Sheppards of Harbour Grace District & misc records

Francis Shepherd, the first one in Harbour Grace was said to be a Jerseyman. I had given up on finding a record, then stumbled a cross this:

Francis Shepherd  1690

The Le Feuvre family that the Shepherds married into seemed to be operating in Newfoundland before 1700.

St Helier, Jersey

SHEPHEARD    27 jun 1770 Sara daughter of James and Honour Shepheard (St Helier)

SHEPERD          15 Mar 1783 James and Elizabeth Messervy

Northside Harbour Grace

Charlotte Pike purchased property from from Thomas Terry & Capt. Messervey for £90 in 1760.

Sheppard Family of Harbour Grace from Norman Krischke. The early family data is unconfirmed and errors found in the document are worrisome. Nevertheless this seems to be the only information spanning from the 1600′s. This line is independent of a Sheppard line from Ireland that also appears in the Cupids-Spaniard`s Bay area.

Sheppard Summary

The first Shepherd in Harbour Grace was likely Francis Shepherd and he appears in this document:

’1704 Thomas Newell document (Knoll also)


Seary on Shepherd Name:

This early record of October 7, 1638 from the Port Books of Portsmouth {thanks to R.Towner} seems to indicate a Shepard trading with Newfoundland early on: .

Home Port


Thomas Shepard
tonnes trayne oyle

From: Colonial Secretary’s Office, Outgoing Correspondence, PANL G.N.2/1/a:

1749 Jno Sheppard & Josiah Feed. vol 1, pg 70.


245  4 July 1705? Shepheard, Dolliffe, Browne, Eyre, Brooke, Cock, Renew, Brooking, Torriano, Hodges, Campbell [enclosed with above] “Copy of the proposal of Newfoundland Merchants.” The preservation of the colony in Newfoundland. In winter, the inhabitants are without military and civil regulations and are exposed to French attacks. They propose to choose among them one chief magistrate and one or more constables. Other instructions and procedures are laid out in relation to the founding of a judicial system in St. John’s, Consumption, Trinity, and Bonavista. More store houses should be prepared in St. John’s.


Martin Sheppard sells  boat 1798 with transcription

Martin Sheppard boat 1798

3 Sept 1755

Gov. Dorrill (St. John=s)

William Kents (Harbour Grace)

Ordered to pay debt owed to Martin Shepard.

11 Oct. 1780

Richard Edwards

Charles Garland, Harbour Grace

Ordering Henry Shipperd must pay Thomas Priaux the remainder of his wages. Ordering George Davis to pay Michael Keen the remainder of his wages. Telling Mr. Garland to inform people that if they do not heed to the orders of the governor they will be punished to the full effect of the law.

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1078 Sheppard Nicholas M1630 Plympton? Stoke Gabriel?
416 Shepherd Robt M1627 Dartmouth SS.

Founding Families of Spaniard’s Bay (Circa 1800)
Gleaned from the book The Settling of Spaniard’s Bay by Eric M. Gosse.

My notes in italics….
William PEDDLE – 1775 of Francis & Grace?, Piddles of Mosquito?
Bartholomew NEIL – Bryant’s Cove married Mary Parsons of Bay Roberts
Charles NOSEWORTHY– Bryant’s Cove married Rachel Parsons of Bryant’s Cove
William PORTER
Thomas NOSEWORTHY – Bryant’s Cove
John WARFORD – bought Besom land in Harbour Grace 1776 married Mary Parsons
Timothy COLLINS – married Jane Warford
Henry SHEPPARD Sr. – Sheppards related to Besom & Warford????
John BESOM – connected to Warfords, Parsons, Sheppards – all of or near Bear Cove?


