Snow Family – Jersey and Newfoundland

In 1760 John Snow’s family claimed residency back to 1678. Could be on a maternal line though.

This article claims the Snows originated in Devon, with John Snow and Sons owning property in Harbour Grace dating back to the late 1600’s

In Jersey John Snow witnessed this will in 1734:

Captain John Snow commissioned officer Little Belle Island 1709 CO194 22 #73

1709 Military and Administrative Personnel

(b) List of the Officers in Newfoundland, commissioned Oct.1709.

Little Bell Isle:—James Butler, Governor; Geo. Garland, Jno. Snow, Capts.; John Butler, jr., John Fancy, Wm. Thacker, Lieuts. Signed, Jos.Taylor. 2 pp. [C.O. 194, 22. No. 73.]

From: ‘America and West Indies: October 1709, 1-12’, Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 24: 1708-1709 (1922), pp. 476-482.


Jacques/James Remon, god-parent to William Snow, baptized Nov 4, 1663.

Thomas Snow baptised September 23rd 1657; godparents: Thomas Taylor and Elizabeth Gibaut

Snow-Chipman connection?



Snow and Mauger families

William Snow married to M Mauger

There are many letters of marque still in the possession of Jersey families. They were granted to ancestors who laid the foundation of the fortunes which their descendents still enjoy. The old house, pulled down and rebuilt by the late John Laurens and now known as Lansdown House, was built by a celebrated privateer named William Snow in 1704, and in one of the outbuildings there used to be a stone marked WS MM. Snow’s brother-in-law, John Maugier, was another privateer and his letter of marque for the Jersey Sloop, 30 tons, granted in 1692, is the oldest known commission in existence. It belongs to Miss Clements of Millbrook.

Maugier lived in Les Prairies, Millbrook. A descendent of his was Capt John Clements, who in 1836 was in command of the celebrated barque Eliza, owned by Mr Nicolle, and one of the oldest vessels afloat. This vessel had been captured from the Americans in 1807 and was lost at sea on a voyage to Brazil in 1891, when she was reputed to be 135 years old. Another Snow commanded the privateer Marie in 1692.

  • Snow, Thomas – privateer captain, Marie 1692, William 1737-44
  • Snow, William – William and Elizabeth 1774, Charming Betty 1776-78, Alert 1779
  • Snow, William – privateer captain, m Marie Mauger, built Lansdown House, Millbrook – 1750, Marie 1704

Alert owned by Giffard John, Lerrier? Philip

Snow, William – Lynx (brig)      owned by Gosset Mathew & co. 1780

Snow, William    Adventure   Giffard John, Couteur Francis Le, Sivret George, Journeaux Francis 1778

Snow John   Fly (sloop)  Alderney      Mesurier John Le and sons 1779

Snow John   Kite (sloop)   Guernsey     Messurier John Le and sons 1779

14-04-1744 Thomas Snow. Willing Mind . 40 tons. 70 James Romon (Remon)

and Company of Guernsey, merchants.

6 guns.

Captain Snow, of Lansdown House, was a very successful privateer and between 4 January and 27 May 1744 he captured no fewer than nine French vessels of the value of 127,600 livres, and then between July and October 1746 captured another nine to the value of 191,800 livres.

Marriages – St Peter Port

Jean SNOW m Marie MAUGEUR 21 Nov 1792



05 FEB 1699 William Snos Anne Hamelin
3    St Brelade



father: Thomas Snow  mother: Margaret

Children’s births

Charlotte Snow         7 July 1778

Thomas Snow             4 May 1780

Sophia Snow          12 December 1781

Juliana Snow           4 October 1783

Lavinia Snow           16 August 1785

Marian Snow             3 June 1787

Frances Eliza Snow   8 December 1789

Thomas Snow           27 October 1791

George Henry Snow     4 August 1798



…….When peace was again restored in 1713 the Butlers returned to Port de Grave, where the family had a prior history in the seventeenth century.

John Butler and his wife of unknown name may have both died not long after their return to Port de Grave from Little Belle Isle. Their early deaths may account for the fact that Thomas Butler, their son, was brought up in the family of Thomas Snow on a neighbouring property

1755 Petition

Ships Captains often transported exiles and indentured workers:

Snow – Book of Immigrants

This link seems to have a lot of information:

My Noels link to generation 5 Mary Snow marries Charles Martin

More from Jersey:

Wm Snow 1780

Snow Captains

The Phenix from Ireland to NF, Capt Snow, taken April 12, 1742 Caledonia Mercury.

