Pretty thorough background on Harbour Grace and Boot Harbour here

Names Wife Children Servants Kept Boats Sciffs Fish Taken
John Fancy 1 2 6 1 1 600



1 5 4 1 0 350
Wilb McThakan 1 0 4 1 0 340
Thomas Wooder 0 0 9 1 1 580
Sam Hammon 0 0 12 2 0 700
Will Pearrey 0 0 16 2 1 900
Thomas Burt 1 3 4 0 1 200
Robert Cook 1 3 4 0 1 350
Total 8 5 13 59 8 5 4020

A special thank you to Owen Kelly for providing this information


Kind of curious records from Jersey below…

Martins seem to be English associated with a Henry Touzel

Hamin could be Hamon?

There were Martins who were important traders in Poole at the time::

1710 Wm Martine Snr Admiralty Court Juror                              AC.14

1717 Wm Marten presentment to Admiralty Court                     AC.18,61,62

1717 John,Wm,Rbt Ancient Fishery presentment to Ad Court           AC.16

1722 Thos Martin, Mariner using a net less than 3.1/2 inches           AC.32

1722 John Rogers Admiralty Court Jury                                     AC.5,26

Baptism 18 May 1690 Jeanne Groves Daughter Jean Marie Feinton
(William Martin And Collette Le Gros)
St Helier
Baptism 24 Jun 1690 Thomas Rogers Son Thomas Elizabeth Hamin
(Thomas Martin, Henry Touzel And Catherine Touzel)(Father : Anglois)



These Channel Islanders, in this year, were involved with the Newfoundland trade and fishiness, Seale, Patriarche, Chevallier (alias Knight), Chastray, Denton, Orengette, Janvrin, Carteret, Dean, Pipon, Lempriere, Auley (or Anley?), Le Bailly, Nicolle, Messervy, Marett, Maugier, Brown, Touzell, Martell, Seward and others.” (A. c. sounders, co. Jers. Bull)


Harbour Grace Described in 1800 by W. A. Munn

Amy Thistle undoubtedly took a leading part in the town, and is
often named. She had property just East of the R. C. Chapel granted to her by Governor Byron in 1770.

The Thistle family are real Jersey descendants, and they must
have owned the half of Harbour Grace at one time. This name can be
traced back to the Norsemen before the time of the Norman conquest, but is sometimes spelt Thessell, which gives it a French pronunciation.


Catherine Thistle:
married Jonathan Moores 27 Dec.1787
Harbour Grace Anglican Church Marriages
St Pauls

25 October 1769 Gov. John Byron Thomas Thistle, a native inhabitant of Harbour Grace was building a fishing plantation in Harbour Grace. Henry Wiffin had a fishing plantation slightly Eastward of Thistle’s building site, and forcefully pulled down a beam from his plantation. Gov. John Byron ruled that Thistle may peacefully build his fishing plantation there, on the condition that if it is left to decay, it may be claimed by the public.



7-18 Sept 1754 John Lloyd (Carbonear) John Lloyd appointed by the Governor as Deputy or Surrogate. Following cases heard by Lloyd:-Petition regarding the unjust claiming of a property.-Petition of Catherine Thistle regarding the encroachment on a plantation by Capt. Foitt.


28-29 Sept 1779 (St. John’s) Court proceedings Court case of John Malloney, of Harbour Grace, who was accused of assaulting and severely cutting William Lilley on 13 Aug. Malloney pleaded not guilty. John Malloney’s son, also named John Malloney, was charged with aiding his father in the assault. Page 19 a list of the grand jury. Pages 23-24 Testimony of Thomas Thistle. Pages 24-25 Testimony of Francis Cook. Pages 25-26 Testimony of William Danson. Page 26 Testimony of John Thomney. Pages 26-27 Testimony of Robert Holden. Pages 28-29 Testimony of Maurice Byrin. Mr. Malloney was found guilty.


10 Sept. 1772 Shuldham Ordering surrogate William Parker to investigate the bounds of the land in dispute between Henry Webber and Thomas Thistle, and to make a determination on the case. Also ordering Thistle to produce the lease of his plantation for that purpose.