Indian Islands, Fogo

Shepherd Francis William & Ann   30 Dec 1807   H.Grace   3 Mar 1807 HG st Paul’s
Shepherd Mary Ann William & Ann   24 Apr 1810   H.Grace   16 Jul 1809 HG st Paul’s
Shepherd Absolom William & Ann   3 Mar 1827 son Harbour Grace   14 Sep 1820 HG st Paul’s
Shepherd Susanna William & Ann   22 Jul 1827 dau Harbour Grace   25 Jun 1827 HG st Paul’s
Shepherd John William & Ann   7 Jun 1830 son Harbour Grace   28 Feb 1830 HG st Paul’s
Shepherd Ambrose William & Ann   23 Jun 1833 son South Side   17 Sep 1832 HG st Paul’s
Shepherd William William & Anne   4 Jan 1816   S.S.   20 Feb 1815 HG st Paul’s
Shepherd Sarah William & Anne   6 Jan 1819 14 Nov 1817 S.S.     HG st Paul’s
16 Dec 1805 William Shepherd of Harbor Grace   Ann Noseworthy of Brian’s Cove   Jonathan Brazill, John Noseworthy HG St Paul
Noseworthy Ann James (late) & Ann   19 Jun 1805   Brians Cove   18 yr HG st Paul’s
Noseworthy Jacob James (late) & Ann   19 Jun 1805   Brians Cove   16 yr HG st Paul’s
Noseworthy Thomas James (late) & Ann   19 Jun 1805   Brians Cove   13 yr HG st Paul’s

James is James Jr James sr died 1778 Bryant`s Cove

Ann Sheppard link to Rowe Family in Heart’s Content

1681 census Bonavista – Stephen Sheppard

July 1705 Will Shepherd (mayor of Poole) Popple Relates to the security of Newfoundland and Mr. Campbell.

16 March 1715

Sam Shepheard, Alex Cairnes, Robert Heysham, John Burridge, John Lambert, Solomon Merritt, Jonathon Rudge

James Stanhope, Secretary of State

They request that the map of St. Peter’s be made public which Capt. Taverner submitted Oct. last. Taverner has great skill in navigation and we hope that he will continue his work.

12 Feb. 1729

Merchants of Poole


Petition against the merchants of New England who come and take bait here and fish contrary to an Act of Parliament. J. Strong, (Mayor), W. Weston, Ben. Skutt or Skeet, Rob Lewin. Alex Smith, W. Therring, Samuel White, J. Linthorn, Joseph White, J. Clark, J. Duvell, W. White, Thomas Pike, Timothy Spurrier, J. Sheppard.

20 Dec. 1755 Merchants from Barnstaple Lords of Trade Petition. They usually send 20 sails and employ 1 000 men, but this year will not send one sail. The French have greatly encroached on the island in the NE and NW. They have caught great quantities of fish at a lesser cost than ours. They undersold us at the markets. They have not had the benefit of convoys of late and they wish for the convoys to start again. Forestalling and engrossing should be banned. Signed by approx. 75 merchants ( Pyke, Gribble, Dyer, Strange, Shepard, Velley, Hooper, Hogg, etc.)

In Guernsey;

193A. William Shepherd aged 20 years 27/06/1704, 09/08/1704

From: William Pickering Account Books 1695-1718 – Christopher Sheppard

Row Christian James   & Anne 30 Sep 1778 H’ts   Content HG st Paul’s
Row William   Shepherd James   & Anne 15 Sep 1780 HG st Paul’s
Row Anne   Shepherd James   & Anne 21 Nov 1788 [Car’br?] HG st Paul’s

ADM 106/320/388

Captain John Wyborne, the Pearl in Ferryland, Newfoundland. He sends by Captain Shepherd of one of the ships that went for the North West Passage or Hudson’s Bay an account that the Pearl and Reserve are safe. They intend to sail for the Straits, then the Bay of Bulls. He sends muster books and comments that it has been a bad year for fishing.

Date: 1676 Sep 4

Held by: The National Archives, Kew

The anonymous man aboard the Shaftesbury (a.k.a. Messenger), which was under the command of Captain Thomas Shepard/Shepherd, died before reaching England.[

In 1671, Thomas Shepherd, Captain of the Golden Lion, saw the island and claimed he landed on it. He made a map, naming 12 of Busse Island’s features.

Shepherd Hudson's Bay






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