Some early references in other locales:

A Captain Thomas Snow witnessed/signed the statements of a shipwrecked crew in Great St Lawrence Harbour per the Derby Mercury September 14, 1727.



Vessel Date Master Owner Rig, Tonnage, etc.

FRANCIS & ANN 1701 Thomas Snow — 40 t


Fishermen, Mariners & Seamen of Poole

1767 Thomas SNOW (m).

1770 John SNOW (m).

Index of wills proved in Bristol 1741-1765 (arranged by occupation)

1743 SNOW, John City of Bristol Mariner

1741 SNOW, Robert City of Bristol Mariner


26 Sept 1749

Gov. Rodney (St. John=s)

Thomas Snow (Port DeGraves)

Petition of James Buttler against Thomas Snow (title of plantation)

3 Sept 1755

Gov. Dorrill (St. John=s)

Thomas Power (Harbour Grace)

Ordered to appear in court to answer the complaint of Edward Snow that his fish was taken by force.


12, 13, 14 Sept 1751

Gov. Drake (St. John=s)

Court Proceedings:

-Arrests for several trespasses and misdemeanors.

-Samuel Pike of Musqueto indicted for illegal seizing of room of John Snow at Port De Graves. Pleaded not guilty. Testimony of Snow and others included.

-Samuel Pike and John Massey receive sentencing for their guilty pleas

Jersey Heritage Site:

Testament of Edward Snow of Thomas  St Helier 1769

Testament of William Snow son of Guillaume St Helier 1780 (also in British National Archives 1782?)

Testament of Anne Allez, widow of William Snow 1802

Testament of William Snow merchant of St Aubin 1713

Testament of Marie Snow 1723



King Fisher——————————Sloop——————-JOHN Luce.

Elizabeth——————————-Brigantine—————JOHN BOHIER.

Elizabeth———————————Sloop—————–ELIAS LE GROS.

Anne————————————–Do.——————-PHILIP PAYN.

Mary————————————–Do.————–THOMAS BALLEINE.

Willing Indeavour————————-Do.—————-PETER MAYNARD.

John————————————–Do.—————–THOMAS FILLEUL.

Jane————————————–Do.—————–JOHN LE GROS.

John————————————–Do.—————–JOHN FILLEUL.

Pearl————————————-Do.—————-JOHN CHEVALIER.

HOPE———————————–Do.—————-PHILIP PERCHARD.

Charming Betty————————–Do.—————-JAMES LE CRAS.

Seven Sisters—————————-Do..—————-PETER QUETYVEL.

Elia————————————-Do.——————–PETER FIOT.

Thomas and Jane——————-Brigantine—————CARTERET DEAN.

The Jersey—————————Snow———————JOHN PIPON.

Pigeon——————————Galley——————-ABRAM MALZARD.

William——————————–Do.——————-THOMAS SNOW.

Rachel——————————Brigantine—————JOHN VINCENT.

Phoenix——————————-Snow——————-PHILIP MARET.

Union——————————-Unknown.————JOHN LE VESCONTE.

Three Brothers———————–Do.—————NICHOLAS LE VESCOTE

Providence ————————–Do.—————-MICHAEL LE VESCONTE.

Dolphin——————————Do.———————-EDWARD LUCE.

George and Philip——————-Do.————————-Ph.. R0BIN.

? and the Fly————————Do.——————-AMICE LE FOLLEY.

Philip and John———————-Do.——————–RICHARD LE CRAS.

Philip——————————-Do.———————GUILLAUME NEEL.

Philip——————————-Do.———————-JOHN Du PARCQ.

Jersey in the 18th and 19th Centuries, page 191,Jersey Chamber of Commerce DA 670, .J5S3

This is a pretty amazing piece of work and it was available online:

From Snow to Snow  By James G Snow.

James Snow, Publisher, New York, New York 1984.

I think it understates the presence of the Snow family in Newfoundland. I think there were 2 John Snows in Newfoundland or 1 John Snow remarried and had 2 families. There are too many early references appearing now that cannot be accounted for


Reference: HCA 26/8/39

Commander: William Snow.

