The Bisson name in Harbour Grace

The Bisson name is referenced in the plantation records of 1805 – property 958 (adjacent to Charles Parsons) in 1776.

Part purchased from Philip Besom of Jersey for £30 and part cut and cleared agreeable to Act.Wm.3rd.Chap.25 Sec.7

and Warford property here

Warford Henry Henry & Jane 6 Aug 1775
Warford Jonathan Henry & Jane 24 Feb 1779
Warford Susannah Tucker Henry & Jane 21 Oct 1781
Warford Jabez Henry & Jane 14 Apr 1784
Warford Dinah Henry & Jane 26 Oct 1787

Warfords……. “had been on the island since the early 1700s.”

Family connection to Warfords?

Looks like the Bisson name was connected to the Symond and Gosse families as well….

4 Jan 1776 James Symonds  HG St Paul   Ann Besom


6 Dec 1796 John Bissom   Ann Gosse of this Harbour


Symonds Joseph Roger Soaper James & Anne    29 Dec 1777



21 Dec 1822 James Simmons of Musquitto, Bachelor   Elizabeth Pynn of the same place, Spinster   Ebenezer Webber, Edward Pynn HG St Paul
30 Nov 1854 Eliel Simmons bachelor of Mosquito   Elizabeth Marshall spinster of Harbour Grace   Edward P. Simmons, Ann L. Simmons HG St Paul

Harbour Grace burial

24 May 1779 John Besant 19 yr
31 Aug 1781 Anne Besant   Daughter to John & Mary Besant, Bears Cove
26 Nov 1781 Ruth Besant 70 yr Carbonear

From: Marcella Besaw <>
Subject: [NFLD-LAB] Roll Call: Besaw, Bennett, Hilliard, Murphy, Gale, LeJeune, Collier
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 

Besaw (Besaw, Besau, Beson, Besso, Bisson, Bison, Beeso)
John Bisson, son of pioneers Philip Bisson and Ruth LeBreton of Jersey, Channel Islands, later Carbonear, Conception Bay. Married a lady named Mary Anne from Spaniard’s Bay. Son Francis John Besson married (1) Catherine Gosse (2) Catherine McKay and moved to Holyrood. Son Edward “Eddie” Beseau b.1826 married Ellen Driscoll.

M Jones site:

John Bisson born approx 1734 in channel islands and moved to canada newfoundland spaniards bay. We think his parents may be a Phillip besson/bisson born approx 1709 in Jersey channel islands and a Ruth Lebreton.????????

Do The Bissons actually go back further in Harbour Grace or Perlican?????

Founding Families of Spaniard’s Bay (Circa 1800)
Gleaned from the book The Settling of Spaniard’s Bay by Eric M. Gosse.

My notes in italics….
William PEDDLE – 1775 of Francis & Grace?, Piddles of Mosquito?
Bartholomew NEIL – Bryant’s Cove married Mary Parsons of Bay Roberts
Charles NOSEWORTHY– Bryant’s Cove married Rachel Parsons of Bryant’s Cove
William PORTER
Thomas NOSEWORTHY – Bryant’s Cove
John WARFORD – bought Besom land in Harbour Grace 1776 married Mary Parsons
Timothy COLLINS – married Jane Warford
Henry SHEPPARD Sr. – Sheppards related to Besom & Warford????
John BESOM – connected to Warfords, Parsons, Sheppards – all of or near Bear Cove?

Collins Family info:


Gov. John Elliot  ca 1788 Mr. Francis Noel (Master of the fishing ship Liberty of Jersey) & Co have notified Gov. Elliot that they have been at expense clearing away an unoccupied spot of ground on the North side of the Harbour of Aquafort. They have also petitioned Captain Pellew of the Winchelsea, who testiefied that it was unoccupied, and produced a certificate under the hands of “three very ancient Inhabitants of the said District” testifying that it was never occupied for the fishery for as long as they can remember. Gov. Elliot therefor grants them possession over the said spot, on the conditions that it is only to be used for the fishery, and that if it is left to decay or neglects to produce fish for an entire season it may be claimed by any person first arriving from His Majesty’s Dominion in Europe.

Possibly here??????

14 Jul 1728 Francois Son of Philippe (St Martin)

1717 These Channel Islanders, in this year, were involved with the Newfoundland trade and fish business, Seale, Patriarche, Chevallier (alias Knight), Chastray, Denton, Orengette, Janvrin, Carteret, Dean, Pipon, Lempriere, Auley (or Anley?), Le Bailly, Nicolle, Messervy, Marett, Maugier, Brown, Touzell, Martell, Seward and others.” (A. c. sounders, co. Jers. Bull)


The Warn ledger (Warren) Decks Awash Vol21 No 3 (Perlican area)

The Warn ledger provided details of William Warn’s business from 1749-59. He was variously listed as a ‘big planter fisherman’, ‘fishery supplying merchant” and “English shipping master”. William Warn, Jr., was listed as a planter in the 1769 ledger of Governor Byron. His fishing room was next to that of John Bisson and a Mr. Bolter. Other names in the Warn ledger were Barrett, Bryant, Burt, Harris and Sparkes. II is one of the oldest business records in Newfoundland. Warn’s Cove was the best fishing room within the harbour and was occupied by George Hopkins, whose father bought it from a Mr. Woodland. The last Warn (Warren) emigrated to the United Stales around 1880. George Tito deeded land to Thomas and Mary Cram in 1759–it had been bought from James and George Welshman in 1742. He passed it to his two sons, William and Philip, in 1790.

