A Thomas Moores signed this 1708 Carbonear document provided by David Pike:

Jonathan Moores was the start of Blackhead line.

The start of 2 Moores lines in Newfoundland is described here:

Elizabeth Knowel, sister of Thomas, inherited 2 freehold tenements on King St. in Wimborne Minster.

Original copy:

Thomas Moores will 1754

The executor of the will had his own will:

KING;   Christopher;   Mercer ;   Wimborne Minster ;   16 February 1762;   PRO 11/873

From the will of Thomas Moores, the Taverners should be family of the Wimborne Moores.

This looks like a 1754 reference to John Moors residence on the property of Sarah Verge nee Martin in Trinity:

moors martin property

This record is held by Lambeth Palace Library

Likely all John Moors of Hampshire, lay preacher

29. Statement signed by inhabitants of Trinity Bay, Aug. 12, 1729, expressing gratitude for lay ministry of John Moors

32. Affadavit of John Moors, Poole, Mar. 5, 1730, that his ship, Agnes and Mary, was operated with one-fifth ‘fresh’ (inexperienced) seamen in accordance with an act of Parliament for encouraging trade to Newfoundland.

48. Robert Kilpatrick to John Moores, undated but speaks of a year and a half as having passed since his appointment, April 10, 1730. Asks Moores to collect his subscription. List of baptisms appended, with names of fathers.

64-65. John Moors to Bishop Gibson. Damaged, date missing. After (first or second?) removal of Kilpatrick. Asks appointment of a clergyman for Trinity. (Cf. xl. 1-10 for a printed sermon by Moors.)

*Phillip Brock wed Alice Moors, Jan 27, 1705, Christchurch, Hampshire.


1708  CO 194/4  Brigus North

Hannah Moors

List of Inhabitants
in St. John’s and Petty Harbour

Thos. More


June-Sept. 1721 (taken)

12 April 1722 (received and read)

William Carley, William Dymond, John Fulken, J.Diamond, John Moor, Abraham Fifield,Kidder, Roger Dench, John Borden, Samuel King, and more


17 Bonds for £500 not to take away any men away to New England. “The condition of this obligation is such that if the bonden [name here] shall and do well and truly depart this land with only such men as really and bonafide belongs to the said [name of ship here] and were the complement he brought from [place of origin here] to this place or unless it be such as shall be permitted by Capt. James Stewart Commander of His Majesties Ship Winchester then this obligation to be void or else to remain and abide in full force and virtue.”

14 May 1727

Bowler, Argyle in the Downes

[Enclosed with above] Bonds taken for Roger Dench, J.W. Miller?, Ben. Parsons, Ben. Norton, Hezekiah Egglestone, Richard Mumford, J. Pickman, John Clarke, Jon Ela, John Moore, Nath. Freeman, Jos. Linton

Feb. 1731

John Moors and Joseph Vallis

Mayor Timothy Spurrier (Poole)

Oath from John Moors and Joseph Vallis with regards to complaints laid against the Justices of the Peace in Newfoundland. Moors complains that after arriving in Newfoundland on the Agnes and Mary Brigantine, several of his men were put in stocks, while Vallis, Master of the Friends Adventure Brigantine, complains that the Justices of the Peace interfered in the operations of the Admirals.

4 Oct. 1732 Edward Falkingham Newcastle [enclosed with above] This is on the same previous document. Legal proceedings. The Governor heard the case of Peter Shank (Poole) vs. Will Keen (St. John’s) who is a justice of the peace. A representation by John Moores and Joseph Vallis to Mr.Tim Spurrier (Mayor of Poole) against Mr. Francis Squibb and Jacob Taverner (2 justices in Trinity) and more complaints against the justices.

7 Aug 1754

Sarah Verge(mark of) of Trinity

John Moors is given lawful possession of the plantations of Sarah Verge, formerly Martin.


01 Nov 1763

Gov. Thomas Graves (St. John’s)

A certificate from Lazarus Bussell: Admiral, Thomas Main: Vice Admiral, and James Drew: Rear Admiral, which states that Anne Moore, mother of widowed Mariam Scott, possessed a plantation which was never claimed as a Ship’s Room. Scott is given the sole right to the plantation, so long as she improves the land in some way.

Signed in the presence of witnesses.

records of interest:

Moores thomas


Bill Garland provides an overview of the Carbonear Moores & Garlands here:

His home page has links to more Garland info:

I added some additional information to show the interlocking of the Moores and Noel families:


From L.W.:   The only paper that I know I had but cannot find is a document from the Registry of Deeds where I think it said one of John Moors & Mary Garlands son or grandson was a Francis Moors! It never actually said son or grandson but from the other names on the document he had to fit like that!