162-163 06 Nov 1762 Gov. Thomas Graves (St. John’s) Michael Murray is given possession of a plantation or fishing room at Little Black Head in Conception Bay, so long as he pays Mr. Tessell and Diver [or Diur?)

Thistle and Dimond/Dwyer????


Plantation Record ca 1805:

988 North side of Harbour Grace

Amy Thistle (possibly nee Pynn, widow Thomas) 81 yds. from E. to W. bounded on the E. by the Pynn’s Plantation on the W. by Journeaux’s Room 275 yds. from the N. bounded on the N. by her own woods 2 Stages 4 Wharves 2 Flakes 6 Stores 6 Houses 3 Gardens 1 Meadow.

Bequeathed by her Father-in-Law’s will 1750

“In 1806 we find an advertisement from Emma (Amy???) Thistle of Harbour Grace offering two large plantations for sale on which there are wharves, stores and counting houses
as well as good residences.   (from the History of Harbour Grace “1806 ” )


Thistle Catharine 6 Dec 1782 about 80 yr Harbor Grace
1 [Nov?] 1778 Michael Thistle Elizabeth Howel Daughter to Robert & [blank] Howel in Carbonear HG St Paul
17 Nov 1796 William Thistle Elizabeth Clark of Carbonear HG St Paul


Dec 27th:1787 Jn’o Moorse Catherine Thistle HG St Paul
1 Jan 1782 Arthur Grumly Mary Thistle Daughter to Thomas & Amy Thistle of this Harbor HG St Paul


Thistle Susannah Thomas 11 Dec 1779 HG st Paul’s
Thistle Thomas Pynn Thomas & Amy 26 Aug 1779 HG st Paul’s


Thomas Thistle estate HG


Voyage of Touzel, John from Salem to Bilbao in 1728

Brigantine Endeavour, John Touzel, master.

Mariner: Touzel, John. Origin: Salem.Maritime History Archive. Memorial University of Newfoundland.

JOHN TOUZELL— VOYAGE TO THE WEST INDIES. Pickering. Master my Sloop Endeavour. acquainting Us that his Excellency the Governor had directed him to desire us to make provision for the accommodation of the two Houses.

From: “Caroline Gaden” <>
Subject: Newfoundland connections
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 10:49:46 +1100
The following are all Newfoundland connections I am trying to trace back to
South West England. ....I've already checked Cornwall, Devon and Dorset and
was told the Channel Islands may be the origins of the Thistles in

In 1763 William GADEN married Honour TROONE / Froone/ Scoone
in St John’s, Newfoundland.
Sons George (married 1763) and William GADEN married sisters
Emma and Catherine THISTLE
( The Thistles were grandaughters of Thomas and Catherine THISTLE and the
daughters of Thomas and Amy/Amee THISTLE of Harbour Grace /Carbonear and had a sister Susannah and a brother Thomas Pynne Thistle)

George GADEN and Emma THISTLE had the following children:
Sarah West Gaden who married James BLAIKIE
Emma Gaden b 1795 who married Benjamin GARRETT
George Gaden who married Jane BUCHAN
William Hart Gaden who married Eliza BURTON
Thomas Eppes Gaden who married Jane ELizabeth BRINE
Tryphena who married Benjamin SWEETLAND
Joseph Crawford Garland Gaden who married Mary Maxwell MACKENZIE

CAROLINE GADEN in Northern NSW, Australia

From: “Susan Squires” <>
Subject: RE: [CI] Thistle’s and Noftel’s
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 14:27:18 -0700
In-Reply-To: <006301c5aa5a$f23b5380$ac733844@cogginsv6yja86>

I have ancesters from Mully’s Cove in Newfoundland. There were in fact two
branches of the family there possibly related. The first was John Thistle
who settled in Mulley’s Cove in the mid 1700 He was born about 1726 and died
in 1816. Evidence from the Plantation Book (1800+) suggests he married a
planters daughter, Mary, living in Mulley’s Cove and so got access to a
large section of beach front property. John had several children including
John Jr, William and Michael.

It is unclear how Solomon is related. I too heard the story about him
stowing away on a ship bound for Newfoundland. From Church burial records,
he died at age 79 in Mulley’s Cove on Jan 10 1901. He and Virtue had at
least one child Mary Jane christened at the Black Head Church in 1853.

Sue Squires




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