Prout/ Preutx/Priaux

possible connection to Jersey……….

1675 Census from CO 1/35.

Port de Grave

Nicholas Prout


Baptism — Mar 1612       Nycollas   Priaulx/Priaux

Son    of   Nycollas

St Martin


Baptism 01 Sep 1672       Sara Priaulx/Priaux

Daughter     Nicolas  &  Marguerite  Horman

St Martin


Bay Roberts 1804 – owned from 1786

John Preautx and Thos. Preautx 197 yds.from E. to W. bounded on the E. by Robert Merser on the W. by John Perchard 200 yds. from H.W.M. to the N. bounded on the N. by the woods 1 Stage 1 Wharf 1 Meadow 2 Houses 2 Gardens


Commander: Nicholas Amy.

Ship: Prosperous Sloop.

Burden: 15 tons.

Crew: 25.

Owners: William Bonamy, Michael Fawdery, Joshua Priaulx, merchants, and Nicholas Amy of Guernsey.

Lieutenant: John du Rocq.

Gunner: Dennis Sullie.

Boatswain: Lewis Pratiere.

Carpenter: William Richardson.

Cook: Andrew Thomas.

Armament: 2 guns.

Folio: 182.

Date: 1709 February 19

Commander: Thomas du Pré.

Ship: Fidelity.

Burden: 30 tons.

Crew: 40.

Owners: John Bowden of Guernsey, merchant.

Lieutenant: Peter Robert.

Gunner: Thomas Wood.

Boatswain: John Priaulx

Carpenter: John Pentron.

Cook: Peter Manger.

Armament: 6 guns.

Folio: 56

Date: 1709 August 23

Commander: Peter Luga la Grange.

Ship: Morning Star.

Burden: 20 tons.

Crew: 25.

Owners: John Priaulx and William Morris of Guernsey, merchants.

Lieutenant: John Tapper.

Gunner: Benjamin Dennis.

Boatswain: Jonathan Green.

Carpenter: William Gardiner.

Cook: Thomas Browne.

Armament: 10 guns.

Folio: 125

Date: 1710 January 24

Commander: William Solby.

Ship: Blakeney.

Burden: 150 tons.

Crew: 100.

Owners: Charles de Carteret and Thomas Priaulx the younger of Guernsey.

Lieutenant: David le Gros.

Gunner: Peter Ogier.

Boatswain: Charles Maitland.

Carpenter: Jeremiah Johnson

Surgeon: Andrew McIntosh.

Cook: Peter le Roy.

Armament: 14 carriage and 20 swivel guns.

Folio: 138

DATE: 1756 August 24

Commander: Abraham Blandel.

Ship: Snugg.

Burden: 25 tons.

Crew: 30.

Owners: John Manger, Joshua Priaulx and Thomas Priaulx of Guernsey, merchants.

Lieutenant: Elisha Roland.

Gunner: Peter du Pré.

Boatswain: John Tasker.

Carpenter: Samuel Atley.

Surgeon: John Lee.

Cook: Peter Guerin.

Armament: 2 carriage and 6 swivel guns.

Folio: 61.

Note that the Defiance Privateer received a similar commission.

Date: 1757 March 9




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