Basic Family History Information and Links


While researching the Noels and Newell families of Newfoundland I see a lot of information on different families. This seems to have increased since I participated in the Family Finder DNA test. In order that people will not have to cover the same ground again I will try to record what I find on this site. As always, people should do their own research and check sources.

My main family lines include Alcock [Harbour Grace, NF],  Brown [Harbour Grace, French [Harbour Grace, NF],    Martin [Harbour Grace, NF],   Newell [Newfoundland],     Noel [Harbour Grace & Carbonear, NF],   Noseworthy [Harbour Grace, NF],    Reid [Island Cove, NF],   Sheppard [Harbour Grace, NF],    Snow [Harbour Grace, NF],   Taylor [Carbonear,   NF], Moores [Carbonear],   NF], Garland NF

The Family Finder is connecting us to the Hudsons of Adam’s Cove and Blackhead (Western Bay) and is supported by Elizabeth Noel marrying into the family. The Legge family of Carbonear is also shown to be connected.

Great Early info recently published here:

The Colonial Secretary’s Letterbook & CO 194 Indexes




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