Butt Family

Letter in Support of Capt. John Moody’s
Defense of St. John’s against the French

John Butt
Georg Butt




Shortis Butt

From Al Beagan:

It is also my guess that the Butts, Kings and Knights have some early close associations. I have many King/Butt marriages but not many Knight/King or Butt/Knight marragies for the Black Head, Broad Cove families.

The first Butt and King to arrive in this area were William Butt and Willam King. Both were recorded by the Fishing Admiral as being in Broad Cove in 1750 (K Matthews Files). I believe they came “down the shore” from Carbonear. Willam Butt may have had at least 3 children: William, Thomas (my ancester) and George. This is based on scant evidence.

William King and wife Elizabeth had at least 4 children: John, William, Edward and Frances. From Williams will I know that not only did he have these children but 3 of his brothers had moved to Broad Cove and were living at the time he died (abt 1828): Thomas, James, and Edward.

Now I am speculating on the last name of William King’s wife. As I have noted William had four children that I can document. John, William, Edward and Frances.

When I saw the information on the Gibbb’s home page that cited a card (cited by you below) about uncle John and aunt Fanny (King), I was convinced this was a possible clue to a Knight connection as they shared a Grandfather Knight. One important way that this could be is if “grandfather Knight’s” daughter had married William King. Obviously we would need much more documentation to be substantiated.

” I have no lineage for any Knights other than that reputedly on a card written last century from the Isle of Jersey to Alfred Erling King (my NF relative as noted below), signed “your cousin C. Knight”, in which card it is stated about my NF Kings: “The Kings were Jersey men”. The same card refers to “Uncle John”, “Aunt Fanny”, and “Grandfather Knight”.

May be a very different family but I have the same named children however for William King of Broad Cove not Edward as Gibbs states.

If Gibbs is correct it is very possible that William’s brother Edward may have given his children the same names as did William (not so uncommon a thing in NFLD as you must know.) Ah so much is a mystery. sue tactics@inreach.com





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