Poole Records:

1574 Wm More,Wm Moore,Nichas Moior             PBA.92 Census,2,A

1721 James MOORES (m) apprenticed to Robert Rider.

1764 Wm Moore master of Ann                                                      Lloyds Reg (Extract)

1764 Jn Moores master of Rose                                                    “           “           “

1775 John Moore v Wm Clapcoat                                                  CR.555

1775 Thos Moore v Sarah Barnes                                                   CR.622

1784 W Moore master of Trinity                                                    Lloyds Reg (extract)

1764 W Moores master of Providence                                           Lloyds Reg (Extract)

1768 Mary Moore                                                                               QSI.145

1771 Thos Moore                                                                                QSI.163

Edmund Moores (1765-)                       Fogo, NF (Cole)

1763 William MOORS                          (m) of Beaminster(Cole)

St James Parish Registers (not complete)


7 Oct 1688 William MORES (MOORS) Son of Thomas MORES & Elizabeth his wife


11? Feb 1710/11 Joseph & William MOORS Twins, Sons of Joseph MOORS & Catharine his wife born the 3rd instant


22 Apr 1712 Joseph MOORS Son of Joseph MOORS & Catherine his wife


1 May 1713 Joseph MOORS Son of Joseph MOORS & Catherine his wife of Hamworthy


1 Apr 1718 Joseph MOORS Son of Joseph MOORS & Catherine his wife


5 May 1719 John MOORS Son of Joseph MOORS & Catherine his wife


19 Mar 1720/1721 Barbara MOORES Dau of Joseph & Catherine MOORES


16 Jun 1707 John MOORS Christchurch, County of Southton Elizabeth WATERMAN Christchurch, County of Southton


5 Nov 1715 Henery OVER Fordingbridge, County of Southton Mary MOORS Poole


1 Jan 1721/22 Josiah MOORES Poole Mary HOOPER Poole


24 Feb 1724/25 Richard WOODROW Strotten (Stratton), Dorset Grace MOORES Poole


22 Dec 1729 John FREEMAN of BLANDFORD Rebecca MOORS


25 Dec 1732 John MORRES Elizabeth ROUSE


29 Dec 1683 Richard MOORES


18 Jun 1699 Elizabeth MOORS


14 Mar 1731/32 Nicholas MOORES



In Newfoundland there seem to be 2 early John Moors. The son (1712-1793) of Thomas of  Wimborne Minster had a plantation in Freshwater. The other, Capt. John Moors, a trader from Christchurch, Hampshire.


4 Oct. 1732  Proceedings of my Officer sent to the no’ward in relation to the complaint against the Justices, (i) Upon the representation of Jno. Moore and Joseph Vallis to Mr. Timothy Spurrier, Mayor of Pool, Feb. 1731, against Mr. Francis Squibb and Jacob Taverner, J.P.s. for the district of Trinity, haveing called the said Justices before me, find that Squibb, as by power of his commission did commit Moore’s servant to the stocks, etc., Jacob Taverner being superceded from being Justice, did not act; and that the Admirals haveing held a Court for the settling the price of fish, did not give publick notice according to ye complaint, but after the Court broke up, for wch. reason Justice Squibb did order the bill from one side of the Church door to be fixt at the whiping post etc. Villes appearing in Court denies that part of the affidavit, that the Admls. held a Court and there agreed to settle the harbour price of fish, and in what manner the debts were to be collected, as not being a custom in Newfoundland, and says the words of the affidavit is changed etc, Signed, C. Steevens. 18th Sept., 1732. (CO 194/24


Catherine Thistle:
married Jonathan Moores 27 Dec.1787
Harbour Grace Anglican Church Marriages (insert)
St Pauls between the pages

1719-29: Capt. John Moors (married Elizabeth Waterman 1707?), a trader from Christchurch, Hampshire, acts as a lay minister of the Church of England at Trinity, English Harbour, Hant’s Harbour and Old Perlican. He preached at the Funeral of Mr. Thomas Newell in Newfoundland, Trinity on the 30th Day of June, in 1724.By John Moor’s of Christ-Church a Newfoundland Trader or Merchant.GOSPORT: Printed for F. Moor’s

David Moore of Lytchett Matravers born ca 1745 died 1828; emigrated to Newfoundland then Prince Edward Island about 1805; he is mentioned in a 1788 bastardy case in Wimborne.


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