Ship: Charming Nancy.

Burden: 200 tons.

Crew: 120.

Owners: Philip Lempriere, Thomas Pixon, Nicholas Fiott, Gideon Villeneufe of Jersey, merchants, and William Snow.

Lieutenant: John Journaulx.

Gunner: Elias de St Croix.

Boatswain: John Fontaine.

Carpenter: Thomas Luce.

Surgeon: Michael Cohill.

Cook: Philip Hubert.

Armament: 20 carriage and 12 swivel guns.

Folio: 40

Date: 1757 August 25
Held by: The National Archives, Kew

Reference: HCA 26/17/10

Commander: Thomas Pepin.

Ship: Hawke.

Burden: 30 tons.

Crew: 40.

Owners: Captain Thomas Pepin, James Lempriere and Peter de St Croix.

Lieutenant: Thomas Snow.

Gunner: John le Cras.

Boatswain: Philip Slow.

Carpenter: John Luis.

Cook: Peter Paine.

Master: Roger Saywell.

Armament: 6 guns.

Folio: 14

Date: 1702 June 11
The Gentleman’s Magazine.
Vol 15.  1745.  Page 79.
The “Marie”, Captain Yronne?, from Bourdeaux for Morlaix, taken by the “Willing Mind”, privateer, Captain Snow, and brought into Dartmouth.
Reference: HCA 26/4/41

Commander: Thomas Snow.

Ship: Willing Mind.

Burden: 40 tons.

Crew: 70.

Owners: James Romon and Company of Guernsey, merchants.

Lieutenant: Nicholas Williams.

Boatswain: Thomas Simpson.

Gunner: Thomas Warner.

Carpenter: John Wood.

Surgeon: Robert Kettleby.

Cook: Joseph Clare.

Armament: 6 guns.

Folio: 63

Date: 1744 April 14


Reference: HCA 26/10/161

Commander: Griffith Hitchings.

Ship: Tartar Snow. .

Burden: 140 tons.

Crew: 50.

Owners: Holles Saunders, Richard Simes, Sydenham Feast, John Snow, Daniel White and Humphrey Brown of Bristol, merchants.

Lieutenant: Thomas Jones.

Gunner: Joseph Rich.

Boatswain: Jeremiah Evans.

Carpenter: David Irwin.

Surgeon: Timothy Charles.

Cook: John Williams.

Armament: 14 carriage guns.

Folio: 162

Date: 1759 February 8

Commander: Edward Snow.

Ship: Earl of Albemarle. .

Burden: 30 tons.

Crew: 32.

Owners: Abraham Gosset of Jersey, merchant.

Home port: Jersey.

Lieutenant: Thomas Enough.

Gunner: Edward Saveret.

Boatswain: John Blampy.

Carpenter: Elias Le Gros.

Cook: John Thomas.

Surgeon: Edward Turner.

Armament: 4 carriage and 6 swivel guns.

Folio: 84

Date: 1761 March 21
Reference: HCA 26/1/20

Commander: Thomas Snow.

Ship: Mary.

…of: Jersey.

Burden: 12 tons.

Crew: 25.

Lieutenant: John Major.

Gunner: Charles Bray.

Armament: 2 guns and 4 pedreros.

Folio: 31.

Date: 1689 August 29
Reference: HCA 26/2/57

Commander: Ralph Wimple.

Ship: Victory.

Burden: 280 tons.

Crew: 100.

Lieutenant: Stephen Tucker.

Master: Richard Bond.

Gunner: Richard Martin.

Boatswain: John Glover.

Carpenter: John Wild.

Surgeon: Richard Haynes.

Cook: Robert Snow.

Armament: 30 guns.

Folio: 61

Date: 1692 September 1


Reference: HCA 26/10/176

Commander: Thomas Hue

Ship: Revenge.

Burden: 50 tons.

Crew: 40.

Owners: Messrs John Auley and Philip Winter of Jersey, merchants.

Lieutenant: Edward Snow.

Gunner: John Simon.

Boatswain: Francis de la Cour.

Carpenter: Francis de St Croix.

Surgeon: Thomas Hill.

Cook: John Ragous.

Armament: 6 carriage guns.

Folio: 177

Date: 1759 February 19


Reference: HCA 26/3/120

Commander: John Trewolla.

