Richard CLARKE Angleterre Terre-Neuve Capturé. pillé par pêcheurs français, puis Angleterre



There are alternative histories of Adam’s Cove and some early Clarkes around Crockers Cove maybe the early locale she intended. An Adam Clarke mentioned in the Carbonear Plantation records may be a grandson of the first Clarke there.

Early settlers at Adam’s Cove included James Adams, Robert Evans and George Hudson.
Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador, volume 5 Small Point Pg 206

In Harbour Grace

The first Clarke I came across was Frederica Clarke who married Joseph Noel Jr.

Later the family in Harbour Grace connected to the Noseworthys.


The Clarke name is also appearing on this map of Crockers Cove:’sCoveImages/crockerscovemap.htm

from this Kennedy family site:

CLARK Frederica William & Harriet CLARK b Feb 10 1838 Crockers Cove bap June 10 1838 planter




CLARKE Mary William & Harriett CLARKE not given Crockers Cove bap June 7 1832 age 7 wks. planter Married 1830 HG ANG.
George CLARKE William & Harriet CLARKE b June 11 1841 Crockers Cove bap June 27 1841 planter




2 Dec 1830 William Clark bachelor of Crockers Cove Harriet Clark spinster of Crockers Cove Nicholas Kenedy, Elias Ash, both of Crockers Cove HG St Paul


CLARK William John & Elizabeth not given Crockers Cove bap May 3 1809

error in transcription death should be Frederica – David Pike has it right

Noel Frederick 26 Jul 1881 43 South Side

Esther clark - noseworthy

Clark Rachel James & Mary Ann 5 Jun 1862 24 May 1862 Harbour Grace
Clark James James & Mary Ann Shepherd 22 Dec 1872 28 Oct 1872 South Side
Clark Elfrida James & Mary Ann Shepperd 28 Nov 1875 3 Sep 1875 South Side
Clark Wm Albert James & Mary Ann Shepherd 15 Sep 1878 South Side
Clarke Henry Shepherd James & Mary Ann 18 May 1864 Harbour Grace
Clarke Elizabeth James & Mary Ann 21 Nov 1867 Harbour Grace
Clarke Susanna James & Mary Ann 11 Sep 1870  5 Jun 1870 Harbour Grace

James must be brother of Frederica Noel nee Clarke. adjacent baptisms.


4 Nov 1885 NathanielNoel Bachelor of Bryants Cove, of full age Rachel Clark Spinster of South Side Harbour Grace, of full age Esther Clark, Jacob Briffet


Mary Ann Clarke 1911 census


1 Jan 1890 George Noseworthy 27, of SouthSideHarbour Grace Esther  Clark(e) 25, of SouthSideHarbour Grace Henry Clark, Rachel Noel, Nathaniel Noel



1 Jan 1862 Joseph Noel widower of Harbour Grace Frederica Clarke spinster of Harbour Grace Mary Gill, Elizabeth Penny


I believe Joseph is brother of Eliza married Henry Noseworthy.


Mary Ann birth from Montreal census attached. This does not quite match but no other record close in HG.


Shepherd Maryann George & Sophia 29 Dec 1837 11 Nov 1836


Shepherd George Frederick John & Mary 18 Mar 1808 South Side 20 May 1807
Shepherd George Edward Jonathan & Mary 25 Jan 1807 South side of this Harbour 7 mth


Shepherd George 13 Nov 1879 65 South Side

Of Martin Jr ????????  if he was born on the Southside.

Clarke James 27 Aug 1890 54 South Side



Shepherd Mary Martin & Ann 24 Oct 1805 H.Gr. 1 mth
Shepherd Jonathan Martin & Ann 10 Jan 1808 Southside H.Grace 5 mth
Shepherd Martin Martin & Ann 4 Feb 1810 SouthsideHarbour Grace 20 Jun 1809
Shepherd Nathaniel Martin & Ann 6 Nov 1811 H.Grace 15 Jun 1811
Shepherd Julia Martin & Ann 5 Jan 1822 19 Sep 1821
Shepherd Ann Martin & Ann 28 Dec 1824 dau H.Grace 21 Feb 1824
Shepherd George Henry Martin & Ann 30 Dec 1826 son Harbour Grace 22 Aug 1825
Shepherd Richard Martin & Ann 2 Jan 1830 son Harbour Grace 30 Apr 1829


15 May 1797 Jonathan Shepherd of Harbor Grace Mary French of Harbor Grace
26 Nov 1803 Martin Sheppard of this Harbour Ann French of this Harbour John Ash, John French HG St Paul

I tie to Martin.


Burial:MaryAnnClark Mount Royal Cemetery MontrealQuebec, Canada
  Created by: Headstone Genealogist Record added: Apr 09, 2013 Find A Grave Memorial# 108121925


Henry;s  son


Letter in Support of Capt. John Moody’s
Defense of St. John’s against the French

John Clark

List of Inhabitants
in St. John’s and Petty Harbour

William Clarke

6 Oct. 1715

Capt. Kempthorne


[enclosed with above] Answers to the Head of Enquiry. Article 30th (p.31) talks about regulating the servant’s wages and ships should be made answerable for their own companies. A postscript on p.32 giving the names of the Masters of Ships who have disobeyed his orders: Robert Avon of the Robert of Dartmouth, Samuel Clark of the Mediterranean of London, John Stafford and benedict Whithall of the Aleant of Oxmouth, Thomas Wadham of Poole, Robert Bodge Mary of Guernsey, Emanuel Spicer Port of Exmouth, George Passmore Endeavour of Exmouth, Ruth? Purback, Admirall of Ferryland and master of a Ketch belonging to Southampton charged with burglary and robbery upon Jonathan Pulling of that place. William Arnold, master of a sloop belonging to Piscadoway for taking men away to New England.

14 May 1727

Bowler, Argyle in the Downes


[Enclosed with above] Bonds taken for Roger Dench, J.W. Miller?, Ben. Parsons, Ben. Norton, Hezekiah Egglestone, Richard Mumford, J. Pickman, John Clarke, Jon Ela, John Moore, Nath. Freeman, Jos. Linton

14 Oct. 1729

Vere Beauclerk, Oxford, St. John’s


[Enclosed with above] Account of the names of the Justices of the Peace. In Bonavista: John Clarke, Reverend Henry Jones, and John Henning. In Trinity: Jacob Taverner, Francis Squibb, Thomas Lloyd[!]. In Carbonear (no time to appoint justices.) In St. John’s William Keen, William Weston, Allen Southmay. In Ferryland: John Ludwigg, John Keates, James Hutchings, John Jenkins, William Jackson. In Placentia: Peter Signac, Thomas Salmon [!], and Thomas Buchanan.

12 Feb. 1729

Merchants of Poole


Petition against the merchants of New England who come and take bait here and fish contrary to an Act of Parliament. J. Strong, (Mayor), W. Weston, Ben. Skutt or Skeet, Rob Lewin. Alex Smith, W. Therring, Samuel White, J. Linthorn, Joseph White, J. Clark, J. Duvell, W. White, Thomas Pike, Timothy Spurrier, J. Sheppard.

20 Sept 1749

Gov. Rodney (St. John=s)

William Tapper

Petition of John Clark against William Lapper regarding Payment of Wages; William Lapper is summoned at St. John=s Court

17 Oct 1763

Gov. Thomas Graces (St. John’s)

Court Proceedings:

-Phillip Keating complained against James Clark about a protested Bill. The Justices will get Clark to pay or sell effects to pay the debt.

Henry Clarke Ferryland 1700



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