Le Feuvre

0 Oct. 1789 Gov. Mark Milbanke John Brown, James Rennells Gov. Milbanke notifies Brown   and Rennells that Mr. Le Feuvre of Burin did not have a chance to defend himself in court, but Milbanke suspects that Le Feuvre “took it upon himself to act against the Dealers, in a manner not altogether consistent either with Law or Equity. Milbanke instructs Brown and Rennells that in case Le Feuvre should make another application to them for “the seizure of any Boats, Fishing Rooms, or other Effects of Boatkeepers (his Debtors) in your district, that you will only attach (and take such security as may be necessary for preventing the Boatkeeprs making away with)…”

Participating in Privateers:



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