ‘Yalmouth’ and Captain Samuel Peraud.

Lieutenant: John Couturier.

Gunner: Philip le Bouquet.

Boatswain: John le Bas.

Carpenter: William Smith.

Cook: Thomas Johnson.

Armament: 16 guns.

Folio: 59

Date: 1711 December 13


Reference: HCA 26/15/160 Description:

Commander: Edward Gifford.

Ship: Happy Meeting.

Burden: 20 tons.

Crew: 30.

Owners: George le Gard, Captain Edward Browne and Francis Drake of Jersey, merchants.

Lieutenant: Robert Breton.

Gunner: Robert Smith.

Boatswain: John Manger.

Carpenter: John le Gard.

Cook: Richard Simpson.

Armament: 4 guns.

Folio: 164

Date: 1711 June 27 Held by: The National Archives, Kew



Commander: Elias de la Roche.

Ship: Hope.

…of Guernsey.

Burden: 25 tons.

Crew: 30.

Owners: Thomas le Mesurier, Nicholas le Pelley, John Winn, Leonard le Mesurier, John Tomes, John Tupper, Thomas Andrews and Thomas Burnett.

Lieutenant: John Man.

Master: Philip Cartwright.

Boatswain: Andrew Smith.

Gunner: Roger Wilmott.

Carpenter: John Jones.

Doctor: Richard Brown.

Cook: James Wild.

Armament: 6 guns.

Folio: 152

Date: 1697 April 21


Reference: HCA 26/3/70 Description:

Commander: John Morrell.

Ship: Nonsuch Galley.

Burden:25 tons.

Crew: 30, all inhabitants of Jersey, Guernsey and the adjacent islands.

Owners: John Roe, Elisha Dobery, John Turner, John Morrell.

Lieutenant: John Turner.

Master: Edward Ames.

Boatswain: Nicholas Aginer.

Gunner: Thomas Knastell.

Carpenter: Daniel Browne.

Doctor: John Roland.

Cook: Peter Packett.

Armament: 6 guns and 4 pedreros.

Folio: 71

Date: 1696 February 7 Held by: The National Archives, Kew Legal status: Public Record


Reference: HCA 26/15/150 Description:

Commander: Charles le Brun.

Ship: La Chasse.

Burden: 200 tons.

Crew: 130.

Owners: Edward Salmon, Godfrey Minshull and Dennis Godier of Guernsey, merchants.

Lieutenant: Thomas Round.

Gunner: Richard Marriott.

Boatswain: Abraham Merchant.

Carpenter: William Roynton.

Cook: Samson Meers.

Armament: 20 guns.

Folio: 154

Date: 1711 May 31


Reference: HCA 26/13/103 Description:

Commander: Peter Boureau

Ship: Mordant Galley.

Burden: 25 tons.

Crew: 30.

Owners: Elisha Dobree, Nicholas Allez, Francis Browne and Lewis Dennistry of Guernsey, merchants.

Lieutenant: Samuel Pierre.

Gunner: William Roussignac.

Boatswain: Daniel Sashoon.

Carpenter: James Pelley.

Cook: Dennis le Maistre.

Armament: 4 guns.

Folio: 106

Date: 1708 September 18



Reference: HCA 26/14/134 Description:

Commander: Peter Blanche.

Ship: Endeavour.

Burden: 25 tons.

Crew: 30.

Owners: John Bridges and William Hockym of Guernsey, merchants

Lieutenant: Robert Moor.

Gunner: Roger Browne.

Boatswain: Bartholomew Knights.

Carpenter: Joseph Barges.

Cook: Nicholas Thomas.

Armament: 4 guns.

Folio: 136

Date: 1710 February 23