Ship: Bridget Galley.

Burden: 100 tons.

Crew: 40.

Owners: Marquess of Carmarthen, Abraham Beake and Samuel Winder of London, merchants.

Lieutenant: William Clottworthy.

Master: Walter Prendefoot.

Boatswain: Gilbert Harper.

Gunner: John Snow.

Carpenter: Richard Chamberlain.

Doctor: John Pond.

Cook: William Underhill.

Armament: 14 guns and 4 pedreros.

Folio: 121

Date: 1696 August 1


Reference: HCA 26/1/87

Commander: Samuel Sanders.

Ship: Globe.

…of: London.

Burden: 220 tons.

Crew: 40.

Chief mate: Daniel Williams.

Second mate: Nicholas Snow.

Gunner: Henry Fowler.

Boatswain: John Hartley.

Carpenter: John Blackford.

Doctor: John Hendrick Hayborne.

Cook: Matthew Lewis.

Armament: 22 guns.

Folio: 98

Date: 1690 May 28


Testament of David Shnow. Dated 10/09/1718 Jersey

Testament of Marie Snow. Dated 21/08/1723 Jersey




Testament of William Snow, merchant of St Aubin, St Brelade. Dated 28/09/1713

Testament of David Shnow. Dated 10/09/1718

<!–Read more »–>

Reference: D/Y/A/5/25

Date: September 25th 1718

Testament of Marie Snow. Dated 21/08/1723

<!–Read more »–>

Reference: D/Y/A/5/89

Date: September 13th 1723

FromL “Janice Potter”
Subject: Captain Thomas Snow 1744-1747
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 05:42:53 -0400

Hi Group.

I am writing to the list with this request in aid that there might be
someone out there specifically in Jersey
that might be able to help us out.

Our 7th great grandmother was Rachel SNOW, b1690(baptised February 25)
married to Thomas Martel 1716
Rachel’s parents were Richard SNOW of England(no specific area
mentioned) and Rachel Rougier(Rouget)
At the baptism were Sr. Nicolas Rouget and Judith Lihou. (Was this
couple Rachel’s grandparents?)

Nov 10 1781   St. John’s William SNOW   Elizabeth CHURCHILL   Married

St John’s  Jane Wife of John SNOW     buried    June 14 1772

Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 18:22:46 EST

my notes indicates that there is a book written about the
Messervy family and one Thomas Snow married into that family.
Would like to be able to get this book. Any books anyone could recommend
would be great.


From: “Peter Guilbert”
Subject: Re: Snow – the story continues
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 12:34:33 +0100


I could only find one in the St Andrew’s registers! If others were born, it
will be in other parishes, or out of Guernsey.

However, I did try to find out more in the Priaulx the other day:-

Marriages – St Peter Port
Mr Cesar PIGUENIT m Elizabeth SNOW 17 Sep 1787
Jean SNOW m Marie MAUGEUR 21 Nov 1792
Jean TORODE so Daniel m Elizabeth SNOW do Jean 22 Mar 1796

Alexander SNOW so William of Stonehaven, near Aberdeen, Scotland
m Mary Le LACHEUR do Elisha of St Peter Port 15 Sep 1798

Thomas SNOW so Jean m Marguerite FLAMBE do Hellier 28 Oct 1800

Henry Le LACHEUR so Henry of St Peter Port
m Elizabeth SNOW native of Jersey 10 Oct 1801

Nicholas ROTTENBURY, so John m Elizabeth SNOW do Jean 16 Oct 1809

Marriages – St Saviours
Jean SNOW, fils Jean et Elizabeth ESNOUF native of the parish of St Peter in
the isle of Jersey
m Suzanne MAROT do David and the late Suzanne DU VAL of St Peter Port on the
15 May 1762

I checked my files. I have Rachel Guilbert wife of Le Sieur Thomas
Martel, married 21st August 1751 at St Andrew’s church. Rachel was born in
May 1726, the 7th child of Jean Guilbert and Elizabeth Brehaut – Rachel was
born at La Villiaze, St Andrews. My records show that the Thomas was the
son of Thomas Martel and Rachel Snow of Le Niot. Does this ring your bell!

I do think that this last one shows the intermarriage between the islands at
the time. It’s just plodding through the registers that’s needed now by








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