1805 Seary says Holyrood from Besau

Plantation Beson Francis 278 13 43 Holyrood
1803 Plantation Besom John 715 13 112 Mint Cove


Ships leaving Harbour Grace 1792

Oct ? 1792
Good Intent

P. Bisson ?


Nfld 1792

Philip Bisson & Co. ?

Bristol / Jersey

Oct or Nov 1791
Mary Ann
Phillip Bisson


Phil Parsons


from J.N. – Bisson is a well researched family.


More Bissons who emigrated:

A mariner Philip Besom:


A Philip Besom stated a family near Boston at Marblehead

1788. Feb. 16, To-day, arrived, Philip Bessom from West Indies.

Philip Besom, 1806, 1807. 1808, 1809, 1810, 1814

Philip Bessom. 1830. Robert  Bessom, 1848

Some Privateering Adventures

A Mutiny, a Daring Escape and the Inside of a French Jail: Philip Besom

Marblehead Messenger

Description: Got Their Money Back: Heirs of Capt. Philip Besom, Jr. receive their share of the claims

Date: January 26 1900

The heirs of Captain Philip Besom Jr., whose vessel, the Hannah, was captured by the French about a hundred years ago have at last received their share of the French Spoliation Claims. Atty. Seccumb, who has had charge of the case, succeeding in settling affairs in about two years,
and the sum involved has been divided among the sixty or more heirs. There are four heirs in Marblehead. Messrs. Joshua L, Eleazer and Philip E. Graves and Mrs. William Caswell. It was rather singular that in the final settlement not a Marbleheader named Bessom should have
received a share.



15 Sept 1759

Gov. Edwards (St. John’s)

Nicholas Fiott (Harbour Grace)

Ordered to pay the rent owed to Nicholas Journeaux for the plantation.

27 Sept 1760

Gov. James Webb (St. John’s)

Charles Garland, Esq. and Justice of the Peace (Harbour Grace)

Nicholas Fiot shall act on all the articles in the agreement between himself, Nicholas Journy (Journeaux), and Peter le Cronia (Le Cronier or Le Cornu??) (in favour of Fiot). Fiot must pay all the rent due to Journy or have his effects restrained as payment.

7-18 Sept 1754

John Lloyd (Carbonear)

Petition of Catherine Thistle regarding the encroachment on a plantation by Capt. Foitt.

The sons of Jean de Caen and Rachel Neel, Jean (born 1738) and Edouard (born 1740) are listed as Captains on ships owned by Nicholas Fiott, ranging from privateers to trading vessels in the cod fishery between Jersey, Newfoundland, the Gaspe and ports in the Caribbean, South America and Europe. By the middle 1750s John Fiott became a partner with Charles Robin, another St Ouen man, and Jean de Caen found himself working for Charles Robin & Co.

Huguenots, they married into the families of Slowly, Le Couteur, Le Maistre, Jean, Pipon, Robin and Payn, among others.

Fiott troubles:

Lots of trips to Harbour Grace

Jersey traders in the Gaspe


Names Wife Children Servants Kept Boats Sciffs Fish Taken
John Fancy 1 2 6 1 1 600
Honary Thistle 1 5 4 1 0 350
Wilb McThakan 1 0 4 1 0 340
Thomas Wooder 0 0 9 1 1 580
Sam Hammon 0 0 12 2 0 700
Will Pearrey 0 0 16 2 1 900
Thomas Burt 1 3 4 0 1 200
Robert Cook 1 3 4 0 1 350
Total 8 5 13 59 8 5 4020

A special thank you to Owen Kelly for providing this information


 Seems this character may be a little old…..

Relationship Father Mother
Baptism 10 Jul 1642 Guilles Perree son Abraham
1  St Ouen


seems like he might be a little long in the tooth…..for a match

I think Henry Thistle and Samuel Hamon likely Jersey though…..

 Burt possibly another Jerseyman?

17 APR 1692 Thomas Bertaut/Bertault Elizabeth Perier
51    St Lawrence



We the underwritten Subscribers, being the Principal Merchants in Harbour Grace & the Supporters of the Trade in Conception Bay, having seen the annex’d Petition, declare that we verily believe there are nothing but facts represented in it & that we all are
Sufferers in many respects through the said Lawce Coghlan & that he is a very unfitt Person for a Justice of the Peace as well as a Missionary, being Ignorant of the Laws of his Country & a Person of no Education, & pray that he may be Silenc’d or remov’d.
Given under our Hands at Harbour Grace this 26th day of August 1771.

Elias Nibert

Nichs Fiott  
Robert Gray  
Pet. Du Heaume  
George Davis  
Willm Lilly
Jno.  Le Geyt  
Jno. Alcock  
Jno. Cox  
Thos. Danson  
Willm LeMaistre


 Jersey wills

Reference: D/G/A1/33/7/3

Date: January 22nd 1980 August 23rd 1984


Testament of Alfred Thomas Cox of La Poile, Newfoundland, North America, now of St Helier. Dated 16/02/1882

Reference: D/Y/A/43/13

Date: February 5th 1883